Posted on August 4, 2009

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Reason TV interviews Peter Schiff - Video 17:59:56
It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society: US antidepressant use doubles 10:43:28
Japan ready to stand up to US 10:10:35
DIGG! Ron Paul E-Mail: Rand Paul Needs Your Help‏ 10:02:50
Judge Napolitano delivers BLISTERING SPEECH @ Columbus Ohio Tea Party, August 1, 2009 11:12:23
Ron Paul: Cash for Clunkers Hurts the Poor 22:49:16
Rand's Fancy Farm 2009 Speech 09:27:51
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Citizen Uprising Begins; Congress Feels Heat Back Home 23:42:06
Video!!: Barack Hussein Obama's Registration of Birth Certified from KENYA!! 23:39:09
AOL is featuring Obama joker picture story on homepage 23:34:57
Update: Obama-bot (O-bot) exposed and now identified to likely be a Senator 23:20:44
Bankrupt county in Alabama may call in national guard 23:18:41
What's up with the BC? 23:17:09
Matt Taibbi: The Big Takeover 23:05:22
Rand Paul website is updated! 22:50:20
The AP takes aim at the "dangers of smoking pot" 22:27:47
Dear President Obama 22:26:42
$100K to go into the ARMY? 22:23:06
Shipping All Our Soldiers Overseas 22:08:01
Why Won't Barney Frank Just Agree To Audit The Fed? 22:02:24
Do you support volunteer armies that swears to defend the Constitution 21:27:53
Not Good Enough For Obama Or Congress. . . But "OK" For The Rest Of Us? 20:57:12
*Attention* South Florida: Police Cover-up Rally This Thursday! 20:51:13
Alan Keyes on "Talk to Solomon" (Stan Solomon) 20:44:58
New Obama posters even scarier than Joker 20:27:50
National Security Memorandum 200: Population Control 20:11:46
Has anyone read the healthcare bill? 20:05:04
Baby DNA 19:44:43
Controlled Opposition Humor 19:10:36
BHO needs your help: calling all snitches.. 19:07:29
Chattanooga police fired 59 shots at suicidal man to subdue him; doctors count 43 bullet wounds 19:04:42
Muse "Uprising" (damn good song!) 18:22:38
Avoid Genetically Modified Foods Doctors Warn 18:18:34
Audit The FED Linked With Anti-Semitism??? 17:29:27
The Dangerous Precedent Set by Obama Being President 17:20:46
Anyone else reading Atlas Shrugged? 17:16:20
U.S. Government Stages Fake Coup To Wipe Out National Debt 17:14:03
A human being doesn't deserve to be treated like this 17:13:39
Meet the NWO Religion---The Bahai Faith 16:56:33
National Guard troops may be needed in troubled Ala. county 16:47:59
It's just about over, they are enslaving all of us 16:47:48
Context of a quote 16:38:41
The Judge Discusses Privacy/Patriot Act w/ Beck 16:11:29
Goldman Sachs urges workers to spend bonuses quietly 15:48:06
N. Korea frees journalists 15:21:19
Increase Individual Control Over Health Care 15:12:29
LA Times: Ron Paul agrees to answer Reddit users' questions 15:11:20
Birthers are nut jobs 15:02:46
Australia practicing population control, on camels. 14:48:43
When Hip Hop Republicans attack! 14:37:08
Have you noticed? Thanks Mr. Nystrom 14:35:17
NY Times: Tim "Ratboy" Geithner loses cool over resistance to Fed power-grab 14:34:32
"Thou shalt not steal, except by majority vote." 14:20:47
So, what's the deal with Clinton in Korea negotiating for the release of reporters? 14:16:42
Either The Huffington Post practices irresponsible journalism, or 14:13:18
H1N1 Indian ministry of health / tourism in India 14:07:44
I'm meeting with my Congress Critter tonight - DP suggestions please :) 14:06:53
Raising Chickens Makes the New York Times 14:03:56
Anyone seen or read any coverage of what Hilliary is doing today? In Kenya. 13:58:32
Google:Big Brother Online 13:54:48
There is HOPE for our Magnificent Planet 13:43:02
FED Laundering Money Through Failed Banks Into Stock Markets 13:34:58
Goldman boss to employees: Don't buy nothin' flashy (Video clip from Goodfellas) 13:32:11
Peter Schiff Money Bomb. The Time Is NOW. August 7th 2009 13:32:06
Videos 13:23:37
URGENT Russia Today Covers 9/11 Inside Job 13:19:43
online pharmacy drugs 13:08:12
Reuters want to know if there are any "professional economists" who support HR 1207 13:02:06
My attempt to wake up my F&F about Monsanto 12:37:01
What does Hillary's trip to the CFR tell us? 12:35:31
Bernanke's Shell Game 12:17:54
Video: Increase Individual Control in Health Care! 12:16:45
"I pledge allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America 12:12:55
A Message To Defeatists From Dr. Edwin Vieira 11:56:42
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 8/4/09 11:15:02
The Humble Libertarian: It's time to tackle PTSD in the U.S. Military 11:04:18
Bob Chapman On Gold, Silver, A Bank Holiday And The Monetary Elite 10:53:33
US Embassies told to buy local currencies 10:51:21
A New Airport Ritual, Swine Flu Screening 10:42:42
The Real Economy Versus the Make-Believe World of Wall Street and the Fed 10:42:10
Grassroots Effort To Audit Fed Gains Traction 10:05:50
Squalene: The Swine Flu Vaccine’s Dirty Little Secret Exposed 10:05:01
Afghan war unlawful, says deserter 10:04:47 /mediacover-up 09:52:59
Retake congress - Rand Paul and Peter Schiff all get some press coverage 09:48:17
Schmucks and Shills Discuss the Federal Reserve on RT w B ill M aher 09:42:58
Does anyone know what the quarantine plans are? 09:38:21
What is different about the Liberty movement? 09:35:34
DIGG pls. Peter Schiff Money Bomb Videos DIGG pls. 09:22:04
8/3/09 Adam Kokesh on Russia Today: Audit the Fed! 09:21:53
Kane and Frank at the airport 09:10:26
Roman/US Empire 09:05:21
U.S. Stock Market Gains Since March Lows Are Not As Big As They Seem 08:59:53
Federal tax revenues plummeting 08:57:44
MSNBC Propogandist Interview With Birther Orly Taitz Over Kenyan Birth Certificate 08:47:23
What if? 08:14:35
Peter Schiff Money Bomb. The Time Is NOW. August 7th 2009 **New Video** 08:13:25
This Is A Warning America! Freedom Is Coming Here! 08:07:18
U.S. Dollar Collapse Starting Next Monday? 07:21:21
Do Not Be Fooled 07:07:49
Adam Kokesh on Russia Today ~ HR1207 Audit the Federal Reserve 06:29:17
Penn & Teller: War On Drugs 06:14:01
Birthers and Truthers 06:07:16
Late night internet radio listening... (now!) 05:11:09
Student Joins the I-Owe-the-RIAA-My-Firstborn Club 04:36:01
Federal Tax Revenues Lowest Since Great Depression 02:16:42
Antidepressant use doubles in U.S. 01:53:13
Is Obama campaign cash quashing eligibility suits? FEC shows more than $1 million paid to top law firm since election 01:51:35
China's growth: A miracle or frightening urealistic numbers? 01:37:18
Very Solid Re(love)lution Music - MUSE "Uprising" 01:19:10
Lew Rockwell on Hans Hermann-Hoppe's Constitutional revisionism 01:12:25
Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories 00:59:35
Is there a website that tells who Peter Schiff is? 00:15:25
Video Lindsey Graham's nemesis' interview Tomorrow!!!! 00:12:40
Meet the fierce blonde behind Obama eligibility lawsuits. She's Much More Than a Russian Immigrant 00:06:05
If you could interview your rep what would you ask? 00:04:33
Who wants to meet Rand Paul? The Big Apple is Calling! 8/5 Kokesh & Schiff will be there too! 21:29:49