Posted on August 25, 2009

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Comic Relief: Tim Hawkins, The Government Can! 15:15:49
HUGE WIN! - Federal Reserve loses suit demanding transparency 19:23:12
What Is This Free Market We Keep Hearing About? Part II 08:59:55
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"Brush the insiders dust out of your eyes my friends, and the communist soap suds out of your brains," Robert Welch Video 23:39:56
Rhode Island to shut down state government for 12 days 23:38:54
Are you kidding me?? Cash for Refrigerators?? CONTEST!! 23:23:42
UPDATE : What is the true genius of the US constitution? 23:19:14
Glenn Beck has it 100% right Watch this! URGENT!!! 23:02:06
Anyone else have their Youtube account say your login was no longer correct? 22:52:12
Court Orders Federal Reserve to Disclose $2 Trillion Loan Program Details 22:50:22
How To Get Hard Core Glenn Beck Fans To Support Liberty Candidates? 22:28:31
Sound familiar? 22:24:53
Perish The Thought and May This Never Happen To You, But What Will You Do If You Are Captured And Tortured? 22:14:16
Big Food Cartels Exposed by NPR 21:55:55
Hilarious Post from guest that just appeared on CNBC today - Zero Hedge 21:55:01
North Carolina senator shoots intruder at his home 21:54:46
The Schiff Report: 8/25/09 - Bernanke gets the nod 21:32:06
Communist Party USA's Website Opinion of Obama, Bailouts, Socialized Medicine and "New World Order". 21:27:08
Look what the NEO-CONS are up to in Minnesota 21:20:29
Congressman Mike Rogers' Excellent opening statement on Health Care Reform!! 21:04:23
Citizens Against Public Surveillance demand the cameras come down! 20:56:04
Rhode Island To Shut Down Gov't for 12 Days 20:41:19
Francisco Rodriguez - is this guy the real deal? 20:29:43
Flu Scare used to distract from FDIC disaster? 20:24:40
A Sea Change Is Coming 20:24:28
If we want HR 1207 to pass... 20:06:08
Something Old, Something New........ 19:34:23
Video: 'Senator Sanders asks Bernanke WHERE IS THE MONEY!!!' 19:29:42
Chaos Prediction Poll 19:04:28
USDA: "Irresponsible, Dangerous, and Stupid" 18:52:46
Apparently 1/2 of us are going to get Swine(Mexican) Flu... 18:33:44
HandsOff MyHealthCare! - sighn the petition! - spread it! 18:29:04
Israel's Super-Thermite Lab 18:14:47
Traficant out of jail september 2nd 18:14:05
Great RP video from 1983 18:03:04
Book Bomb Strategy! 17:41:51
Southern Poverty Law Center = hate group 17:35:36
Aug 25 - Banks remain open 16:36:13
Founding Fathers On The Threat Of Tyranny 16:30:17
I believe I'm being tracked by NSA, hooray 16:09:01
Peter Schiff video - Decoupling and OMB deficit projections (8-24) 15:58:18
Breaking: Lancaster Citizens Demand Removal of CCTV Video Systems 15:48:27
Send well wishes to the people you love 15:46:56
IF you must vaccinate, make sure the doctor/nurse fills-out this form 15:35:40
Common Sense 2009....By Larry Flynt 15:24:28
Pat Buchanan : Fatal Flaw of Democracies (RP mentioned) 15:20:58
Digg Dialogg: Timothy Geithner answers Digg users questions on Fed, tax evasion, gov't spending etc. 15:11:03
Get your Fear On! 90 Thousand could Die from Flu!! 14:55:28
Ron Doing Live Webcast NOW -- join in! 14:29:07
Wanted: Death Panel For the Fed -- Calling Dr. Paul 14:26:02
Book Bombing! It's not just End the Fed 14:21:04
Chuck Baldwin : Has The Church Become Irrelevant? 14:20:11
John McCain town hall, happening now, 1:00 Cent time. 14:01:03
Oh yea, About That $4500 Cash for Clunkers Rebate.....ITS TAXABLE !! 13:42:41
Don't Inject Me (the Swine Flu Vaccine Song) by the Health Ranger 13:40:39
Obama continues Phase 2 of Columbia Plan originated by Clinton - Anyone Know What This is About? 13:39:42
Military rethinking 'golden hour' for injuries 13:39:29
National Debt will Nearly Double Over the Next 10 Years 13:31:47
Don't Inject Me (the Swine Flu Vaccine Song)- by Mike Adams 13:21:13
Gerald Celente on Fox Strategy Room right now (1:09) PM 13:10:19
Preparing for a winter campaign 12:41:35
John Mackey Healthcare Blog 12:14:10
National Week-Long Strike? 12:02:57
DRUDGE POLL suddenly disappears 12:00:22
Obama health care plan – in a word: "Fascist" 11:58:23
Nuremberg & Mandatory Vaccinations 11:57:21
The Cloward-Piven Strategy (educational) 11:56:08
Wasn't the Stock Market Moving Up Before the Crash in October of '29? 11:52:29
Peter Schiff is Within Striking Distance of the Million Mark. 11:47:10
GWB land purchase in PARAGUAY 11:46:21
I just got "the speech" at work 11:20:35
Ron Paul Classic : The Truth is Simple & Freedom Is Popular 11:14:48
Rhino: Another argument in favor of the gold standard 11:08:16
Webster Tarpley - Obama's False Flag - Waiting In The Wings 11:08:09
Founding Fathers On The Threat Of Tyranny 11:01:13
The Federal Reserve: Instigating Crisis Since 1913 10:56:38
O.B.A.M.A. in MT - What REALLY happened! 10:45:23
Flashback: How Ron Paul Won His Congressional Seat in 1996 10:40:43
List of Dead Bio-Weapons Scientists & Microbiologists 10:18:44
Coffee, Tea, or Should We Feel Your Pregnant Wife’s Breasts Before Throwing You in a Cell at the Airport and Then Lying About Wh 10:14:54
Peter Schiff on The Lew Rockwell Show 10:12:21
When Does The Revolution Start? - CNN 09:54:46
Jesse Ventura gives Alex Jones an inside look at his new TV show 09:49:40
Roubini warns of double-dip recession 09:47:25
Who’s afraid of deflation? 09:37:19
We need desperately a whole battery of lawyers.. 09:28:28
Does anyone know about this? 09:27:28
YouTube Video: Racist? No. Satire - biting and brilliant. This is a black, female, Lenny Bruce. 09:18:34
No Change: Rendition to Continue under Obama 09:01:37
Todays Reddit´s & Diggs For Freedom Lovers! 8/25 08:57:01
Video- music video tribute to Bernanke-love song 08:45:18
$1000 Per Day Fine & 30 Days In Jail For Refusing the Swine Flu Vaccine In Massachusetts 08:23:50
Peter Schiff (and Newsweek's Daniel Gross) on Al Jazeera (youtube) 08:22:07
Is God paying Attention? 07:21:25
The Secret Right - Vol. 1 03:56:08
When a member of Congress is served a 'Petition for Redress of Grievances' what is their Constitutional Obligation? 02:10:47
Former Citizen 02:02:19
Al Gore sued by over 30.000 Scientists for Global Warming fraud / John Coleman 01:32:17
Woman Detained For Filming Police 01:31:42
Education For death 01:24:56
The Pirate Bay Taken Offline By Swedish Authorities 01:08:14
"United We Fall" - Trailer 01:03:15
Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings (Film) 01:00:54
OMG----BJ Harris, Rand Paul and Vasovski are not really running for congress 00:37:07
Alex Jones-New Trailer-Fall of the Republic:The Presidency of Barack Obama 00:25:58
Whenever you have the occasion to be out in public, in front of a 00:15:54
Ron Paul - End the Fed (Hardcover) preorder - $13.19 @ Amazon (40% off) 00:10:13
"It Is a Slow Fade" 00:09:39
Whatever your 1st job as a teenager was, before you were 18 00:08:43