Posted on August 18, 2009

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Happy Birthday Ron Paul! 12:32:59
Patriot Under Attack: Gun Rights, Property Rights 13:05:25
The Silence is Deafening 10:57:33
Funky Cold Medina! 09:42:33
Small airports revamped to accommodate larger planes 06:29:56
WeAreChangeAZ: Yes a man had an AR 15... get over it. 13:00:02
Barter Bucks, Better Bucks? 04:13:36
Ron Paul BBQ: Ron Paul's Speech 12:47:53
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Think we can expect the "For Liberty" documentary to release soon 23:43:36
Digg: 76 Reasons to Audit the Federal Reserve 23:14:56
Is 2009 1993? 23:09:50
Welfare: The n.w.o. still wants to destroy families 23:03:32
An Attack on the Upper Middle Class 22:31:25
The media doesn't get people whipped into a frenzy for nothing 22:30:58
VIDEO: Merk drug company vaccines admits injecting cancer viruses 22:02:58
Has your child been taught by a sex pervert in the public school? 21:42:46
Freedom Bomb - The Virtual March On Washington 21:41:37
Taser-crazy cops becoming global epidemic 21:28:12
Media Blackout on Obama eligibility dates back to November 2008 Canada Free Press 21:26:18
abc story: FBI Trained NJ Blogger to Incite Others 21:22:41
First KY Senate Seat poll results 21:21:02
Finally US media covers swine flu H1n1 vaccine deadly side effects, but it's a small TV station in Ohio 21:04:03
second great depression--predictions 20:56:50
Cash For Codgers - II 20:33:21
Israeli troops 'kidnap' Palestinians for organs 20:33:14
Video Lesson on Handling State Controlled Media - Ernest Hancock vs CNN 20:05:39
Is government a middleman? 19:55:54
TIME Article Pushes Geo-engineering Agenda 19:50:45
Save yourselves, Take the Vaccine! 19:38:09
NJ city considers adult curfew 19:36:41
Pittsburgh May Deny Permits For G20 Protesters 19:35:18
Chris Matthews to wring hands on guns (again) 19:32:19
Peter Schiff: Get Rid of the Politicians 19:12:53
Obama Supporters boycott whole foods. Flood WF forum with support. 18:43:56
Dennis Kucinich : HEALTH CARE WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE 18:43:50
Cindy Sheehan: The President Exhibits Crazy Speech Patterns 18:29:08
FDA/Pharma collusion exposed, price charts and history 18:19:30
NWO Spoon fed DOLLAR bill explanation 18:18:59
Neighborhood schools are racist, (so say the collectivist, and closet liberal racist) 18:18:12
Identity Of Obama Joker Designer Debunks Racism Smear 18:15:32
RP 1988: Big banks never lose 17:34:42
I beat a PE ticket!!! 17:26:44
Oliver Stone revealing 'Secret History of America' 17:26:02
Ayn Rand - Liberty Vs Socialism 17:20:16
Gerald Celente on Fox Business: The Second American Revolution has Begun 17:11:28
American Militias Demonization - Militias On The Rise In US - MSNBC & CNN 17:09:19
98 veterans victims of botched cancer treatment by VA hospital 17:09:18
Property Tax Question 16:59:22
China reduces holdings in US debt 16:54:32
RE: Imminent Banking Shutdown - Fact or Fiction? 16:49:52
'Chicken underground' emerges in Indiana 16:38:59
ObamaCare is Dead RINOcare is the Real Danger 16:36:52
Obama Joker Poster Contest Makes News in Memphis. and Alex Jones mentioned in report 16:22:26
Need help on a poll... 16:16:21
Ringo's Law and the Healthcare System of Doom 16:13:32
FBI trained blogger Hal Turner to incite others atty says 16:10:33
If we allow the federal government to run our health care, we are all dead meat. 16:09:06
Oliver Stone's 'The Secret History of America' - This could be good! 16:05:16
A City Council Asks Washington to Forgive Student Loans 16:01:43
Calls to boycott Whole Foods 15:54:31
2008 Financial Collapse: (Really) An Inside Job 15:51:11
Adjuvants will NOT be included in swine flu vaccine trials - but later WILL be included in the regular vaccine 15:47:47
Funny thing just happened on Digg 15:12:05
Upload your pics!!!! 15:08:35
Your federal budget, itemized 14:54:12
The Banking Crisis is Far From Over 14:30:45
How much money does it take to convert a journalist into being a corporate shill? 14:09:48
Has anyone seen the new r3VOLution tees 14:09:45
Camcorder Advice 13:52:14
Brother carries AR-15 Rifle at Obamabot Rally 13:31:32
Recess Rally - CFL KC and Nationwide 13:24:49
Free Obama/Joker/Socialism Stickers 13:13:27
The Daily 1207 and 604 bombs... 12:45:45
Judge Napolitano to host Glenn Beck today and tomorrow 8/18-8/19 12:34:59
My beliefs are the best. Everyone must be like me. 12:22:20
The Economic Ignorance of Liberals 12:17:24
Dr. Russell Blaylock to discuss the effects of vaccines - 3pm Alex Jones Show 12:17:05
Individual Secession 12:11:49
A recession - in what parallel universe ??? 12:08:20
CNN stacks the news as usual; commentary on 11:48:16
More Guns at Obama Speeches 11:48:05
The March of the Medical Morons 11:42:36
Visiting US Congressmen pledge support for Israel 11:36:45
AARP loses 60,000 members, "just a drop in the bucket" 11:27:46
SA@Takimag - Whites Are People Too 11:12:13
Your Taxes Fund Taliban(no joke) 10:59:34
Rush Limbaugh and Karl Rove 10:54:24
Cardholders Get Rude Surprise at the Register 10:54:20
Anyone see Spike Lee's movie CSA ? 10:44:32
Todays REDDIT´s for liberty lovers! 8/18 10:24:39
"The Republican Party Is An Empty Vessel" - Rand Paul 10:20:47
Man openly carries AR-15 Riffle at Obama Protest [VIDEO] 09:32:59
Obama's MySpace page: I'm 52, not 48 09:29:03
Obama "disappears" the Constitution 09:15:12
Just when you thought Ted was dead 09:00:55
The Billion Dollar Gram: Interesting graph 09:00:04
Third party Now! How much longer will we play their game? 08:53:19
Fascist->English Dictionary (21th edition, formerly the "Socialist->English Dictionary") 08:52:25
The Lucifer Effect: How Good People Become Evil 08:45:22
History Channel Documentary Confirms Global Warming Caused by Chemtrails & HAARP 08:35:39
Dozens bring guns to Obama Health Care Debate ! 08:27:12
Have most people in Congress been there for 100 years? 08:21:15
Get Debra Medina In The Debates!!! 08:20:45
How to make a foxhole radio. (Interesting) 07:56:13
rEVOLutionary Exercises Right to Bear Arms at Obama Health Care Rally 07:02:31
An unlikely history lesson: watch. You will be glad you did. 04:04:57
Global "Warming" SCAM Documentary Film. It's the SUN! 02:50:38
To the left 02:36:55
2nd amendment (heller) not approved on federal land (site). 02:32:00
Oldie but Goody - Best Ron Paul Interview Ever 00:28:57