Posted on July 27, 2009

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Rand Paul Poll - You know what to do. 23:20:23
VIDEO: Ben Bernanke on the verge of tears... look at him shake in his boots. 22:24:16
Ron Paul: The Immorality of Taxpayer Funded Abortion 20:40:11
The real problem with the Washington Post's Federal Reserve transparency article 20:25:45
Chris Matthews thinks you have "psychological problems" 18:53:38
Bunning Quits! Go Rand Go! 18:09:51
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 7/27/09 11:05:42
Call to Action: Glenn Beck to Measure Viewer Support for 912 Liberty Candidates 00:31:23
Tom Woods Opening Statement at Freedom Fest Abolish the Fed Debate 10:19:51
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Bernanke - PBS Townhall Meeting 23:47:50
P o k e r F a c e -- Calling for a Revolution -- Hot New Video from Liberty Unleashed !!! 23:45:17
Donofrio: Obama is guilty on at least two counts of false swearing 23:37:02
LET'S TALK. AARP: Is it as corrupt as I've read? 23:27:24
New Texas Law 23:16:02
Startling New Evidence That The 'Swine Flu' Pandemic Is Man-Made Novartis Patent Detailed And Mass Murder Charged 23:05:26
Battle for Blair mountain: The only time the airforce dropped bombs on americans 23:05:18
Tsk..Tsk look @ this 22:54:30
WND: CNN wrong once again – birth record not destroyed 22:53:33
swat teamed for defending my home 22:51:15
Why You Can't Trust Your Health Insurer 22:50:25
very important! Doyel share's Bill Cooper's assassination & Alex Jone's... 22:46:41
Healthcare for the elderly or Lack there of: IMPORTANT... 22:37:36
Operation Fax to Stop the Vax (get on board) 22:32:46
The Nuuuuge tells it like it is to NPR on 2nd ammendment 22:23:01
Leaders’ Summit on North American Relations Held in June 22:20:17
Give the broom a break 22:19:38
The Day Wall Street Died (to American Pie music) - great video 22:12:45
Sentinel is back 22:10:24
I Support Sentinel!!!!!!!!!! 21:48:06
Michael, why is Sentinel banned? 21:37:51
Must see: Cambridge cop says she won’t vote for Obama again after Gatesgate 21:22:02
Rev. James David Manning on Alex Jones Tv 1/2:Obama Going for Broke!! 21:18:12
Sentinel are you still out there? 21:13:00
From Yahoo Answers "Star of David - Satanic?" 21:09:40
Palinism of the day 20:56:56
A hydrogen powerd bicycle and I'll throw in a rocket....... Just for fun :) 20:52:58
Busted: The Orthodox Criminal Network 20:38:29
Israel vs Jews: Learn the difference! 20:24:26
Council on Foreign Relations --Transnationalism 20:11:39
Birthers used as tool to discredit entire movement 19:56:29
Bachmann blocks resolution recognizing Hawaii as Obama's birthplace 19:22:46
Inside the Healthcare Bill -- -- Holy !@#$!! 19:01:49
Food Safety Bill Quietly Scheduled for a Vote on House Floor Call Your Representative Now! 18:05:54
Green Shoots Green Shoots - CC Defaults at all time high 17:59:29
AP IMPACT: Dodd, Conrad told deals were sweetened 17:38:03
Congress critters, what is your real day Job? 17:20:05
How to Privatize the Fire Department 17:04:49
Mini Money Bomb for Rand in light of the Bunning retirement? 16:45:13
Politico: Bunning Out, Rand Paul Brigades Take the High Ground 16:43:15
Bernanke Takes The Spotlight. Guess Why? 16:28:47
Obama Media Machine Rushing to Derail Treason Charges 16:19:56
Freedom 16:15:46
Americans rate Fed worst among 9 key agencies 16:15:08
Breaking: Bunning retirement is official 16:10:20
New Documentary: The Arrivals 15:53:12
Don't Worry, Be Happy, America! (Tens Reasons Why) 15:52:02
Bruce Schneier: Laptop Security while Crossing Borders 15:31:51
War, Debt and Disease 15:27:48
SEC makes temporary short-selling rule permanent 15:07:55
Conyers Sees No Point in Members Reading 1,000-Page Health Care Bill 15:01:39
Jon Stewart Is America's Most Trusted Newsman 14:44:24
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights 14:24:10
Reality check with Jim Rogers 14:23:58
Ron Paul - Federal Reserve Independence Is Secrecy 14:22:47
Scientists Question Vaccinations in UK Mainstream Media 14:14:56
Please keep me informed of any specific concern's that you have with H.R.875: Food Safety Modernization Act, 14:13:11
Found this property for sale, thought you might get a kick out of it 13:59:50
Audit the Fed Rally, Overland Park Kansas 13:59:01
Baby Parts and Infanticide for sale 13:35:39
Alex Jones covers "birthers" - Phil Berg guest 13:28:37
Rev Manning is going to be on with Alex Jones today 13:03:51
How to deal with cops 12:57:02
Farmer Regulations 12:43:30
International Terrorism readiness drill all week -Lets keep an eye on this 12:20:12
Cytokine Storm -- How the Engineered Hybrid Flu (H5N1+H1N1+H3N2) Kills You 12:19:04
New York Times: Forget Aloof Bernanke Goes Barnstorming 12:15:11
Property: The only real natural right 12:03:28
Calling for a open debate. Between Bernanke and Ron Paul. 12:00:16
Rally at Moore's office backs bill to audit Fed 11:35:15
545 vs 300,000,000 11:33:21
New Peter Schiff video 10:52:28
Marc Faber: The recent rally is the result of excess liquidity The worst is still to come 10:35:52
Federal Reserve Sympathizer Congressman Ron Klein - FL Needs to GO! 10:34:07
Spitzer: Federal Reserve is ‘a Ponzi scheme, an inside job’ 10:16:33
Dennis Prager & Christopher Hitchens debate Religion 09:52:22
The top ten good news things about America's future 09:48:40
Nebraska State Legislators Join the Sovereignty Wave 09:34:51
Bernanke takes his message to the heartland 08:57:37
Definition: Czar 08:39:39
Law enforcement and intelligence agencies go on high alert 08:34:44
Dodd May Snub Lobbyists, but Not Their Cash 08:17:22
SA: Ron Paul and Jim DeMint Take on the Fed 08:15:52
Global Power and Global Government: Evolution and Revolution of the Central Banking System 07:19:25
Americans' Opinion of Federal Reserve Board Sours (Gallup Poll) 06:33:53
Rise of The Alternative [Anti-State] Right 06:26:45
8 Must See Documentaries 05:49:48
Russia Today: Gun lovers flock to US car dealership 05:48:19
Cheech and Chong argue about global macro-economics 04:34:16
Federal Judges Cover Up Income Tax Fraud--Part 1 04:33:25
Ben Bernanke "had to hold his nose" for the bailouts! Really? Well, I had to.... 02:40:48
Internet Censorship: AT&T Blocks Access to 4chan 02:32:33
Bernanke WSJ town hall meeting 02:08:31
Soldiers in Colorado slayings tell of Iraq horrors 01:42:07
Greenwald on TARP watchdog Barofsky and on Ron Paul's Fed Audit Bill 01:24:48