Posted on August 23, 2009

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How to Refute Peter Schiff Critics 13:57:18
Rand Paul Speaks in Richmond 11:53:06
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WCTV in Nashville: Side Effects of Gardasil Vaccine Could Lead To Life Threatening Conditions 23:45:04
Holy Sh** It Won't be Long Now! 23:36:30
A history of Commodities, Currencies, and Usury 23:32:15
Just heard on news social security going down.. 23:17:58
S604 Fed Reserve Sunshine Act - Freedom Bomb August 28th! 22:20:47
Perfect Performance - Is this guy already the winner? (Entertainment Video) 21:58:08
Rep. Trent Franks to sue over Obama eligibility? (UPDATED 08/25/09) 21:53:24
Understanding Obama: The Making of a Fuehrer By Ali Sina 21:23:35
Who is it that should be labeled an IRRECONSILABLE. 21:06:29
Does COALITION promote an atmosphere that descredits SOVEREIGNTY 20:54:46
Just asking. How many Taliban attack credits against the USA ? 20:46:57
Environmental Concerns Advancing North American Integration 20:44:00
Good news for Anarchists! 20:22:48
Shelly Roche: The United States of Corporate Welfare 19:12:13
State health plan said no to chemotherapy, but yes to assisted suicide. 19:09:01
Two positives for gold 19:03:58
"Bringing a weapon to a rally isn't about exercising your own rights -- it's about threatening other people's rights" 19:00:04
Peter Shiff: Survival of the Unfittest 18:52:24
Politically: How important has the Daily Paul become? 18:50:34
Drug reform - need comments... 18:50:13
What To Ignore At Tea Parties 17:00:30
Trailer for Michael Moore's new film: Capitalism, A Love Story 16:07:57
Canada Sending People Here For Health Care 15:57:15
$1000 Per Day Fine And 30 Days In Jail For Refusing The Swine Flu Vaccine In Massachusetts? 15:56:12
H1N1 Vaccine Patent Filed (2007) 15:48:16
Just came from a major family reunion 15:33:07
Quick! Need a link or explanation about Socialism - thank you 15:19:13
There won't be forced vaccinations. There will be forced quarantines 15:04:17
Laser Guided Energy: New Army Weapon 15:00:42
What Would Be Involved in an Audit of the Federal Reserve? – Part Three 14:56:45
If America were a free country, this wouldn't happen 14:43:43
Ron Paul's Mini-Me 14:20:13
*** A Very Special Prayer Thread! Feel Good!! *** 13:47:38
Have you pledged? 88 cents for HR 1207. 13:20:22
Getting correct on the War issue...(a message to Republicans) 12:58:03
Who Killed 21 Georgia Banks? 12:48:52
HP: Rand Paul Fears One-World Government Just Like Dad 12:35:05
Video: Judge Napolitano on the Patriot Act 12:33:24
Competing with the Federal Reserve. Private money maker. 12:16:55
I got banned from Hannity forum 12:09:41
Southernavenger : Patriotic Conservative 12:00:42
15-year-old robbery suspect shot dead 11:58:43
Ron Paul predicted economic collapse in presidential debates! 11:58:06
Seeking Spiritual Truth? 11:32:35
Peter Schiff Leans Toward U.S. Senate Run 11:17:52
Peter Shiff: Survival of the Unfittest 11:08:21
The Liberation of Canary Wharf (I think you will enjoy these) 11:08:15
The Fed's Balance Sheet! 11:03:56
The Death Book for Veterans Ex-soldiers don't need to be told they're a burden to society. 10:27:26
Ron Paul is our Moses, but who is our Joshua? Dr. Paul cannot lead us to the promised land 10:20:26
The biggest tea party, September 12th, 2009 - Will you be there. 10:12:50
Accidental Documentation: Government Run Inefficiency 10:06:32
The problems with copying/reuploading videos on Youtube 10:01:53
Paul Ryan v.s. Arlen Specter on Health Care Fox News Sunday NOW!!! 09:27:27
Chris Wallace is kicking butt against Sec. Duckworth 09:26:05
Top Political Donors and the party they support 09:11:34
Are you ready for President Hannity? 09:02:28
Only Newly Printed Dollars in ATM 08:54:04
Best Ron Paul Tribute! 08:47:30
Great speech by Rand Paul - from 8/22 reception 08:41:35
Ron Paul Speaks for me 08:27:12
Congresswoman Schwartz on CBS 3 Philadelphia Now 8:15am... 08:19:33
There are two different types of liberty lovers 04:58:48
Man counterclaims the state and Gets a driving without a license and insurance court case thrown out and the case disappears 04:25:10
Free Website For First Ten Candidates 04:21:18
Todays, Reddit´s & Digg´s For Freedom Lovers 23/8 03:47:06
Jon Voight (again) mincing no words on Obama 03:21:48
Alert — Fed to Steal State Pension Funds 03:10:56
To those of you who saw the Malignaggi/Diaz boxing robbery... 01:38:48
Obama Adviser Brzezinski's Off the record Speech to British Elites 01:38:03
"If they see a lot of young people and kids getting sick, people will be very enthusiastic about getting vaccinated." 01:31:09
Marine To Congressman Brian Baird : Stay AWAY From My Kids! 01:19:36
Ron Paul On Audit The Fed : Could Happen IF People Put Enough Pressure On Them! 01:06:08
China Has Begun Dumping Their U.S. Treasuries 00:36:07
Campaign for Liberty Advertising 00:35:36
eBay seller releases video of 'Obama birth certificate' 00:24:50