Posted on July 7, 2009

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Auditing the Fed will Audit the State--Mises Daily Article 16:43:24
Today I am ashamed to be a Catholic 16:43:26
DeMint explains why we need to audit the Fed 16:43:25
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Anybody on facebook? 23:34:13
I am probably sick of most of you 22:36:26
Free Gaza Humor! 22:31:23
HPV Vaccine Gardasil: it's admitted girls are used as guinea pigs 22:30:10
Sovereignty Hypocrite 22:07:21
Federal Web sites knocked out by cyber attack 22:05:38
Robert Gates, Meet Robert McNamara 21:58:35
RP4409: Kokesh for congress 2010 21:33:14
Acxiom; a data collection company. I opted-out, maybe you should too 21:04:53
Jefferson's Ward Republic 20:57:52
Ron Paul: "USA Is Setting Up For A Military Dictatorship" 20:29:24
What happens if Globalists get all their laws passed? 20:26:34
State/Local Health Dept Close Farmers Markets 20:20:31
**MASS MEDIA BLITZ** for the PASS ACT 20:16:49
"United We Fall" - Trailer 20:11:59
How Did Jefferson Know???? 19:40:38
How Many More Lies? 19:14:56
Interesting and Deadly Mischief 19:11:11
Beware of high alkaline intake with calcium - How I discovered the problem 19:08:03
Lab-made sperm could make men redundant... 19:07:18
Bill to Honor Michael Jackson Referred to House Foreign Affairs Committee 18:55:32
Big Banks Don't Want California's IOUs 18:40:28
Price Fixing in Ancient Rome--Mises Daily Article 18:25:00
Senate Rejects 'Audit the Fed' Bill as an Amendment 17:58:23
Is Organized Religion Inclusive or Divisive? 17:57:41
What if? 17:43:39
Anyone hear me on the Medved show? 17:41:38
Crazy Talk Show Host Calls RJ Harris a "Skin-Headed Nazi" 17:23:16
Pope calls for "world political authority" 17:15:00
LaRouche: "We have to destroy the British Empire." 17:02:32
John Pilger on Obama's Wars and Resisting the American Empire 16:58:11
MI cops buy donut shop 16:55:56
Leveraging Facebook To Support S. 604 In Under A Minute! 16:50:45
Nebraska Paulistas can send Ben Nelson a message. 16:32:49
Call to stop Pass Act, which is worse than National ID Act, Here's the numbers 16:25:05
Colo. prof in 9/11 flap loses bid to reclaim job 16:17:53
DOW close 7/7/09 8,163.60 down -161.27 -1.94% 16:12:53
Research help needed for Kerchner v. Obama (Obama citizenship case) 15:54:43
Code theft could cost Goldman millions, U.S. says 15:41:28
Shreveport Citizens Disarmed By Police For 2nd Amendment Bumper Stickers 15:28:29
Lew Rockwell takes swipe at American Revolution 15:01:25
Great new bumper sticker! 14:39:34
Thomas Jefferson's Religion And Bible 14:37:59
Tell Wells Fargo, Bank of America, JP Morgan, and Citigroup to Go to Hell 14:37:52
Michael Jackson rises from the grave! All a big publicity stunt! 14:29:34
Papal message seeks "global authority" for economy 14:17:49
Gov't controlled commodity prices? - CFTC to deliberate 14:16:12
Orwell Rolls In His Grave (documentary) 14:16:09
The Banality of Evil Applies to Everyone 14:08:46
Audit the Fed ..dead.. 13:52:26
Heroes, freedom, disappearing 13:52:18
US Occupation of Iraq Continues Unabated 13:45:40
We The People to The U.S. Senate "NO TO CAP & TRADE!!!" 13:42:55
Galileo discovered planet Neptune? 13:42:25
Big Brother: Workers have daily smile scans 13:41:52
Bonita Honhorst - Art Gallery 13:32:06
Demint: Freedom has not failed! 13:26:36
Here's how they're preparing the rational for the Real ID 13:20:49
Gore likens fight against climate change to battle with Nazis 12:31:34
--> Calling All Patriots: Operation "Clean Slate" 2010 is Underway! 12:29:16
Is everyone still bullish on precious metals? 12:15:41
If everyone stopped paying taxes... 12:14:14
On Now: 11:45am est Climate Change/ Clean Energy discussion in Senate 11:52:50
Adam Kokesh Formally Announces His Bid for Congress ~ July 4, 2009 11:40:12
Color Revolutions, Old and New 11:37:23
LIVE now Sherriff Richard Mack! 11am eastern July 7th 11:23:06
VIDEO: Child Labor Laws Build Reliance on Government - Rethink Child Labor Laws! 11:19:25
What happens when you decriminalize ALL drugs? 11:16:27
Amusing Ourselves to Death ---Aldous Huxley vs George Orwell ( Cartoon Series) 11:14:27
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 7/7/09 11:11:51
Nigerian Scam: 9 Israelis suspected of scamming millions from U.S. pensioners 10:52:58
“Stimulus Packages” or “Economic Nightmares”? 10:51:15
Seattle cop sends mistaken suspect into coma 10:33:34
The Elephant in the Room: Israel's Nuclear Weapons 10:31:32
The people wrote the Declaration of Independence, The government wrote the Constitution 10:13:50
Breaking News on Audit the Fed!‏ 09:57:35
Prescription required for all Tobacco products 09:52:35
Experts Testify About Weapons Found On Browns' Property 09:51:23
DeMint: "Historical Whitewash" at Capitol Visitors Center 09:17:57
You Ask Which Bible? 09:14:44
NPR "Public Plan" healthcare analogy 08:43:35
Our Revolution and Romans 13 :: Pastors discuss Revolution [Related: Pastor Steven Anderson] 08:43:13
The Second Half of 2009 Kickoff: No recovery, No way, No how 08:40:32
Fifty Things To Do NOW / If You Fear an Economic Breakdown 08:30:46
Exposing Neocon Jed Babbin the Liar Liar...Article I Section 8 08:14:15
Goldman May Lose Millions From Ex-Worker’s Code Theft 08:05:43
Independence Day, Kentucky Style 05:36:18
Incredible crop circle activity this summer 05:31:50
Obama on Tv Live in Russia 04:22:42
British Weapons Inspector Was Writing Book On Govt Secrets Before Mysterious Death 02:32:04
Michael Jackson's Doc was a Freemason 02:01:35
Central Texas - Takin' Back Texas Weekend 01:12:16
Reality check: Canada's government health care system 00:47:49
Obama stops release of true identity of Valerie Plame leaker and protects Cheney 00:35:09
Best Geithner Photo Yet 00:27:24