Posted on August 12, 2009

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Peter Schiff on CNBC Fast Money 08/12/09 18:52:29
Freedom Watch - August 12th, 2009 18:01:02
Ron Paul on MSNBC Tonight 8/12/09 16:06:22
August 20th is Ron Paul's 74th birthday. Let's give him a present he'll never forget! 12:12:56
A New Champion - Dr. Rand Paul - Please Digg and Rate! 12:11:13
Video: Ron Paul on Larry King 22:48:45
Man Brings Firearm to Obama Town Hall, MSM Goes Nuts 12:15:55
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Front page of yahoo. Ezekiel Emanuel says we got him wrong on obamacare 23:40:55
White House Angry Political Ads Reference First Daughters 23:25:56
I think my pastor has just about had enough!... 23:13:27
People such as scientist Stephen Hawking wouldn't have a chance in the UK... 22:40:52
HR1207 / S604 Activism Thread 22:36:21
What is your Health Care Solution? 22:35:24
"Dirty Secret No. 1 in Obamacare" 22:24:11
Who is governing us??? 22:15:47
Harry Markopolos says $600 Trillion Credit Default Swap Market the Next Scandal 22:01:22
Harry Reid: he's playing some sort of victim game today. Fake phone calls. 21:44:47
Man Advocating Killing Illegal Immigrants at Obama Town Hall 21:41:02
US Healthcare superior to Europe & Canada 21:31:14
Rand Paul 1 Million Dollar Money Bomb Thurs Aug 20th (new video) 21:26:12
Stupid Alex Jones poster already causing predicted 21:12:55
UPDATED2: Received a call from "Organizing America" (See what they want you to say) 21:12:13
Tamiflu turned my children into hallucinating, sobbing wrecks 21:11:15
Iowa vs New York: In a total meltdown, where do you want to live? 21:06:45
Man who ?s Sen. Dingle @ MI town hall meeting reports he got visited by thugs in the middle of the night. 20:47:41
I Have Hope For America..... 20:24:32
CNBC Right Now 20:07:01
"Heavily Overbought" Gold & Silver Due for a Major Fall 19:59:07
When town halls go wild - who comes out looking the worst? (poll) 19:56:56
US Home Prices Falling Faster Than Ever in Q2 2009!! 19:48:45
Social Safety Nets Mask Deflationary Depression 19:41:40
When do you think the economy will improve? 19:39:53
HR 3200 - The 80 lb rotting fish in the middle of the room 19:34:59
Geithner asks Congress for higher U.S. debt limit 19:20:03
Trolls & Bullies Are Debasing The Internet 19:06:47
Video: The Downfall of the American Civilization 18:45:12
On NASA TV now - Exploration Review Board 18:38:33
Ron Paul is Crazy Bottom Line! 18:36:01
Link needed 18:31:34
Ron Paul on MSNBC soon (6:20 pm est.) 18:20:47
Healthcare Bill - I dont understand!! 18:13:21
Daily Presidential Tracking Poll 18:13:13
Will Dr. Paul Headline The Largest Tea Party Yet (912 Project)? 18:12:28
We Need Several Thousand Patriots To Run For High Office 17:58:34
Just a reminder 17:54:47
The 'Second American Revolution' Has Begun 17:36:18
Ray McBerry's Legislative Plan to Enforce State Sovereignty 17:15:20
Obama joker posters make the Drudge report 17:11:08
My Health Care Compromise 17:10:14
IMPORTANT Jane Burgermeister interview in 4 parts 16:46:36
.......... 16:39:30
The OTHER Scott Horton of Harper’s magazine concludes that no investigation would be better than what Holder is doing 16:27:53
A Rand Paul for Senate Blimp? 16:19:40
William Kostric armed activist near recent Obama town hall was interviewed by Alex Jones 08 12 09 16:12:06
The Voice-Tribune Attacks Rand Paul 15:47:39
BUSTED! Obama - Hitler poster identified: Obama provacateur 15:46:12
U.S. government resorts to extreme tactics to keep hold of a 12 year old that it tortured into confesssion 15:44:15
Alex Jones- Obama is a pimp and a whore! 15:31:51
Anyone else remember that a year ago no one cared about health care? 15:29:27
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on C2C About Swine Flu on YouTube 14:59:51
AARP Walks Out 14:52:34
Failure to Yield: Organic ~VS~ GMO Job on Craigslist: Union of Concerned Scientists 14:49:13
Is Bill Clinton somewhat responsible for the invasion of Iraq? 14:17:47
ATTENTION!!! Read This Info About Healthscam Bill 14:09:56
Bob Schulz is on Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch today! Should we give a damn? 14:00:28
Obama:if you think about it, UPS and FedEx are doing just fine, right? No, they are. It's the Post Office that's always having 13:49:30
Can / Should I run for congress? 13:49:19
Dollar Crashing Ahead of Treasury Auctions Tomorrow 13:41:53
Flu Is There A U.S. Attorney Brave And Courageous Enough To Seek Grand Jury Indictments Against These Mass Murderers??? 13:26:23
Elizabeth Warren on Morning Joe, Interesting 13:26:22
On the Federal Reserve System 13:21:36
Healthcare Solution: Go Back to Cash 13:11:08
A college socialism experiment 13:03:31
Deceptive Deceptions 12:49:25
rhino: A law that costs nothing 12:42:36
LIBERTY/ TYRANNY & TOWNHALLS (My Letter to the Masses) 12:42:23
The Fed Shows Its Hand - Where the Money Went 12:35:49
The Humble Libertarian: 10 more years in Afghanistan? 12:24:03
"Coincidences" in the US Government... 12:09:43
Rep. Green to require photo ID at town halls 12:06:43
GOP ballot 11:42:24
A DEA agent, and ATF agent, and a FBI agent walk into a farm. . . . . . 11:38:05
AOL - Militia Groups on the Rise Across US 11:10:13
Daily S 604 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 8/12/09 11:09:03
Free stimulus money: Soros and NY State give away $175M 10:49:29
Hannity faces C4L sign during interview :) 10:44:43
Let's change their names from politicians to "Pick-Pockets" 10:27:57
Is the US govt. getting scared, people will exercise their rights under DoI? 10:24:09
The Market Ticker to the RNC.... Wake Up! 09:52:15
What if congress worked and voted from a town hall meeting EVERYDAY? 09:22:26
These ignorant politicians think these protestors are calling themselves Nazi's, what spin!!! 09:17:24
Tragic skydiving accident claims Army CSM 08:40:41
Specter: Protests not 'representative of America' 08:32:16
Arlen Specter taken to task at Town Hall Meeting 08:10:47
Socialism's destiny is certain failure, explained in 100 words or less. 07:50:12
VIDEO: The Wires that Control the Public Mind 07:04:06
Liberty Message with a hip hop beat! 07:00:01
*DIGG* Peter Schiff at Freedom Fest - July 2009*AWESOME SPEECH* 03:46:55
*DIGG*Texas Straight Talk - Ron Paul Cash for Clunkers 8-10-09 03:42:41
*DIGG*A New Champion - Dr. Rand Paul 03:04:29
Rand Paul on Russia Today! 02:01:27
Who Actually Wrote the Health Care Bill? 01:58:00
Rep Claire McCaskill Turns To Her Mommy For Help With Her Angry Constituents 01:41:13
Health Care - a simple, proposal (100% un-PC) 01:10:10
Confirmed: No Supporting Evidence For DHS “Rightwing Extremism” Report 01:06:31
Did Obama just exploit a 13 year old? 00:58:56
Ron Paul on CNN Blitzer show Physicians Panel 00:49:43
Are Militias Really Growing? 00:44:30
my healthcare situation... 00:26:05
Just Read The Prechter Article On "No Inflation", And Boy Do I Disagree! 00:22:12