Posted on August 31, 2009

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-Tube- Ron Paul : The Fed's Interesting Week 8/31 21:17:42
WSJ: What Fed-Audit Legislation Would Mean 19:00:19
Rand Paul's Clean Money Campaign 15:52:13
RJ Harris: Call to Arms 11:12:31
Ron Paul on Fox News: Kennedy Death to Push Health Care Reform 15:51:05
Grassroots press release for Kentucky Fight, Rand Paul vs. Trey 15:51:28
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Very Scary, very important, Have you seen these two short video clips.. 23:56:58
A Prophetic Song? 23:44:17
Seller, beware: Feds cracking down on secondhand sales of some products 23:12:09
Cindy Sheehan VS Treg: Peace Pacificism VS Vigilant Defense 23:10:44
Physics, Metaphysics, and the Nature of Consciousness 23:05:15
text of federal reserve act. 22:35:25
French Prepare for Mass Vaccination 21:58:51
Obama’s Indonesian teacher confirms his real name is “Barry Soetoro”, 21:41:57
President Obama and His Birth Certificate - Who Is Behind Quashing the Birth Certificate Issue? 21:09:49
Israeli Bodysnatchers 21:03:34
Kick Them All Out Project's Interesting Election Ad 20:03:41
New Podcast: "A Constitutional Coup d'etat" Tenthamendment center 19:54:30
The Corruption of Empire 19:44:51
Camp FEMA InfoWars Trailer 19:39:11
FOX IS: All Torture...All the Time! 19:38:36
Looking for video comparing the different forms of government 19:37:24
Fox Business Video on audit of the Federal Reserve | 8/31/09 19:29:03
Pastor Martin "Cougat" Niemöller Speaks Out—Finally 19:01:23
Cindy Sheehan: America needs to wake up 18:53:21
Debt Slaves! 18:38:12
*RUN JIM RUN* Former Rep. Traficant Out of Prison Wednesday AND Traficant on the Federal Reserve 18:37:08
RED ALERT! Madsen: CIA hired Blackwater to pose as journalists, & INFILTRATED 2008 Ron Paul Pres.Campaign! NOT A JOKE! 18:26:58
Six Degrees of evil connections- Fun! 18:22:46
Change we can believe in? Obama spokesman says we are fighting "war on terror". 17:52:11
Anyone watching Beck? Did you catch the name of the African American Pastor talking about eugenics? 17:51:45
I need some help deciphering some legal jargon from a DHS employee registration website 17:47:38
A Constituent Protesting No Town Hall Meetings. 17:40:48
Jake Towne on the Suppression of the Gold Price 17:38:46
Who's protesting Obama's wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan? 17:37:34
What Fed-Audit Legislation Would Mean | WSJ 8/31 17:30:38
An Excellent Game Plan- Before the last straw is pulled...Let's Try This! 17:23:59
Cospiracy vs. Science.... 17:08:39
-- Watch out! The Cybersecurity Act of 2009 is back - Here's what you should know: 17:07:42
Blackwater operative infiltrated Ron Paul campaign 16:58:34
Obama is unaware ? 16:55:20
RON PAUL's Aug 31st Message to YOU! NEW! 16:25:27
The REAL battle begins here 16:23:58
FDIC offers billions in guarantees for buyers of failed banks 16:13:20
ALERT:Grassley,Enzi,& Snowe Meeting Behind Closed Doors 16:01:59
Know the Limitations of your Rep's Power: Watch Now! 15:43:15
College kids recruited to join Obama's 'army' 15:40:20
Ron Paul speaks out on healthcare 15:23:03
Ron Paul on the Mark Levin Show 14:31:51
The Swine Flu Hoax 14:26:15
Birthday Cannon 14:24:38
All of Worlds Stocks Controlled by 10 companies! 14:21:46
Can Nancy Pelosi Censor Your Congressman? Yes! 13:58:56
Do you want free health care? 13:50:38
Another U.S. Court rules: Federal Reserve is not an agency of the Govt 13:31:33
Union Labor Head as Czar of All U.S. Industries? 13:11:54
The Pope & Nancy Pelosi - Have a laugh! 13:05:17
elected rep. office treated me with disrespect and contempt today 12:51:15
The record of the Fed. The destruction of 150 years of monetary stability. 11:31:33
Jim Sinclair's Countdown To Dollar Implosion 11:14:06
Has the Fed been granted an appeal from Bloomberg's FOIA decision yet? 11:10:46
Cybersecurity Act of 2009: President Can Take Over Internet, Access Private Data 10:48:46
Liberty candidate for MA Senate? 10:14:58
08/29/2009 Peter Schiff On Your Money The Turning Point 10:03:33
Swing high in market developing 10:00:42
Has the Federal Reserve Failed? 09:26:32
Ron Paul hit piece published in The Daily Beast 08:39:17
Texas Adult Protective Services Kidnap Elderly Couple 08:28:38
Video: Grandkids Push For Nationalizing Health Care at Teddy Kennedy's Funeral 08:24:59
Japan Speaks! We Don't Want an Obamanation!!! 08:16:02
Video: Congresswoman Shea-Porter has constituent arrested at town-hall forum 08:15:41
Kids Get $40 Gift Cards in H1N1 Vaccine Test 08:12:06
Court orders Christian child into government education 07:40:30
Japan Election Brings 'Bloodless Revolution' ??? 07:24:12
*MUST SEE*John Stossel - Insurance, Health Care, Government, and Rising Prices 05:27:45
Japan To Be Less Subservient to the US 04:13:54
Todays Reddit´s & Diggs For Freedom Lovers! 8/31 04:08:00
End the FED rallies - when will they be 03:59:58
Breaking China 03:39:22
Money by James Madison 02:49:16
Top 10 Signs You Might Not Be A Libertarian 02:38:43
Debra Medina - Texas Sovereignty or Secession Rally Speech 01:52:13
Let's churn all of congress 01:49:21
I really love it except for the Ron Paul thing... 01:40:10
Multi-state car dealer plans birth-certificate billboards 00:55:47
Need Some Inspiration? 00:46:50