Posted on July 28, 2009

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Bernanke May Have to Sacrifice Lending Powers or Independence 23:48:02
Reddit to Interview Ron Paul - Ask Him Anything. 23:30:35
Digg! Now Over 1,000 Pledges! 22:58:48
Digg: Huffington Post Front Page - Rand Paul Expected to Announce Senate Bid 12:08:10
Unanimous House Resolution 378-0: Obama Born in Hawaii; Bachmann Votes "Yea" 10:55:00
*NEW* Rand Paul Poll at - You know what to do! 22:15:08
Conyers sees no point in reading bill 09:35:47
Dodd Is Done!!! We Have To Spread News of his Sweetheart Deal! 14:31:06
Announcing A Reprint Of Pieces Of Eight 23:49:02
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ring tone 23:57:25
The Success of Drug Decriminalization in Portugal 23:52:29
I finally got the price list for Solar power systems online 23:44:30
Vegetarianism: Economic, Health, Ethics, and Religion 23:11:02
I am psychologically insane.. 23:09:29
US Government to Records Every Newborn's DNA 23:07:34
BREAKING: CNN "Military planning for possible H1N1 SWINE FLU Outbreak" 22:51:42
Something we need to keep an eye on: 22:40:44
Bill Randall, Running for D13 in North Carolina 22:37:52
Top 6 Ways to Identify Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) 21:44:24
$100,000 Reward for Proof that Obama is a Natural Born Citizen 21:18:24
Ditch the GOP - resurrect the Bull Moose Party 21:10:23
WND: New doubts revealed in Obama's nativity story 21:09:12
Educate Yourself on The 4th Branch of Government, We the People's Grand Jury . 20:31:26
Newsweek says birthers help Obama 20:14:46
Once again I find myself 19:53:22
Senator George Voinovich of OH is retiring in 2010! 19:36:13
Michael....Hold your head high. 19:16:35
This is What I Would Love to Hear a Candidate Say. 19:05:40
Secrecy is exactly what permits backroom political influence 19:02:26
Libertarians warn Sotomayor vote may have consequences 19:02:19
Two back-room deals fast-tracking ObamaCare today (7/28/09) 18:51:29
The Immorality of Taxpayer Funded Abortion by Dr. Paul 18:47:07
So, when is Lindsey Graham going to flip? 18:40:39
Deaf Man Tased 18:19:24
Ron Paul says yes to an online reddit Interview 18:15:20
Multiple Anomalies Detected In Silver ETFs 18:02:33
Help Wanted for State Rep seats-$78,000 starting pay 17:56:29
Question for Obama: "Where do we place the plaque?" 17:45:16
Information about legislative process and responsibilities of the two house of congress 17:36:23
Obama sound bites put together. 17:16:11
Everyone Needs to Watch Glenn Beck Today 7/28. 17:08:24
TOO MANY Obama Birth Certificate Posts!! 17:06:02
Saluting DailyPaul The # 1 Libertarian Blog On The Planet 16:53:50
5 Financial Companies Hold 99.7% of all Derivative Contracts 16:28:32
Something to be Proud of: A Speech by a Fourteen-Year Old Patriot by State Rep. Sam Rohrer, PA-128th District 15:50:59
History Channel Documentary Validates Chemtrails & Weather Warfare 15:42:24
Rand Paul News Story ____NEEDS DIGG 15:35:15
Evidence Obama is dishonest about many things 15:25:43
Obama's Eligibility to be President - Best Response to the "BIRTHER" Ridicule and Name Calling ~ 15:19:07
Ten Things You're Not Supposed to Know about the Swine Flu Vaccine 15:13:48
Devvy Kidd: Idea for a website to help stop corrupt judges 15:13:28
Why is Everyone Focusing on Obama's BC? - Who Cares ... 15:08:45
Alarming News 14:56:07
Letter from Ron Paul & 9 Congressmen to Bernanke about Goldman Sachs 14:53:05
Watch Sheriff Richard Mack on tomorrow's "Freedom Watch" 14:45:14
Bernie Sanders responds to Washington Post "Focus on the Fed" hit piece. 14:31:55
Treasury Two-Year Notes: “It was a very weak and poor auction” 14:29:57
Post office cited by GAO as a troubled agency 14:11:53
MIAC Committe Hearing Recap 14:11:10
The definition of "Natural Born Citizen" 14:08:02
Zogby: GOP Faces Extinction Risk 14:07:54
Commercial Real Estate Defaults Up Over 500% YoY 14:07:24
545 vs 300,000,000 13:55:20
MSNBC: Spitzer takes on the FED 13:39:53
Bernanke Fights House Bill To Audit The Fed 13:09:42
Yahoo Front Page: Look at the spin here on Obama's birth certificate! 13:09:14
Hawaii Does it again to silence the Birthers 13:07:18
We Are Winning 12:53:16
Judiciary Committee has approved Sonia Sotomayor's nomination 12:42:32
I am very uncomfortable after yesterday and the Sentinel banning 12:35:23
Why should Americans work? 12:34:18
I just tried to educate a redneck bigot 12:21:37
Job woes sap U.S. consumer confidence in July 12:19:53
Is ACORN Intentionally Structured As a Criminal Enterprise? Videos / Pdf report 12:19:38
Conyers Sees No Point in Members Reading 1,000-Page Health Care Bill--Unless They Have 2 Lawyers to Interpret It for Them 11:56:32
A question for those-in-the-know...If Barry is actually an American... 11:35:34
PoliticalLore: Jim Bunning retires, Rand Paul and Trey Grayson set to battle 11:30:41
Triple Threat 11:30:10
US Bases and Empire: Global Perspectives on the Asia Pacific 11:23:36
Bigfoot and Loch Ness Monster MUST be real!! 11:20:53
Please Sign 11:12:43
YOU wanted a widget for Peter Schiff's money bomb? It is now up and running. 11:10:19
Evacuate or Be Arrested 11:06:27
$100,000 reward for proof of Obama's 'natural born' status 11:05:06
Rand Paul Losing Poll! 10:44:43
AT&T Yahoo! - Omama and economy - poll 10:25:57
Goldman Sachs: Bank of Israel will soon stop buying dollars 10:23:57
Pelosi Plans Pushing Socialist Health Plan Before Recess. Act Now! 10:13:19
David Rothschild says: turn off the water 10:12:41
URGENT: HR 2749 Food Safety Legislation Vote Today 10:08:36
Ron Paul: The Fed Works In Collusion With Goldman Sachs (MSNBC Ratigan Video) 09:20:49
Bank of America closing 10% of it's branch offices 09:19:11
I love being a birther 08:56:46
Was the AIG Bailout a Goldman Bailout by Proxy? 08:53:28
"In Fed We Trust" book out today 08:51:40
Rand Paul For Senate Money Bomb - Video ! Digg !! 08:37:27
D-I-V-O-R-C-E 07:39:28
7 accused in N.C.-born terror plot 07:03:06
Kevin Phillips - Former Nixon staffer turned populist author 05:36:26
Is Obama a BRITISH and US Citizen? 05:04:40
True liberty lies not with any government 04:14:47
Barcode replacement shown off 03:35:15
Obama's Hypocrisy Exposed on Rushing bills without Reading them, pls go Viral 03:06:53
Ron Paul for Congress BBQ Bash/Debra Medina for Governor Fundraiser 01:58:39
Republican moms for marijuana: 'Time to legalize is now' 01:48:07
Senator Sanders Responds to the Washington Post's Propaganda 01:47:05
Is Rand making a big mistake? 01:46:39
Rand Paul Money Bomb TODAY - July 28th 01:28:30
Stop the Judge Sonia Sotomayor committee vote tomorrow! 01:25:27
Senator Bunning drops out!! GO RAND GO!! 01:07:50
TAKE ACTION on that ONE thing that is MOST important to you...... 00:50:14