Posted on August 1, 2009

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Rand Paul DIY Facebook mini-bomb for NYC Fundraiser 19:13:12
YAL-VS-D.C. Swat : The Tank 16:51:18
Kevin Tuma: The Welfare/ Warfare State Takes a Vacation! 10:21:38
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Tonight! Economy Collapse on CoasttoCoast 23:52:44
Murray N. Rothbard: Jeffersonian or Hamiltonian? 23:44:47
Son's of Libertyonline Video! Add your signature to the Declaration of Independence! (What would Thomas Jefferson say?) 23:39:22
SGT JAMES CROWLEY is finally allowed his version 23:29:55
What if Ron secretly wasn't a natural born citizen and was running for President? 22:47:30
The Good Doctor does it again! Tell your representatives to support HR 3396, 3395, and 3394! 22:25:49
Charles Burris: Books Which Shaped Us 22:25:16
A letter for Senators not supporting S. 604 21:26:11
Food for Thought... 21:23:47
Video: The Politicians' Ball of Wax 21:10:11
Weekend watching! In Debt We Trust (Full) 20:46:41
*** A MUST SEE: Ron Paul in an Aug.1988 Interview on the REAL Power Brokers in America. *** 20:39:28
Tim Geithner's failure at home - Hilarious Video 20:36:17
NRA opposition fails to sway senators on Sotomayor 20:15:07
X-SC Justice Souter moves out of blighted NH homestead 19:55:15
John Stossel ABC 20/20 Takes on Health Care Reform 19:26:29
GUN CONTROL, Here it comes Obama's new bill HR45 18:48:26
BMW Owners Show Hemp’s No Longer Just for Hippies: Bloomberg 18:45:07
Review of Theodore Burczak’s “Socialism after Hayek” 18:16:24
"The 545 People Responsible For America's Woes" 18:02:41
A Direct Address to the WTO & NWO 17:50:14
Conspiracy of the Lemmings 17:40:46
Real Time With Bill Maher 17:02:14
Subpoenas Issued to Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, U.S. Senator Says 16:49:08
Why I make the videos - by charlie 16:21:32
HR 1207 Petitions Presented to Rep. Luis Gutierrez 16:06:29
Check out the Freedom Report 16:04:25
Before you're forced to get any mandatory vaccinations..... 15:49:56
David Icke: Swine Flu Vaccine Warning 15:47:59
Fake Al Qaeda Actors Adam Gadahn & Yousef al-Khattab 15:24:37
Fly your flags upside down 15:04:56
Anyone NOT banned from FreeRepublic? 14:40:36
B17 cures cancer, watch this for proof please_Repost 14:34:33
In Washington pretenders reign and truth-tellers are silenced 14:22:37
United States Bankruptcy 1933 13:57:44
What is America to you? 13:21:58
I've been posting these all over San Ramon/Dublin California 13:21:36
Drudge: "The government plans big revisions to historical economic data... Developing..." 12:59:49
Is anyone fighting for all paper ballots in 2012? 12:30:27
video: Bill Kristol Says Government-Run Healthcare Better Than Private Healthcare 12:28:07
Orly Taitz LIVE now! Saturday 11am central 12 noon eastern Aug 1st 12:15:15
This what the New World Order has done to New Jersey Gentlemen. 11:44:38
Clintons Sludge Obamas 11:44:16
rhino: Refusal to vaccinate waiver 11:34:20
The tribal wisdom of the Dakota Indians (a little humor) 11:28:15
Should your State appoint in stead of elect your Senator??? 11:21:02
Armed Woman Reportedly Concerned About FEMA CAMPS Arrested In N.Y., Sent For Psych Exam 11:20:52
Putting the PR in the PRC 11:11:03
Gold is the only financial asset that isn't someone else's liability 11:07:57
Bombshell: Bin Laden worked for US until 9/11 10:18:24
Hiring FEMA Camp Guards 09:25:50
Classic Contest in Works for GOP Senate Seat 08:55:06
Let's Bury This A-Hole!! 08:45:46
VIDEO: Glenn Beck segment on the Fed 7/31/09 08:30:32
Let's do it so Rand won't have to... BREAKING: Did Trey Grayson take advantage of a dying man? 08:02:45
Schumer Pushes Amnesty Bill by Labor Day, Despite the Objections of the American People 08:00:54
U.S. Plans To Fortify Presence In Pakistan 06:04:02
What is rich and what is poor 04:38:23
New Evidence: That The H1N1 ‘Swine Flu’ Pandemic Is Man-Made 04:04:07
Real Time's Bill Maher took on the "birther" movement 04:00:41
I do not want to be included in Government Health Care. 03:59:57
JFK vs Federal Reserve 03:53:35
5 Bank failures 31 July, 2009 03:38:16
Another five bite the dust 03:37:48
Update - Weekend study - Energy from Thorium 02:47:12
Plight of America's Sick Poor Revealed 02:19:22
Wal-Mart weighs role in U.S. H1N1 vaccination plans 01:49:29
Florida man sees security exercise broadcast of fake news, calls police 01:33:22
Peter Shiff on Glenn Beck: The Recession is Ending. But the Depression is just beginning! 01:04:34
Tom Campbell for California Governor 2010--studen of Milton Friedman 00:55:58
Spill the beans, why was Lew Moore chosen to be RPs Camp. Mngr. 00:37:09
Army National Guard Internment/Resettlement Specialist,,,JOB APPLICATION 00:17:45
Greece to vaccinate ENTIRE population for swine flu "without any exception" 00:08:48