Posted on August 3, 2009

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UPDATED guest schedule confirmed - The Schiffathon Friday August 7 2009 - Great line up of guests! 20:34:04
Rand Paul WBKO Interview - His Hometown ABC Affiliate! 20:34:04
Ron Paul : Healthcare Plan Based on Economic Fantasy 22:08:05
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 8/3/09 11:24:44
CNN Video: Push In California To Legalize & Tax Marijuana 10:42:50
Ron Paul's 3 New Bills !! Please Support These!! 10:51:07
Fed Trades Provide Profits for Wall Street Firms 10:07:48
Sebelius and Specter Booed by an Angry Public 09:52:25
1st time father-to-be asking for vaccine advice!! *UPDATE* 10:03:39
Report from Rand's weekend in Western KY (8.1.09) 09:52:44
Let's Vote Dr. Edwin Vieira on to Freedom Watch! 11:55:03
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Warning on Antidepressants/Child Suicides/Violence 23:44:29
CDC says autism is now 1 in 100--Swindle Flu: A Vaccine Nation Series 23:44:18
Bill O'Reilly sings rap! (cuss words) 23:17:06
Exclusive Post-election Interview with Bob Conley! 23:15:19
Rachel Maddow 23:06:53
On August 4th, Let's Give An Obama Birthday Surprise to Congress 22:49:01
My evidence: The Orly Taitz BC is a total fake. 22:35:05
Just Got a Call from Campaign for Liberty! 8/3/09 22:34:27
Phil Berg on Alex Jones Show today 22:04:37
Judge Andrew Napolitano- Colombus Tea Party Aug. 1st (parts 1 and2) 21:41:07
Operation Embarass Your Congressman 21:32:57
Debate: Michael Badnarik vs. Stefan Molyneux - minarchism vs. anarchism ! 21:31:20
Videos from MIAC hearing 21:30:27 - the virtual White House 21:27:46
MSNBC Interview? With Attorney Orly Taitz about Obama Kenyan BC 21:13:52
Our Beautiful Planet 21:06:45
Chuck Norris wants to see Obama's birth certificate ! 21:04:59
Public Prison Surveilance Grid cameras 120 total in Lancaster PA - who is watching us? 20:40:23
Could You Be Convinced of Obama's US Birth At This Point? 20:35:56
New song from Muse... 20:29:16
Prisons close as Netherlands Runs Out of Criminals 20:12:38
Recession is starving the government of tax revenue; Biggest drop since 1932 20:11:53
China locks down remote village due to Pneumonic Plague!! 20:06:02
Black Helicopters in your area? 20:05:36
Pandemic Billboards In Michigan? 20:03:19
Does anyone know why they keep naming CZARS? 19:54:38
Why I think Orly Taitz is Controlled Opposition/Smokescreen 19:53:05
Gary Clift For Congress - Campaign Update 19:51:13
Any Daily Paulers been in one of those "heated" town hall meetings? 18:42:30
Ron Paul - Stop Dreaming (Video) 18:25:34
The Eye in the Sky - Lancaster PA Monitored by Overhead Cameras 18:22:25
Lest we look stupid, If you're printing JOKER Obama posters 17:48:11
Let's Make Glenn Beck bring Richard Gage On His Show 17:25:16
Why is Secretary Clinton flying to Kenya tonight? 17:18:32
Gold $273 Per Ounce! 17:02:44
Peter Schiff LIVE right now taking your calls 4:30 eastern 3:30 central Aug 3rd link here 16:48:31
Data grab insanity 16:48:21
(Asheville NC) Sheriff’s Deputy In Alleged Road Rage Released 16:48:09
Heart Regenerates Itself!!! 16:43:52
Picture Of The Day ... You'll love it and hate it .... 16:25:13
Comedy on the male to female ratio in the NH FSP 16:16:42
Obamas's 1st Executive Order #13489...... 16:11:46
The Next Twelve Seconds 16:02:51
Today's Town Hall Meetings -- Nationwide. 16:02:33
Mitt Romney ... 15:45:01
G. Edward Griffin LIVE tonight August 3rd 7pm eastern 6pm central 15:43:17
Ron Paul: Healthcare Plan Based on Economic Fantasy 8/3/09 15:31:14
What American hikes in Iran? Something fishy here.. 14:54:56
I wonder what will happen with the housing market in the future 14:41:31
Colonial Bank has been raided by the FBI. 14:38:23
David Patrone constitution Night 14:29:24
The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall. 14:17:37
Silent NO MORE!!! Con. Tim Bishop/Pelosi Protest Video 13:58:43
So, if the establishment is saying that the recession is it time to... 13:53:03
Squirrel Zen 13:51:09
URGENT: Obama Health Care Plan Will Eliminate Private Insurance 13:46:01
Operation: Embarrass Your Congress Clown -- going viral 13:45:59
US dollar getting hammered. 13:32:30
Mark Crovelli: Enlisting in the Military and the Decision To Kill 13:09:22
Lou Dobbs challenges his own CNN network; Media Matters goes after Dobbs 12:56:41
Congressman Ryan rips apart Fascist Healthcare bill 12:37:44
Patients forced to live in agony after NHS refuses to pay for painkilling injections 12:36:14
What was that health bill that was defeated on Friday due to procedural reasons? 12:29:28
Financial Events Surrounding 911- Video 12:24:42
Colorado CD1 - Congresswoman DeGette Telephone Townhall Meeting 12:24:38
Tomorrow's Obama's Birthday, Have you asked your congressman where's the birth Certificate? 12:21:29
NY Times Article: Prominent Banker Preaches Ayn Rand 12:02:12
Foreign Troops in Eureka, Montana? 10:33:45
8:55 A.M. on Drudge Report - Lloyd Doggett protest video 09:57:42
Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate is a fake.... 09:45:35
What are the Bill #'s for Healthcare and Cap & Trade? 09:43:58
Need reinforcements on 09:43:28
On Rahm Emanuel 09:29:13
Everything should be questioned and carefully scrutinized -- unless you like it 09:01:20
Obama - Joker posters starting to appear Nationwide.... Hi-Res copy here. 08:34:45
Is The FDIC Broke And Covering It Up? 07:56:46
Wall Street Profits from Trades With FEDERAL RESERVE 07:11:35
The birth-certificate controversy is about Obama’s honesty, not where he was born. 06:52:12
Gov. Perdue's Probabtion Reforms to Improve Public Safety....(she doesnt work for the public...she works for BARRY) 06:46:46
National Press Club - Obama May be an Illegal Alien [new video digg] 06:44:48
The FED knew the Crash was coming 06:24:51
Could the great recession lead to a great revolution? 05:58:11
Video: 1933 Vintage pro-inflation propaganda 05:57:45
The Obama opiate: Crisis deepens, crowds cheer 05:34:33
The North Carolinian Jihadist 04:57:08
I Take Them At Their Word, That's Why I'm Worried 02:31:02
George Bush Buying 100,000 acres in Paraguay? 01:17:32
8 more cosponsors to go for HR1207 today, these are going to be a tough 8 to get so we all need to help today, we are so 01:15:29
Who's going to Orlando to Ron Paul's Rally Friday? 01:06:05
Fed staves off 2nd Depression, faces threat to its independence: USA Today 8/3/09 00:58:38
North Jersey: epicenter of 'Kosher Nostra' and Mossad activity 00:35:36