Posted on August 2, 2009

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Rand's picture on the front of the Louisville Currier Journal 08:26:46
My two favorite radio\podcast hosts join together! 07:25:39
NEW Rand Paul poll at! You know what to do! 00:15:00
Ron Paul House Speech 7-30-09, What Are They So Afraid Of? 11:45:14
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Is America Building a Purely Military Economy? 23:36:37
11-05-2009 23:32:48
Obama in 2007 Said He Wanted to Eliminate Private Health Insurance 23:29:03
NY Rep. Tim Bishop encounters angry mob at town hall meeting!! 23:23:24
Jobless Grad Sues College For 70G Tuition 23:09:19
Call Peter Schiff LIVE on TV Monday August 3rd 11am eastern 10am central 22:34:53
A tax patriot comments on our judicial system, from jail. 22:23:00
Homeland Security Chief Outlines Full-Spectrum Surviellance Program 22:21:04
What is cruel and unusual punishment? 21:58:10
VIDEO: Adam Kokesh: An American Hero 21:30:03
ELBIT: The Hellerstein Connection to 9-11 19:23:39
Please Support Oathkeepers ! 19:09:27
Origins of the American Empire: Revolution, World Wars and World Order Global Power and Global Government: Part 2 18:19:50
See rebellion at grass roots 18:10:13
Armed rave in New Hampshire 18:04:01
Mom Eats Own Child's Brain!!!!!!!! 17:55:47
V's Message for the U.S.A 17:35:05
End the Fed and your standard of living will go down 17:10:17
Deadly Baby Vaccine-- HepB shot at birth 17:07:23
NEW! Judge Andrew Napolitano speech in Ohio, Tenthamendment center Video 8-2-09 17:01:37
Giethner: "Lower deficit key to recovery" 16:22:13
Cash for Clunkers Gov't Website -- click "Agree" and your computer (+all files, searches, etc) are considered Gov't property 16:17:46
At least 9 NATO troops killed in weekend fighting 15:53:03
Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate ? - WoW! 15:42:33
KGB Defector interviewed by G.E.Griffin (1984) Then and Now 15:25:04
Obama Depopulation Policy Exposed! Red Alert! Ezekiel Emanuel escapes when confronted. 15:11:47
Matrix News Network? 15:10:11
Fancy Farm Picnic Dr. Rand Paul speech & other audio clips 15:02:05
Critique of Libertarian Thought on Nationalized Healthcare 14:53:29
Is this what I think it is? The “camps” are now being staffed? 14:48:45
Our representatives don't care if they lose their jobs 14:41:31
Is this really smoking gun of Obama's Kenyan birth? 14:39:16
I wish there was a bill to give congress control of monetary policy 14:25:09
Government Website Takes Over Your Computer: Glenn Beck: 08-01-09 14:18:54
Silent no more! Townhall Gone Wild (vid) 14:17:22
Half of all fruit & vegetables you buy are contaminated 14:10:27
Has anyone here NOT listened to Bill Cooper's "Mystery Babylon" series? 14:01:04
you will not see it on CNN 13:52:37
Rand's speech at Fancy Farm 13:47:10
An Important Message To All Goldbugs. UPDATED ! 13:11:56
What do you guys make of this vid? - Criminal charges filed against Obama WHO and UN for Bioterrorism/Intent to Commit Mass Murd 12:51:09
H.R.3405 To authorize the production of...bullion coins in palladium 12:45:03
H.R. 1207 "debated" on Bill Maher "July 31st " 11:45:10
Maine preparing ‘mass vaccination’ of students 11:17:16
Gerald Wall Challenging Ron Paul in Republican Primary (Video Included) 11:07:58
Some U.S. Senators Should be Appointed Not Elected! 10:45:54
The Majority of American Voters Have the Government They Deserve 09:15:17
(the vaccine song) SAY NO TO THE VACCINE 09:11:34
The Health Care Dilemma 08:59:02
Want a job putting people into camps? 08:52:25
Rand Paul's speech at Fancy Farm this weekend 08:44:04
135 billion of Treasury bonds confiscated by Italian financial police at Italian border to Switzerland 06:38:21
IMF buys gold from USA at the price of 42.20US$/Ounce. 06:22:45
What home security measures have you planned for the economic collapse? 03:34:25
Raw Story: White supremacist radio host Hal Turner was an FBI informant, as hackers claimed a year ago 03:26:44
You think Obamabots are bad. . .meet the magic potato 01:23:00
WOW...GOTTA SEE THIS!! BBC now admits al qaeda never existed 01:15:06
"The Nine Most Terrifying Words in the English Language are: 'I'm From the Government and I'm Here to Help.'" 01:11:48
Was at a gold mine today 01:10:56
Sen. Merkley (D-OR) Supports the "Principle" of Auditing the FED 01:06:44
Youtube has suspended CSPANJunkie & VotersThink accounts 01:04:00
If you don't like Obama or universal healthcare 00:09:50