Posted on August 28, 2009

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Weekend Listening: Capital Controls on the Horizon 10:32:17
New Orleans: Your Chance To See Ron Paul 10:12:13
The Spin begins: "Auditing the Fed is Economic Suicide" 09:21:11
ACLU Sues Homeland Security Over Laptop Searches 00:06:44
Video: Barney Frank Says House Will Pass HR1207 in October 09:21:12
Hampstead Maryland Mayor orders Municipal flag down. Gadsden Flag up. 10:15:32
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Misinformation Alert: Barney Frank Never Said That HR 1207 Will Pass In October 23:31:35
YouTube - Black Hole Called the Federal Reserve - Insight into the federal reserve Creature from jekyll island G Edward Griffin 23:17:57
Freedomain Radio Debate Stefan Molyneux VS Jan Helfeld - Anarchy VS Minarchy 22:46:36
ObamaCare Townhall w/Rep. Jan Schakowsky - Skokie, Illinois (8/31/09) 22:43:10
YouTube -The Kingdom of Moltz by Irwin Schiff (Peter's Famous Father) 22:27:00
YouTube - Adam Kokesh visits the High Plains Patriots in Clovis, NM 8/27/09 22:11:07
New Video Debt Slave - pretty well done by NIA 21:57:34
Obama's Youtube Arrogance Just Became A Nightmare 21:51:57
Television: The Enemy 21:50:11
Implanting False Memories 21:43:03
Candidate for Gov of New Mexico could be worth our support 21:38:39
New fear-mongering spin on swine flu 21:36:52
WHO is Radicalized in America 21:23:33
Petitions Every patriot needs to sign! 21:00:37
"12 Rules for Radicalized Conservatives" 20:57:24
Glenn Beck can't spell? 20:49:29
rhino: Financial prediction for the fourth quarter 20:47:18
VIDEO: US to attack Venezuela 20:29:17
Files Prove Pentagon Is Profiling Reporters 20:19:00
Senate bill could give the president a "KILL SWITCH" on the Internet 20:14:57
"The Government Can". Update: This video is going viral! 140k views in 2 days! 19:41:55
FDIC-Insured Institutions Lost $3.7 Billion in the Second Quarter of 2009 19:18:48
Civil War - Fail~!! 19:18:36
"In the Tank Forever": U.S. Consumers, Retailers in a "Death Spiral," Davidowitz Says 19:17:37
The Anti-Fed Fact Sheet (Visual Economics) 19:16:02
Your Friday Nite Bank Failure:Bradford Bank 19:04:27
One of my buddies is joining the military. It goes downhill from there. 18:58:19
PRAVDA: The Silent Violence Behind "Smart Power" in U.S. Foreign Policy 18:55:57
Where was the Judge yesterday? 18:53:40
Homicide : Yet another fine example of Tazer use by our beloved police state. 18:47:12
Debt Slave......... 18:04:01
For those of us Tactically Inclined, when "polymer" still means plastic... 17:42:24
Flat household incomes raise doubts about economic recovery 17:40:40
Video: Americans are Debt Slaves 17:39:25
DMV Health Care? Really? 17:29:43
President Reagan: "Don't Say We Weren't Warned" ~ Video 16:52:33
Latest from Visual Economics 16:39:25
Obama: Don't Wait for Death Panels, Let's Kill 'em All Now 16:34:27
Misinformation Alert: Barney Frank Never Said That HR 1207 Will Pass In October 16:28:14
They Catch These Guys But The FED Is Still... 16:22:52
Ben Bernanke Victim Of Idenity Theft! 16:01:17
Wake Up, America: Forced vaccinations, quarantine camps, health care interrogations and mandatory “decontaminations” 15:47:49
Thousands Rally In Sacramento Now (8-28-09) 15:46:00
Making videos: programs, editing, etc. Questions. 15:40:25
CNN Fake Newscast Leaked By CNN Staff 15:38:42
Hasta la Vista, Baby:Everything must go! Calif. holds giant garage sale 15:35:31
Sacramento Tea Party LIVE Webcast! 12-5:00 PM PDT 15:33:27
Y! Finance: "Krugman Is 100% Wrong"...RCM's Tamny Says 15:29:09
HuffPo Front Page: Auditing the Fed 15:21:26
The Hydra raises it's ugly heads - HR 3200 versions 15:21:11
Huffington Post headline: "AUDITING THE FED" 15:19:33
** Rep.Michelle Bachmann's recent TownHall on HR3200 & "The Death Panel" ** 15:01:26
Three steps to diffuse the Delphi technique used at town hall meetings 15:00:53
You can come back out MikeLawson... 14:55:47
Pledge Now. 14:44:24
Congressman Demands to See Constituent’s ID Before Allowing Question 14:41:46
Missing Tahoe girl found after 18 years! 14:37:22
Health fascism has arrived? 14:36:59
Just wondering if u like my new sig ? 14:15:40
It's time to pool our phone numbers! 14:09:04
Officer Does Not Like anti-Obama Poster: "It ain't [America] no more, OK?" 14:05:49
Mike Rogers' opening statement on Health Care 14:00:29
How many times has the government experimented medically on us? 13:38:30
Liberty Lotto 13:17:55
LINK HELP needed 13:03:11
Oh geeze, Charles Rangel just discovered a $250k bank account account 12:58:55
RFID Europe 2009 12:18:28
Doctor & Patients sue WH over free speech violations 12:14:43
Medical Rationing and Death Panels are Real 12:03:27
Washington Times: Barney Frank Says Ron Paul Bill Will Pass 11:47:33
OH NO!! Ron Paul Book Bomb -- Ron Paul Slips To #26 11:47:01
Ron Paul Silver Rounds 11:45:35
Michelle Bachmann Town Hall Video 11:31:55
New! Activists web platform for YAL, Young Americans for Liberty. 11:27:02
Sheehan returns to rebuke Obama about war 11:20:00
Bernanke falls victim to identity theft 10:48:45
Open Letter to Ron Paul Dennis Kucinich and Jim Webb 10:44:14
Census now to be done by your own children 10:41:06
An interesting case about freedom 10:31:43
No free speech in Phoenix, Arizona 10:09:24
Looming Crises Golden Exits 10:07:56
1,000 Banks to Fail In Next Two Years: Bank CEO 10:04:14
Good article on free-market ideas for health care 09:55:52
Get Out of Afghanistan and Everywhere Else 09:19:14
Autographed copies of Ron Pauls Books 08:39:42
Todays Reddit´s & Diggs For Freedom Lovers! 8/28 08:23:43
The Real Ted Kennedy 07:39:05
Refuse New Coins 06:44:14
MSNBC: "Barack is the last Kennedy-brother" 06:38:08
The Wake Up Report ! 05:44:58
URGENT:BREAKING NEED HELP!! Portland Oregon!! 03:35:43
Mass Awakening? Union thugs at 2nd Tim Bishop Town Hall 03:32:12
Where is Freedom Watch this week???? 03:14:19
Do these quotes from Journals of the Continental Congress and Jefferson's papers have any relavence today? 03:11:30