Posted on August 17, 2009

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NYT: DNA Evidence Can Be Fabricated 20:04:18
Your chance to ask Timothy Geithner a question 17:03:55
Townhall Downfall Sen. Sherrod Brown Stacks the House 15:31:21
Washington Post: Time to End the War on Drugs 12:14:40
Stock market rally - kuput? 09:59:39
Judge Nap at the Ron Paul BBQ 02:44:02
Today in History - August 15, 1971 02:44:01
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Would Walt Whitman Support Ron Paul? 23:58:25
Obama aide says president still favors public health plan 23:56:22
Obama Joker artist unmasked 23:49:18
Chemtrails are going mainstream: Time Magazine 23:14:50
Chris Dodd 23:01:01
Peter Schiff on CNBC Fast Money August 17 2009 22:39:36
Rep. Gingrey R-GA Encourages Guns at Town Halls (MSNBC Chris Mathews) 21:44:01
US Soldiers Will Deploy to Columbia 21:20:18
Obama Radical Associations 21:05:33
No Health Reform for Gaza; But Death Panels they Have 21:04:01
Just went to my congressman's town hall meeting 20:34:18
Voluntaryist Roundtable: Stefan Molyneux, Marc Stevens, Sam Dodson, Ian Freeman 20:29:48
Remember Huckabee? Today He Campaigns In Israel 19:45:11
Libertarian Party of Wisconsin: Even The Milwaukee Mayor Has The Right to Bear Arms 19:38:07
Let's Talk Live! 19:29:59
Boycott List - re: ColorOfChange and Glen Beck Advertizers 19:13:31
Sen. Dick Durbin: Town Hall Meetings: BAD --- Lobbyist Meetings: GOOD 18:56:26
James Traficant to be released from Jail 18:50:43
UK Nurses Poll: Only a third willing to have swine flu vaccine 18:49:26
Ron Paul Joins Peace Mom To Protest Wars? 18:47:47
Iraq Veteran Talks About The War And Misleading Recruitment 18:42:53
Video - Where are we in the Gold Cycle? 18:42:43
Multiple People Carry Assault Weapons Pistol To President Obama's VFW Event In Phoenix, Arizona (CNN video) 18:42:07
Coming Soon: Banking Crisis of Historic Proportions 18:31:36
Tim Geitner on Townhall Forum this Friday 18:30:39
Tim Geitner on Townhall Forum this Friday 18:30:11
Mods Where Are You? Please Remove The Selena Gomez Naked Thread!!!! 18:10:01
Warning from Ronald Reagan~Socialized Medicine 18:08:18
Video shows why we need a Dr. Paul in the U.S. Senate 17:27:50
VIDEO - Rep. Massa: "I will adamantly vote against the interests of my district." 17:22:06
Bartering for health care -- great trend! 17:11:20
John Stossel's Take : The Green Jobs Fallacy 17:10:55
Kevin TUMA Comic - Needs DIGG + Reddit 16:44:47
How To Predict A Drop In The Stock Market? 16:35:58
How many of you remember Mario? 16:25:21
STOP THE PRESSES! (not) 16:25:00
Obama Joker Mass Action Toronto Canada 16:22:18
DOW close 9,135.34 down -186.06 -2.00% 16:07:26
College Student Explains Challenging Obama to Debate 15:48:06
Obama's MySpace page lists his age at 52 15:45:00
Ladies & Gents Anyone care to call on the Death Care Bill? 15:24:22
Doctors' orders: Avoid insurance 15:17:28
Bikers vs. Bankers Protest Rally 14:59:31
To President Obama & All Our Government Leaders 14:48:29
CNN Guest Declares That US Founders Envisioned ‘White Supremacy’ 14:40:06
Ron Paul BBQ Speech part 1 14:37:03
Mr Ed asks some CAFR questions 14:34:15
Rep. Tom Price on Healthcare 14:02:22
Colorado college student who challenged Obama on Health Care is a Ron Paul supporter!!! 13:57:10
Obama team mulls NEW QUARANTINE REGULATIONS! 13:50:26
Prolonged detention 13:16:22
A vaccine researcher says that the World Homicide Organization, WHO, is driven by a DEPOPULATION agenda 13:16:09
*DIGG*Freedom Watch Going Daily?? Maybe... With Your Help! 13:13:21
Social Security Crunch Coming Fast 12:59:39
Witchcraft in the White House? 12:46:11
YahooFin:Jim Rogers waiting for the IMF to sell gold 12:44:07
Brian Baird Town Hall Tuesday & Wednesday 12:39:19
Boxer could face re-election fight of her career against Fiorina 12:32:48
Controlling the Internet 12:19:43
WWJD with Debt? 12:10:34
White House claims they now will adhere to e-mail rules 11:54:19
What if? My scenario for the start of the restoration of the Republic... 11:52:40
New Obushma Posters 11:44:08
Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease 11:40:13
What does Bill Gates Know? Gates Foundation Sells Off Most Health-Care, Pharmaceutical Holdings 11:37:41
Bloomberg: Gasoline Could Fall to $1.76 Within a Month 11:33:56
OBAMANOMICS Explained - Spreading the Wealth 11:28:57
This guy sounds like Ron Paul with an Accent! (Video) 11:24:07
Search the Daily Paul 11:08:23
Overhauling health-care system tops agenda at annual meeting of Canada's doctors 11:12:15
Gone Forever: What Does It Take to Really Disappear? 10:46:14
John Pilger: Obama Is A Corporate Marketing Creation 10:40:45
Movie- My thoughts on District 9 10:38:59
Cops Tazer Child 19 Times Leaving Him in a Coma 10:36:33
" .. I don't have to die in socialist united States. Please wake up!" 10:29:43
British Want Their Guns Back 10:28:59
ObamaCare and me~ A doctors view 10:22:23
Barney Frank stood in the way of regulating Fannie and Freddie in '03 10:16:13
Native Americans Against Obama- The Socialism Experiment 10:10:35
Zimdollar dead but not gone 09:48:52
So much for Canadian Health Care 09:16:18
W.H. backs away from public option 09:01:42
Operation "O" SH%T...He's back! Obama Joker Contest... 08:57:44
The Spirit of the Founders - Liberty Candidates 2010 08:44:28
Exposing Another Traitor Republican!!! Michelle Bachmann 07:27:52
a 9 minute Video of Ron Paul's Birthday Speech 07:22:16
America Without “Liberal” or “Conservative” Representation 07:20:16
Todays REDDIT´s for liberty lovers! 8/17 04:53:03
Has anyone noticed the amount of liberals that seem to be popping out of the woodwork lately? 04:25:11
Another try to hit the Second Amendment S. 1317 03:51:29
US Interventions, Obama worse than Bush 02:31:44
Fun freestate video AND THE BEST inside info. on why government medical controls hurt not help 02:22:37
Financial Times: Swine flu outbreak will be hyped up this fall to scare us into government-run healthcare. 01:14:39
Some famous quotes on vaccines 00:52:13