Posted on July 5, 2009

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Should linking be illegal?(internet freedom under attack) 21:48:47
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Binyam, innocent man who endured 7 years of Bush-era penis and scrotum torture, launches legal effort 23:38:53
The Young Conservative Politician Coalition of America 23:25:33
The Pot Calling the Kettle Black? 23:18:32
The Tea Party Movement 23:00:09
The Seasons Have Changed 22:53:41
Fireworks - Letting the Free Market Work 22:49:37
Jury Nullification debated on Donahue 22:34:30
Stop Bitching Start A Revolution 3/3: Best of Season 5, Part 1. SBTV 84 21:19:56
Chuck Baldwin- "How long can we maintain our nation's independence?" 21:10:35
War Made Easy - Revealing War Propaganda 21:05:58
Former General in charge of ALL US intelligence says an airplane did NOT hit the Pentagon 20:24:40
Fail Safe or Fail Danger 20:22:57
God vs. Evolution 19:58:13
Joe Scarborough apologizes to 9/11 Truth activists 19:20:06
Run Rand Run 19:11:56
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death 18:58:18
Pathocracy! 18:40:08
Bluetooth "Big Brother" tracks festival-goers 18:29:22
Max Kaiser on Alex Jones Sunday 7/5/09 6pm EDT 18:12:40
Swiss v USA 16:59:22
U.S. Vice President Gives Israel Green Light to Attack Iran 16:55:16
Good reading 16:24:17
Dr Paul has the cure for America’s ills 16:17:49
Need help finding Freedom candidates to replace specific Reps 16:15:50
TaxPayer March on DC Sept. 10-12 Sign up now! 15:52:17
International Bankers and War 15:15:05
What An Absolute Joke That This Post Has Not Been Bumped For Over A Day Shame On Us!!!! 14:40:38
I found this on the front pg. of You Tube 14:32:18
Latest Zogby Poll: Brain Implant Chips 14:31:06
Obama freaks out over economy! - (Hitler bunker parody) 14:21:42
Tea Party for Liberty Crowd, Hungry For A Con Con 13:56:34
Bill banning forced identity-chip implants clears House 12:46:38
Doc offers cure for GOP- Eric Margolis 12:37:19
PASSING a law is one thing - ENFORCING that law is a whole different proposition! 12:16:12
My first 911 Post 12:11:54
Chuck Baldwin Live Now 11:30 AM EST Sunday July 5th 11:44:06
29 Palms - Lt. Cmdr. Guy Cunningham 11:23:44
July 4th Tea Party Coverage from SC 11:05:01
What happened to the $134 Billion in US bonds seized in Italy? 10:54:29
Send Obama an eligibility birthday greeting 10:35:36
TX Senator John Cornyn Booo'd at Austin Tea Party 10:15:24
Quote of the Day. 10:02:12
Creepy America Celebrates Creep 08:38:19
What does Hugo Chavez and Barack Obama have in common??? 08:36:44
Healthcare Liberty: The vaccination conversation worth having 06:44:55
If there were 1,000,000 of you, how would the R3volution be doing? 02:41:26
A 2nd Independence Day for RPs followers 02:35:47
Independence Day vs. Constitution Day 02:28:44
Calls for carbon audit on US-Aust war games 02:12:44
Not much happiness in my world - you feel this way? 01:52:11
martial law bridges in seward, alaska must see video footage. 01:48:32
"Germ Theory" a Hoax! - Pasteur was just a big Pharma shill! 01:20:40
Brazillian Batboy Discovered - Mother Was Injected with Gardisil! 01:06:13
FBI HEAD Exposes Satanism 00:07:27