Posted on July 8, 2009

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rhino: Is anybody watching the same thing I have been keeping an eye on? 21:20:33
Reuters: Bid to clip Fed's wings gains support in Congress 19:36:33
Yahoo Finance Front Page: Ron Paul is Right! With Video Commentary on HR 1207 21:20:37
Marcy Kaptur makes Bernanke shake in his boots... 13:15:39
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 7/8/09 (FC and Barney Frank) 11:13:36
Freedom Watch 07/08/2009: Ron and Rand 21:20:34
Swiss Government Stands Up to U.S. 10:07:05
Tom Woods on Glenn Beck - Tuesday July 7th, 2009 (Judge Napolitano as guest host) 02:00:46
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This Doctor has a Free-Market Solution to our Healthcare mess 23:46:07
URGENT CALIFORNIA!! --->Bill to Restrict Ammunition Moves Ahead!! CALL THEM AND SAY HELL NO!!! 23:45:04
Need S.604 PDF flyer - Mr. Nystrom 23:41:52 mailing list 23:37:16
Timothy Lutts Essay Says Libertarian Party Has Potential to Grow 23:11:06
NAACP to governor: Declare martial law 23:09:38
How Many Know This ??? 22:25:31
Need a job 22:08:14
Listen Live Now Bob Schultz explains Continental Congress 2009 22:07:14
Live Now Bob Schultz speaks on Continental Congress 2009 21:58:10
Something in the water? 21:31:23
Fox to Guard Henhouse? Former Monsanto VP May Be Named To Head FDA Safety Working Group 21:24:48
Napolitano - Audit the FED - Sen DeMint 7-8-09 on the Beck Show 21:02:34
What happened in 1990? 20:25:56
Peter Schiff for Senate 20:19:54
Panetta Says (Admits) CIA Officials Have Misled (LIED to) Congress Since 2001 20:18:12
Common Defense 20:01:41
NYSE halts transparency; please call and make this go VIRAL!!! 19:21:34
VIDEO: Rand Paul on Glenn Beck 07/08/09 19:21:23
What Are the Positives... 18:57:38
New Pledge of Allegiance 18:52:57
Letter to the Editor About Audit the Fed 18:46:45
A challenge and a contest 18:45:20
True unemployment rate already at 20% 18:42:39
Hawaii Hospital won't back Obama birth claim 18:39:01
Rand Paul to decide whether to run by Aug. 20, when his supporters are planning an online fundraising event. 18:35:02
Reply from Capuano on HR1207 18:25:23
Thinking about the American Revolution: James Madison 17:30:14
need to shut up a coworker about the fed reserve 17:20:50
Goldman Sachs Alleged to Front Run Government Data 17:20:36
State By State Interest Rates 17:18:18
Judicial Watch Asks Court to Declare Hillary Clinton Constitutionally Ineligible 17:15:40
Rand Paul was just on Glenn Beck! 17:07:34
G-8 leaders receive books on Canova & "imaginary future world currency" gold coins 16:54:38
ADL Hate crimes bill passes House. Senate could vote as early as next wednesday 15:33:57
Rand Paul may announce to run for senate regardless if Bunning runs or not 14:56:30
Cap and Trade Shenanigans ... and AIG 14:55:11
Ron Paul’s bipartisan attack on the Fed 14:52:31
Canadian Doctor: H1N1 Vaccination a Eugenics Weapon for Mass Extermination 14:48:43
A NEW Swine flu from Canada (Not H1N1) 14:44:21
Rand Paul: Money Bomb to take place on August 20th 14:42:32
Preparing to weather the storm 14:37:50
Copy N' Paste News July 8 14:33:03
Al Gore Sued by Over 30,000 Scientists for Fraud 14:10:35
What's going on here? The markets are slowly dropping to the 8K level... 14:00:25
The last word on the anarchism debate 13:57:28
Patriots working for their freedoms on the 4th 13:51:01
Egypt denies deploying U.S. troops on its borders with Israel 13:08:47
Yahoo Finance frontpage - Why Ron Paul is right 13:04:34
Tea party group demands apology from Port St. Lucie, FL 12:23:25
Barack Obama to Cut $100 Million in Budget 12:04:23
Steny Hoyer laughs at the idea that he should read a bill. 11:53:27
Task Force to Recommend Overhaul of U.S. Immigration System 11:38:28
Social Security Number Prediction Makes Identity Theft Easy 11:16:51
"Hello Patriot" - The Public Greeting for the Second American Revolution 11:13:03
Video: Intervention Leads to Larger Government! 11:10:05
Defense Contractor and Rep. John Murtha... 10:56:24
Obama's Cap and Trade Carbon Emissions Bill - A Stealth Scheme to License Pollution and Fraud 10:34:05
Audit the FED - A Powerful Tool 10:14:05
Stimulus: Where's the $787 Billion? 09:54:26
Does Goldman Sachs computer based trading amount to manipulation? 09:48:54
Economic Meltdown: The "Dollar Glut" is What Finances America's Global Military Build-up 09:43:49
Aircraft repair jobs sold to foreign workers, resumes not important 09:08:30
Dollar Losing The Rule Of World Currency? 09:02:49
MSNBC Front Page: Ron Paul’s bipartisan attack on the Fed 08:51:44
rEVOLution - This is OUR Change... 08:28:32
The reason you laugh at advertisements, and don't click on the one that make no sense. 07:12:50
Peter Schiff: Gold price poised for spectacular and prolonged rally 06:48:29
Legal Action You Can Take Against Forced Vaccinations 05:42:36
Senate Update on Audit the Fed legislation -Campaign for Liberty- July 8, 09 05:08:41
Bomb parts smuggled into 10 federal buildings during "test" 02:43:01
Hasta La Vista Arnold -- video -- a good lesson from California's failure 01:28:40
Meet Your Meat 01:00:56
POLL>>>PAUL vs PALIN----2012....who would win the primaries??? 00:19:15
Let's all call Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee of Texas and suggest an amendment to her Michael Jackson resolution 00:05:00