Posted on July 6, 2009

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Cap AND Trade INFO 17:05:36
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 7/6/09 11:20:53
Thomas Woods Strikes Back at Wonkette 07:22:55
All American Tea Party - Dallas Style 05:30:00
Pastor Steve Anderson's 4th of July Tea Party 07:22:54
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I think we should all take a minute out tomorrow and thank Senator DeMint 23:31:51
Anyone seen this documentary yet 23:12:15
Does anyone think we can find 100 liberty candidates for SENATE?? 22:27:31
homeland security's "super car" 22:11:43
Using drugs and bio weapons, experimenting on you! it's nothing new but evil as evil comes 22:06:33
Recent Farm/Food Busts in US 21:58:28
DeMint Explains Why the Federal Reserve Should be Audited 21:56:25
Should “Dumb SOB Joe Biden Be In Charge Of Feeding The Chickens” instead of being Vice President? 21:54:48
Senator Coburn Defends Rule of Law in Honduras 21:50:03
Still think that flu vaccines good for you huh? 21:49:51
A Curious Thought... 21:47:04
Bioweapons, Dangerous Vaccines, and Threats of a Global Pandemic 21:45:58
What do all these broke states have in common? 21:36:30
Full Spectrum Dominance and the NWO 21:32:22
Lady Garble’s (Palin) resignation in one minute and half 20:53:53
Another Stimulus Package pushed by AFL-CIO and Warren Buffet 20:31:54
Yes! mcnamara kicks the bucket 93 years to late today. 20:07:49
What NY Rep Thinks of Michael Jackson 20:03:40
Bill banning forced (human) identity-chip implants clears PA House 19:52:41
Ron Paul: Obama's greatest threat 19:09:04
Top Federal Judge to Consider Obama Citizenship Issue? [UPDATED 07/07] 18:34:04
US Gov to exterminate 30k wild horses 17:52:22
Over at Cafe Hayek 17:12:45
This Is What's Wrong With the Fed 16:46:58
Jordon Page playing his “R3volution” rendition of Pink Floyd, “Another Brick In The Wall" 16:45:00
What the 4th of July is Really About - Declaration of Independence 15:59:17
Are the Sons Of Liberty still an active militia group? 14:51:33
Ron Paul PCO tased trying to pray in church! 14:46:12
Ron Paul: Celebrating the Fight for Freedom on the Fourth 14:33:15
What is Liberty and Why is it Important? 14:05:12
2,000+ Tea Parties From Sea to Shining Sea 13:38:25
A U.S./U.N. Plot Against Anti-Communist Honduras 13:37:30
Reading the Declaration of Independence 13:17:18
Fed up with "Let me just verify . . . " 13:12:20
Race 4 2012 site has Ron Paul in lowest ranking for 20 potential candidates 12:55:06
Glenn Beck's Common Sense 12:17:16
360 GUESTS & 64 USERS? Anyone have an Answer ? 12:03:12
Ret. Major-General Albert Stubblebine says no plane hit the Pentagon 10:58:10
VIDEO: Tea Party Patriots Must Discuss the Fed and Monetary Policy 10:56:33
song parody 10:54:38
Gun Bill HR 45 10:53:21
Check out i thank George W's (dubya) birthday card on facebook 10:34:45
Unemployment Worse with Stimulus than Without 10:17:47
Interesting FDR quote 10:07:10
A very good reason not to allow your children access to the internet. 09:54:12
Politifact, and the census - a question 09:37:12
RT: Tea Party protests rock America on July 4th 09:36:05
I have a favor to ask 09:31:21
Liberty Activist Pays Property Tax in $1 Bills 09:30:19
Jake Towne on "Regaining Our Liberties" - Tea Party Speech July 3rd 09:13:30
Banking Industry: How to Buy Friends and Alienate People 09:08:37
Oh No! The Future of 08:55:03
How to Defend yourself-- Homemade Weapons ....(pick what you want!) 08:54:00
Did someone steal Goldman Sachs’ secret sauce? 08:30:14
Putting a chill on bank transparency 08:24:55
State/local health dept closes farmers markets 08:21:41
Do You Scare Easily? Our Governments Hope So. (Video) 08:08:46
Microbiologist and director of the Institute for Molecular Medicine on vaccines... NOW WITH VIDEO! (doh!) 07:38:18
Gold Backwardation and what it means to you! 07:26:46
Write for about Ron Paul! 06:28:10
What the New World Order Isn't 04:58:23
Media Control 04:44:52
Why the topic of evolution belongs on dailypaul 04:30:56
Counter attack – ‘Bad guys on bad mission.’ 04:13:33
Updated:Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order 04:12:47
Rockefeller vs Rothschild - elites have a dispute over their plans 03:23:16
Amazon Fights Back Against Internet Taxes 02:57:09
Continental Congress 2009, Rein in the Feds 01:51:19
Texas Cowboy George Bush puts Saddam's gun in his new Presidential library as symbol of his awesomeness 01:44:43
Medical News:Coffee May Cure Alzheimer's Disease 01:34:16
SF Chronicle: Gov wants to suspend part of Calif. Constitution 01:12:30
Free Speech Booth SFO 01:06:15
US manned space flight in doubt 40 years after moon walk 00:52:19