Posted on August 26, 2009

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September 23rd : Beat The Establishment MoneyBomb For Rand Paul 23:00:38
Don't Talk to the Police - Professor James Duane 12:37:10
Rand has the People, Grayson has the Establishment 19:50:50
Peter Schiff leaning towards running, but... 12:12:51
The Shell Game - How the Federal Reserve is Monetizing Debt 10:45:03
Largest Street Gang in America 12:37:09
Geithner: Auditing the Fed is a "line that we don't want to cross" 00:34:57
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Federal Reserve Loses Bloomberg FOIA Lawsuit ~ Could Release of Documents Cause Panic ? 23:51:48
deleted 23:41:39
We need someone to run for Kennedy's senate seat 23:35:34
Ellen Brown Has a Great Q & A on the "Shell Game" 22:40:24
Florida Candidate For Mayor Wants 1,000-Strong Youth Spy Force 22:37:45
Law and Order SVU: at it again, wreckless treatment, AIDS conspiracy nuts and so on? 22:15:48
Anybody heard of Gary Johnson? 22:10:58
15 more liberty candidates join www.liberate the! 22:08:09
deleted 21:47:29
New World Order Now 21:35:43
The new Automated License Plate Recognition system is now in use 21:12:41
How 'bout some publicity for PA's Peg Luksik 21:12:35
The Holy Grail of POTUS Eligibility Law Review Articles: meet Attorney George Collins 21:12:00
Just Get Up & Go !!! video says it all 21:11:35
Not Much: What Will They Learn in College? 21:03:10
PRAVDA, Russian State newspaper on: American capitalism gone with a whimper 21:00:04
Cincinnati Tea Party Projecting 15,000 at their rally on 9/5 20:42:42
WeAreChange LA confronts Congress about 9/11 20:31:13
United States Militia - Every Color, Every Culture, One Country 19:50:20
real-homes-of-genius-today-we-salute-you- 19:33:53
List of Senators up for re-election in 2010 19:03:49
The Devil We Know - written by Peter Schiff 18:41:25
Vote for Chris Simcox to be on Freedom Watch! 18:18:59
1 of BOs strongest supporters has died & thats why the news is making 17:38:36
Obama Administration Mulls New Quarantine Regulations 17:35:59
Attn residents of MD, DC & VA, there is a mtg tonight beg 7pm of the 17:29:20
when congress swears to uphold the constitution... 17:24:19
Still no justice for Leonard Peltier 17:10:45
END THE FED by Ron Paul Signed Edition #35 auction at Ebay! 16:53:54
The Long Slow Death of American Triumphalism 16:48:11
Cindy Sheehan - Alex Jones TV 16:45:08
You've been sworn in as President of the United States. 16:20:38
Half of British GPs refuse swine flu vaccine jab 16:06:26
California Officially Up For Sale - Gov Posts CraigsList and eBay Ads 15:39:48
Stefan Molyneux vs Jan Helfeld: anarchism vs. minarchism 15:36:38
State of California holding garage sale 15:01:59
Hawaiians March through Waikiki 14:49:08
With Today's Technology Why do Our Reps and Senators Have to Spend so Much Time in Washington? 14:13:33
Some Repubs want Obama to have a second term . . . 14:02:37
** RED 'BrownShirts' ALERT: a "Liberal" Activist ARRESTED, for Agent-Provocateuring Property Damage at Colorado Dem.HQ!!! 13:54:01
Not everyone is giving Ted Kennedy a free ride; Check the Google search trends from this afternoon, look at #2... 13:53:58
Turning the page of my R3volution 13:46:39
The New York Times: Argentine Supreme Court Decriminalizes Private Marijuana Use 13:41:03
Rep. Rangel Hides Wealth From Public 13:07:11
Tropical Storm Danny Heading Up Eastern Seaboard 12:45:31
Can we default on the Federal Reserve 12:23:44
"The Constitution doesn't cover everything." Rep. Shea-Porter (D) NH 11:55:34
Video: Dem Rep Sanford Bishop tries to filibuster his townhall 11:34:56
End the Fed #4 on Amazon's Business & Investing List 11:28:32
Freedom and Forced Vaccinations Can’t Coexist 11:30:27
Timothy Geithner was raised overseas 11:29:32
Norad Flight Exercise Planned for Washington D.C: Exercise Falcon Virgo 09-11 11:26:36
** Fmr.Asst.Sec of HUD, under Bush I: Leveraged Buy OUT of America, is what is NOW happening. ** 11:12:05
Bernie Sanders Rips Bernanke Reappointment 10:57:19
Kennedy health reform 'dream' will be real this year: Pelosi 10:54:26
Postal Service Needs to Cut $6 Billion, Will Cut 30,000 10:51:01
Ted Kennedy Press Statement after killing Mary Jo Kopechne: Video 10:51:34
Byrd wants health bill renamed for Kennedy 10:41:33
VA Guide Urges Sick Vets To End Their Own Lives 10:41:28
Gerald Celente On Financial NewsHour - August 21, 2009 10:34:40
Daniel Hannan and His Libertarian Plan for Britain 10:30:46
Swiss private bank to say goodbye to the U.S. 10:23:43
Hundreds vent frustrations at political event in Brewer, Maine 10:01:07
deleted 09:10:41
Central Banks become net buyers of Gold first time since 1987 09:04:23
Socialized Health Care Realities 08:59:05
IRS to tax "Non Resident Aliens"? 08:58:43
It is 2011, and John Boehner is Speaker of the House-Salon article tries to be funny 08:44:14
Peter Schiff : We Need To Influence The GOP! 08:34:58
The Coming Media Bailout 07:34:17
Todays Reddit´s & Diggs For Freedom Lovers! 8/26 07:15:08
Why Your Health Insurance Is So Expensive! 07:10:50
Health Care in USA -IF Obama Gets His Way ... 04:45:32
Trailer - Invisible Empire 02:59:24
Argentina court ruling would allow personal use of pot 02:52:45
Look and "Stare" in awe!!!! 01:58:45
McCain Booed for Saying Obama Respects Constitution 01:58:27
The false reality of Obama & those behind the puppets! Analysis: Bernanke is Obama's safe choice at Fed 01:52:22
Federal Reserve System: Fundamental Questions to ask your Congressmen and they inturn can ask Bernanke and Geithner. 01:47:46
BREAKING!!! Senator Kennedy 01:36:32
Glen Beck E-Bomb: Sheriff Mack 01:07:31
23 GOP Senators Hold Fundraiser in D.C For Rand's Opponent!!!! Outrageous!!! 01:02:25
Free to read Ch.1+3 of END THE FED! 01:01:17
Advice - No Charge 00:55:15
Chris Matthews: "Danger from the right wing?" - 8/25/2009 00:46:27
Invisible Empire Official Trailer 00:28:25
schiff video 00:04:17