Posted on August 29, 2009

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PETER SCHIFF 8/28/2009: teaching CNBC a lesson! 02:49:17
NEEDS TO GO VIRAL! Peter Schiff : $1.5 Mil And I'm Running For Senate! 02:49:18
Announcing My Liberty Artwork Page 14:47:39
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"Rep. Frank eyes Fed audit..." FINALLY ON DRUDGE! 23:59:38
Bush's speeches 23:51:43
American, Pledge of Allegiance. by Red Skelton 23:44:35
Health Care Bill is Unconstitutional: Bachmann says so! 22:41:48
MESSAGE FROM A FORMER DEMOCRAT: Why I Joined The Liberty Movement 22:33:41
This is incredible - Mind blowing speech by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America 22:30:32
Wake Up, America: Forced vaccinations, quarantine camps, health care interrogations and mandatory “decontaminations” 22:26:25
And so it begins?? 22:13:25
HR 615: Make Congress Follow Whatever Health Plan they Foist on Us 21:45:30
Bill Moyers-You have 2 Corporate Political Parties serving a narrow set of economic interests 21:43:18
RUETERS BREAKING! Rep. Frank seeks compromise on Fed audit bill! JUST SAY "NO" TO COMPROMISE! 21:25:23
Stupidest thing I've seen in a while... 21:24:16
Need some help here. 20:23:20
French Revolution - History repeating itself 20:11:07
Please check out this video. It is so good. 20:02:16
Well, I got a speeding ticket today. Any advice? 19:33:58
Still Looking for a Compelling Intro Vid for Family & Friends & Co-Workers? THIS IS IT! Preparing Americans for Hyperinflation 19:19:42
Iraqi Shoe-thrower to be released Early! 19:15:15
New anthem - GO Listen 18:57:37
A funny thing happened on the way to the Moon - Were those Americans on the Moon or not ? 18:56:44
Ron Paul's "End the Fed" Movement Gaining Steam 18:51:36
A New Document For Our Time? 18:29:32
Sharp and cutting mind 18:17:00
VA Hospital: "Get a flu shot, or get another job." 17:32:07
? Why is the Federal Reserve News, Now following me on Twitter? 17:31:16
*** PA Residents Be Aware -- Emergency Health Powers Act *** 17:22:26
Hillary is part of "the family" 16:57:58
Makers Of Vaccine Refuse To Take SWINE FLU SHOTS. 16:25:25
SWINE FLU 1976 (must see) 16:10:17
Alan Grayson laughs in Ben Bernanke's face half a trillion dollars missing 16:09:34
David Icke On Swine Flu 16:01:53
TEA Party tour bus in Sparks Nevada 15:57:36
Kennedy's funeral used as health care propaganda... 15:52:08
Koch Industries - The Power behind the Throne 15:45:12
Downloadable flyers and graphics now available for the Midwest Liberty Fest. 15:33:26
This guy can do a lot with pennies to illustrate how nuts our government spending has become.... 15:05:05
God is a Socialist 14:47:58
Iran rebel, on death row, says U.S. supported group 14:45:44
Gary Clift declares- I am a Ron Paul Republican 14:40:20
Marijuana's new high life 14:19:57
Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America 13:59:10
Regulators Shutter Three U.S. Banks, Bringing 2009 Toll to 84 13:35:03
Doctors report a form of swine flu that affects the lungs, causing severe illness in otherwise healthy youth. 13:26:58
My story on 1207 13:20:37
International Bankers The FED WWI - Louis Farrakhan 13:19:09
In Massachsetts, The Rule of Law Dies! 13:01:27
Obama is reading "The Post American World" 12:53:31
Louis Farrakhan - "Murder by Injection" 12:37:13
Another 20,000 US Troops for Afghanistan 12:26:46
Independent Investigation into Pentagon Attack Yields Alarming Information 12:02:19
Fed Wins Stay of FOIA Revelation Decision (For 2 Days) 11:54:54
What a joke! This guy deserves some attention!! 11:47:46
The pace of bank failures is accelerating! 11:13:32
Murray Rothbard's Man, Economy, and State with Power and Market - Scholars Edition With Study Guide only $35 NEW 10:52:56
Nemazz, Political Fundraiser, charged with $74 million Fraud. 10:15:11
Canadian H1N1 Vaccine Protests August 28-30 2009 10:04:27
Fed wins stay of FOIA revelation decision 08:06:55
Inflation: The Emporers New Clothes 06:49:35
Taki magazine tribute to Bob Novak 03:50:18
Max Keiser: 3 August 28, 2009 On The Edge/Mish Shedlock 03:18:18
A question of Inflation... 03:16:07
"So even though the war settled nothing, it actually settled everything." 02:52:01
S 604 ... Letter to Senator Carl Levin & Levin's lame response 02:51:22
Pro-libertarian aritcle: unions heat up anti-WholeFoods boycott 01:19:55
Just For Laughs - Tim Hawkins - Cletus Take the Reel 01:12:44
Libertarians Take Back Tea Party - Scott Horton interview w/ James Ostrowksi 00:48:02
Classified, classified, classified 00:37:00
Has this been in the major news networks reporting? 00:36:03
If you want county & states rights to be recognized, you have to start 00:28:45