Posted on July 30, 2009

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H.R 2749 Food Safety Bill JUST PASSED!! 5:20 pm CT 18:06:31
75% of Americans Favor Auditing the Fed! 11:20:23
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 7/30/09 (S604) 11:20:18
Ron Paul on Alex Jones 07-29-09 11:20:47
Help say fare well to my father? Part II - July 29 09:10:18
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb! 7/28/09 15:00:42
H.R. 2749: Fascist Food Bill Coming Our Way! 10:35:40
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Fear Not! We Are Not Alone, Bristol Healthcare Ralley 23:54:58
August Cartoons from Kevin Tuma 23:47:43
"State Supported and State Associated Gangs: Credible "Midwives of New Social Orders". 23:27:55
Dr. Paul on HR 1207 on the House Floor 07-30-09 23:14:28
Cash for Clunkers Suspended Already! 22:50:34
Moderators: a spammer under the name of Marlena25 22:50:12
NEW!! Healthcare Petition, H.Res 615 "If Congress Votes for It, They Have To Use It" sponsored by Rep John Fleming 22:44:27
Any DP'ers attending the 912 March??? 22:41:37
Call Your congresscritters!Defeat The Communist healthcare takeover! 22:33:18
Students for Liberty Conference October 24, 2009 22:27:23
G. Edward Griffin Coast to Coast AM - MP3 - Jul 29 2009 - 3hr show 22:18:27
Why do we continue to trust the chronically unreliable? 21:56:55
Support Rand Paul for US Senate (New Video!) 21:50:48
What is the Purpose of Daily Paul? 21:38:29
Walter Jones-God please forgive me for sending our troops to Iraq. 21:24:16
EVERYONE should email FOX news!!! 21:20:24
Meet Rand in NYC on Wednesday, August 5th! 21:15:33
In This Spiritual Battle...Love Conquers All 20:46:36
Naomi Wolf on O'Reilly right now??? 20:09:18
Don't Tread On Me (great little vid) 19:56:51
Govt to suspend 'cash for clunkers': Bankrupt? 19:54:33
Veto Message on the National Bank (January 30, 1815) 19:50:40
Obama-bot (O-bot) Exposed! 19:40:29
Silver Coins: Government Issued or Private? 19:22:18
From an Employer's Perspective 19:21:36
U.S. judge rules for Fed in Fox News FOIA request 19:19:35
If Dan Rather Has His Way Obama's Next Czar Will Be The "MEDIA CZAR" 19:11:36
Motion to Discharge a Committee from the Consideration of a resolution 18:52:55
Weak U.S. 5-year debt auction raises worries 18:24:01
Porker of the month! Rep. Russ Carnahan for misrepresenting cost of healthcare reform bill. 18:01:04
10 things you're not supposed to know about swine flu 17:34:49
O/T - Newly unearthed Hitler speech 17:33:04
***Canadian view on OB*** 17:20:10
Congresswoman Bachmann denounces: "No Health care for the disabled" 17:19:15
Obama's Global Beer Summit 17:03:32
NASA Panel is Promoting a Free Market for Space Travel 16:30:00
'Stimulus' grants (sic and sick) going to porn producers? 16:28:31
I'm sure many of you have seen this but... 16:14:41
where we have maximum leverage 16:04:48
Email From AARP: AARP Activists Descend Upon Washington, D.C. 15:57:05
Ammunition "Shortages" and Walmart 15:50:41
The Death Of Liberty: The Final Scene Unfolds 15:38:57
Wal-Mart weighs role in U.S. H1N1 vaccination plans 15:38:38
CNN: Obama No Proof of U.S. Citizenship VIDEO (REPOST) 15:37:36
Don't get mad, get even (Obama) 15:11:15
Article and survey re: Audit the Fed 15:09:18
Actor Vince Vaughn endorsed Ron Paul's new book? 14:55:07
I'm POed !!! 14:48:26
Obama Proof of NONE Citizenship 14:38:16
I'm not suggesting a lawsuit, but has anybody contemplated the 14:33:45
You have been selected to speak truth to power… 14:19:55
A Minimum Wage Equals Minimum Jobs by JOHN STOSSEL 13:54:48
It appears MSNBC has closed their boards? 13:48:22
Know what our Movement needs? More WOMEN!! 13:46:36
Coasttocoast archives - 7/29/09 "Creature from Jekyll Island 13:21:23
Jump on This POLL: "Should The Fed Be Audited?" 13:14:55
Small victory: Food Safety Act didn't pass! 12:59:44
US Adviser: Time to Leave Iraq 12:59:30
Huffington Post: POLL Should the FED be audited? 12:40:24
Napolitano at it again! We are terrorists! 12:10:11
You're (Probably) a Federal Criminal 12:06:09
Vote at Huffington Post: Audit the Fed! 11:48:31
Street Fighting Man... The next Depression 11:44:59
Why are police and military "heroes"? 11:36:53
"RACE WAR SCHEDULED BY ILLUMINATI" from blackvoices blog 11:35:07
Best gold ETF? IAU better than GLD? 11:23:54
Senator McCaskill (D, MO) locks office door on voters 10:49:15
US Soldier Demands an apology from Senator McCaskill for her service. 10:10:18
75% Favor Auditing The Fed 09:56:55
States Nullify National Healthcare 09:55:47
Abraham Lincoln says........and Obama does the opposite...... 09:49:16
Health Care bill answer to cut spending, kill yourself 09:43:07
Why Don't Limbaugh and Hannity Support Ron Paul's Bill to Audit the Fed? 09:37:20
Causes of Death: Heart Disease - 631,000, Cancer - 559,000, Terrorism - 2,000! What does that tell you? 09:37:02
TSA article (C4L mentioned) 09:29:41 discusses Fox's Freedom Watch show 09:23:40
Rare Swine Flu over the Cuckoo's nest in 1976 for 60 minutes in 1979 09:00:44
I like Peter Schiff's new money bomb video 08:56:43
"I don't really see any difference in the definition between this and a normal flu epidemic." 08:38:19
***This is not the prevailing view on H1N1, but PLEASE read and consider.*** 08:29:31
I want to share this with those who would listen (MIC) 08:10:29
C4L should fund a first class documentary about the FED! 07:44:56
Senate Probes Goldman und Deutshce Bank for Mortgage Meltdown Fraud 07:19:40
Who Will Tell Michael J. Fox He Needs to Die? 06:44:58
It is video bomb time! NO money required! 06:29:22
They love you, they really love you... 03:37:38
Ron Paul Wins! The Good Doctor Elected to Presidency! 03:20:40
on endgame message "Holder: Homegrown Terror Threat Increasing" 02:53:09
Attention Patriots!! Freedom of the Press now applies to YOU!! 02:13:25
Know Thy Enemy 01:49:53
Mike Castle Gets Obama Birth Certificate Earful 01:49:51
GMO Scandal: The Long Term Effects of Genetically Modified Food on Humans 01:43:20
The Obama file - closed! 01:33:37
Vintage radio will bring a smile to end the day. 01:27:29
[Youtube] Schiff for Senate - Voice of Reason 01:23:27
Email your rep. and ask them if they support this. 01:06:48
Single? use your unmarried status to draw others into the RP3VOL, 00:54:15
Watch your local tv late Saturday night & you might see an ad for a 00:29:29 about: "what-if-barack-obama-was-in-fact-born-british" 00:27:14
I do now believe we are creating an avalanche 00:27:06
2012 Straw Poll 00:25:17
Information about cell phones... 00:13:22