Posted on August 15, 2009

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Dr Andrew Weil: Conservative on Healthcare Reform 10:25:59
Alex Jones talks with Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers - AUDIO 10:24:41
I still love you all. freedom unites us all 02:55:25
Remember Glenn Beck's surgery gone 'horribly awry?' Jon Stewart does. 00:20:07
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Where is "mississippigrits"? 22:55:29
Healthcare Survey 22:51:56
The Matrix and the U.S. Constitution 22:42:04
Anyone watching SVU right now? 10:31pm Saturday??? 22:40:16
MSM: Polio vaccine is spreading a mutant polio strain in Africa 22:37:39
Predications, Predictions, Predictions...One Year From Now 22:34:03
HAARP 22:33:15
Universal Mandatory Health Insurance In The Netherlands: A Model For The United States? 22:21:13
Where is Naomi Wolf today? 22:14:20
Dr. Paul's Birthday BBQ 22:00:57
Fun fact about the 50 star flag and States Alaska and Hawaii - FreeManOnLand 21:48:50
Is Rahm Emanuel the New and Improved Karl Rove? The Real Power Behind the Throne? 21:25:23
Swine Flu Vaccine Info (VacTRUTH) 20:59:51
Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease: Leaked letter reveals concern of neurologists 20:58:11
Ronald Reagan 48 years ago 20:38:14
Glenwood Springs townhall meeting = Astroturfed 20:32:24
Forbes: ObamaCare's Medical Marijuana - George Soros 19:38:45
Time for a little relaxation, Patriots!! 19:34:02
Home based Business questions 19:28:58
Ilinois man jailed for yawning 19:19:56
Ron Paul on CNN: There's no "right" to medical care 18:29:50
Dr Ron Paul or any other former military medical people 18:22:56
New World Order Jokers Deck of Trading Cards 18:18:18
Help! I need a good question for my Rep's townhall 18:17:47
Ron Paul Documentary: 8/15/2009 17:33:57
Are you willing to work for nothing? 17:06:11
Max Keiser: On the Edge August 13, 2009 17:05:25
Obama Joker Posters In...Japan 16:51:55
White House Secret Deal With Big Pharma 16:33:24
Locating Political Drawings of Our Favorite Public Enemies! 16:25:23
Book: Madoff victim tells of secret 20-year affair 16:22:05
Las Vegas Businessman convicted of tax fraud for using gold & silver as pay to employees! 16:06:43
China encourages Silver Bullion for investment 15:12:01
Peter Schiff Report August 14, 2009 15:04:53
World Net Daily- somebody forgot to mention Ron Paul in this article!! Shall we remind them? 15:02:13
Internet Security—Obama’s ‘Cookies’ Breaking the Law 15:00:50
Rep. John Carter: 'Our Own Congress is Trying to Silence Us' 14:57:35
Cop Tasers Mom In Front of Her Children 14:56:25
The Revolution of 1913 14:29:04
US sending Predator drones and troops to Colombia to fight terrorism and drug trade 14:15:51
Freedom 21 Conference --Vital information is being presented! 13:56:19
How The Media Controls Your Mind (Alan Watt) 13:23:28
"Obama Man" by Greg Morton 12:03:26
Barney Frank Town Hall Meeting on Health Care 11:31:54
Rick Warren pushing Obamacare 11:17:59
It's just "more civilized", "more advanced", and "better". 11:16:15
News Video : 'Special Report National Guard Practices (Conditions the Sheep) For H1N1 Swine FLu Outbreak' 11:07:04
Obama Joker Video Contest: WALL ST. BOMBED! 10:07:51
Debra Medina For Texas Governor Fundraiser - August 15, 2009 - 7pm-9pm CDT 09:32:52
More on Mind Control (ours) 08:46:52
The Second Amendment at work 08:27:20
Welfare vs Warfare - Eisenhower's Cross of Iron Speech 1953 08:21:59
White People are gonna RISE UP! ROTFL 08:15:32
Ron Paul's Army Complicates GOP 2010 Hopes 07:56:33
<<<"Obama and the Post Office By Lew Rockwell ">>> 07:31:12
The Art of Stimulating Debate on the Daily Paul 07:23:01
Barney Frank Town Hall Meeting 06:40:34
"There's no reason to invest in gold," said 'Betsy' 06:32:35
Ronald Reagan on Socialized Medicine 04:43:00
Video: Lawrence O’Donnell once again displays his mad interviewing skillz 04:39:26
Do you believe in "Incorporation" of the Bill of Rights? 03:20:10
Ron Paul BBQ Bash - Live Stream! (8/15/09) ($2) 02:57:59
I missed the Ron Paul family barbecue 02:48:53
Socialised medicine warning: horrific NHS story 02:45:50
NY Shopkeeper with Gun Stops 4 Robbers, Kills 2, No Permit, No Charges 02:41:54
NY Man Who Shot Four Armed Robbers Speaks 02:13:32
Todays REDDIT´s for liberty lovers! 8/15 02:05:24
Reforming Illinois Government - Lux Libertas with guest John Bambenek. 01:25:16
Grrr...Couric denounces townhalls 00:06:59