Posted on August 13, 2009

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Please Digg: Audit the Fed website, just launched! 19:01:42
Daily S 604 phone/email/fax bomb! 8/13/09 11:12:45
Music Video: Obama you're the One! Hope and Change have just begun! 10:05:28
REDDIT: Ron Paul’s Army Complicates GOP 2010 Hopes 09:03:41
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North Carolina Libertarians Receive $39,600 From Income Tax Checkoff 23:53:40
Ron Paul’s Army Complicates GOP 2010 Hopes 23:51:08
White House uses email to counter health critics 23:51:07
How to lead and change the world, Seth Godin video 23:43:13
Did Reagan support the Khmer Rouge? 23:40:48
Prechter...Dollar Bottom....Deflation will reign for the next few years 23:39:44
Peter schiff on Fox Business 13 Aug 2009 23:32:32
.................. 23:17:07
**MUST Listen: How to Prepare for a POSSIBLE Coming Collapse of the Dollar, a Russian Emigre's Perspective. 23:12:39
point of source drinking water solution 23:01:31
John Quade dies at 71 22:55:18
Alex Jones vs Bill Cooper 22:29:03
Shelia Jackson Lee Talks on Her Cell Phone @ Houston Town Hall Meeting 21:50:08
Pick the 100 People Who Are Using New Media to Change the World 21:31:28
BART subway operators set to strike on Monday 21:29:02
Whole Foods Founder Offers Alternative Health Care Reform 21:25:18
CDC Meeting Asking Public For Mandatory Vaccinations, We Are Change Colorado Attends 21:06:44
Funds for Fatties? Elgin Declared Fattest City In Illinois 21:00:25
Has any one read Peter Kropotkin's work? 20:15:34
John Edwards IS the baby daddy 20:01:33
What would you do in this retirement situation? 19:58:05
Chris Simcox, founder of the Civil Homeland Defense, which evolved into the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps - just Hired me! 19:43:22
Ron Paul Poem: A Patriots Journey(Dem Convert) 19:37:51
Promote the General Welfare. 19:35:15
The FED suicide belt 19:20:58
This Is Where We Take Our Stand 19:13:48
US food groups warn of sugar shortage 19:03:43! 19:00:45
Violence vs. Non-Violence 18:43:05
Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars 18:42:23
Watch two fools debate. They both have more influence than us; sad. 17:50:26
Is it legal for the President to have a standing army? 17:47:01
Congress, senate, etc... all useless eaters? 17:42:15
The Government Is Not in the Business of Keeping You Healthy 17:14:35
The Economic Rape of America 17:11:19
Paul's position on NASA? 17:07:59
MA takes extra steps to battle flu in fall 17:00:10
Will Americans Take the Shot? Mentions Constitution Party & Ron Paul a Most Excellent Article! 17:00:06
The right place to earn 16:46:49
HR 2749 Authorizes International Take Over of Food Production - 16:30:36
Seeking Alpha: 'Green Shoots' Are Just a Mirage 16:30:19
Have Americans Finally Found Their Collective Voices? 16:25:49
State takes extra steps to battle flu in fall 16:21:34
Obama's surgeon general nominee advises Burger King 16:19:36
1.1 MILLION SIGNATURES and Counting 16:14:46
Even the creators of Cap & Trade don't agree... 16:08:19
Obama Stimulus is WORKING!!! 16:04:37
isnt bernake a expert on the great depression? is he following the same recipe for disaster? 16:02:36
Obama Healthcare video? 16:01:37
We are not alone! INSPIRING video shows international freedom work 15:53:55
UK: White House turns to campaign tactics ...Health Care (See Great Pic) 15:24:32
Just Say No–to Health Care 15:21:55
National Guard Takes Over School In Swine Flu “Vaccine Riot” Drill 15:20:19
Congress Matters website blasts Michele Bachmann for her "No Foreign Issued Currency" bill 15:18:19
Another Soldier Refuses Afghanistan Deployment 15:12:44
2012 15:05:54
little girl who talked about mean signs at the Obama town hall (Dem plant - proof) 14:59:43
RBS uber-bear issues fresh alert on global stock markets 14:48:34
Dems having a horrible month 14:46:00
Even socialist see through the Obama Deception 14:44:35
627 People on ADAP Waiting Lists in 11 States; 10 Other US States Taking Steps to Limit Coverage, Control Costs, Report Says 14:34:48
Jesse Benton of Campaign for Liberty on Fox Business: End of Swiss Banking Privacy? 14:28:42
America's Brutal Pipe Dream in Afghanistan 14:24:37
Ron Paul’s army also marching for Adam Kokesh 14:23:54
Congressman Higgins Protest - Stay focused 14:22:19
The Fed is your 'New' God 14:19:24
I need investment advice 14:11:04
Just a glimpse of the trouble we face 13:59:27
8/14/09 Moneybomb for Gary Clift, CA-10th Special Election! 13:51:58
Stephen Hawking Makes a Toast to Freedom 13:51:41
US Soldier Demands Apology From Senator Claire McCaskill at Town Hall 13:42:48
Cash for Clunkers being used to buy HUMMERS? 13:34:36
The Tortoise and the Hare 13:31:20
Very important information 13:25:48
So Much for the green shoots theory! 13:23:19
Rude Ass Rep. Lee Takes Cell Phone call as Cancer Survivor tries to Voice her concerns on health care debate. 13:13:02
Why is anyone still listening to Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve? 13:09:31
Snapshots of the Obamacare Bill 13:03:11
Rand Paul: In It To Win It 13:03:05
A Revered President, a Non-Existent Society 12:54:35
Local Currencies Cash In On Recession 12:54:31
Yahoo Poll: Is Obama Doing A Good Job With The Economy? 12:49:04
Hidden Agendas 12:41:33
8/13/09 Jesse Benton of Campaign for Liberty on Fox Business: End of Swiss Banking Privacy? 12:33:19
Utopia Versus Freedom 12:28:47
Investing in gold mining? Watch this first! 12:24:41
The Daily Libertarian Tax 12:08:31
Obama Kidnapped by Ruling Class 12:07:41
Are You Insane? 11:30:24
Dirty secret No.1 in Obamacare is about the government's coming into homes and usurping parental rights by Chuck Norris 11:10:40
Peter Schiff Wall Street Unspun August 12th, 2009 11:10:17
Wasn't there a doctor in NY who was shutdown for providing health insurance? 10:47:55
Sheriff Mack to run for governor? 10:44:50
barack kenyan citizenship expired 1984.. 10:39:54
An Alternative to More Government Intervention in Healthcare 10:33:26
*TUBE*Jake Towne for U S Congress As Good as Gold 10:17:16
Humor: letter from wal-mart 10:13:14
Cathy O'Brien & Mark Philips - Trance Formation of America2 Could this explain why the sheeple are so hard to wake? 10:10:30
The Dumbing Down of America 10:09:56
Todays REDDIT´s for liberty lovers! 8/13 10:04:17
Can't we have a $13 million dollar money bomb campaign for anti ad campaign against government health care? 09:56:03
forclosures up 7% in July.. 09:45:49
Jake Towne for US Congress - As Good As Gold 09:29:57
Margaret Thatcher 09:05:41
The... Revolution Has Begun: Gerald Celente 09:03:38
$12 million ad campaign for Obama’s health-reform plan hits air 08:46:46
Start your day with this great song! 07:08:44
Grassley Abandons Obama 06:50:36
Possibly the dumbest person in Arizona 06:33:06
Reflections on reading Obamacare HR3200 06:12:23
Joe Sestak's Town Hall Meetings 06:06:29
Krugman asks Canadiens about healthcare... 04:17:31
Couple things I noticed about the Obamacare bill 03:20:46
Ron Paul 2012 bumper stickers - custom 03:08:23
2009 1040 Federal Tax Form - List all guns that you have or own. 02:25:21
Sheriff Richard Mack to run for governor of Arizona? 02:16:47
"THEN YOU WIN!" - Gandhi 02:00:17
Live in Washington State? Senators holding "secret" townhall Thursday at 2pm - Longview, WA! 01:32:25
so much for the 2009 fairytale.... 01:30:43
Obama has zero chance of reelection if this is true 01:22:27
Off Topic Krum's Underground 01:04:48
Georgia Lawmaker Calls For Executing Marijuana Offenders 00:57:05
END THE FED tee - What Do You Think? 00:37:01
Obamacare supporter admittedly doesn't care about the Constitution 00:33:24
***John Dennis Running for Pelosi Seat*** 00:20:29
CA state taxes changes 00:16:51
William Kostric Facebook Fan Group.... 00:00:56