Posted on August 8, 2009

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Peter Schiff update: Money Bomb, Jobs report and The Ed Show 21:08:42
Peter Schiff now Senate fundraising leader for GOP candidates in Connecticut for 2010 - Next we have Rand Paul! 16:48:02
Video: Florida Liberty Summit with Ron Paul 8/7/09 07:10:49
Propaganda is everywhere. 04:29:54
Peter Schiff Money Bomb Friday, August 7 00:12:22
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Anyone other than myself not aware of the Declaration of Interdependence signed 1976 23:54:53
Obama makes deal with drug industry in exchange for $150 million dollars in pro-Obamacare advertising 23:24:32
What is Program Trading? Max Keiser... 23:12:06
Flag this! My answer to 22:44:23
Poll: Should Lou Dobbs stay or go? 22:14:57
What the SEIU doesn’t want you to see and What You Should. 20:57:52
You going to be at the Paul Texas BBQ Bash in Galveston? 20:52:04
US Rep. Tsongas (Massachusetts) Meeting on Obama Health Care 20:46:43
anyone a memeber of these guys? 20:45:21
The Revolution. Wonderful video. 20:37:22
Want a job putting people in camps? 20:32:48
Race-4-2012 website discusses the Schiffathon fundraising success. 20:11:28
Peter Schiff reports Money bomb, jobs report, the Ed Show VIDEO 19:21:54
Jesse Ventura To Host truTV Show 19:08:42
RightWingNews modifies the O'Donnell interview with a timer clock. 18:58:48
Can an individual demand and secure their medical records? 18:47:58
What Is This "Free Market" We Keep Hearing About? 18:44:58
MSNBC's O'Donnell Performs Worst Interview in History - 18:40:46
"I see BO is creating an enemies list who oppose this miserable HC plan" 18:29:41
Geithner Asks Congress to Increase Federal Debt Limit 18:13:13
If you disagree, don't do anything ! 17:47:45
Why North Dakota Has a $1 Billion in Reserve and No Sub-Prime and What Really Started the Revolution 17:16:24
End the Fed, Save a million or so trees, AND convert an Obama-bot?? 17:00:42
John Bolton: Israel will attack Iran by the end of 2009 16:51:02
Roy Halliday: What is the State? 16:33:06
New York Times - Children Bad For Environment 16:01:41
Any Children Visiting Daily Paul? 14:25:58
We Can't Afford Cash for Clunkers 14:25:02
"There's no religion in this world that says you shouldn't immunize your child." 14:15:36
The NWO bankers are using the US Military to extend their banking empire around the world! 13:58:44
UK Depopulation Goal Admited in Mainstream Media 13:13:43
HotAir gives Peter Schiff positve coverage. Morrissey posts awful O’Donnell interview. 12:53:24
America: Is This Your Future? 12:52:43
Help out a pro-liberty valedictorian 12:51:54
VIDEO! Cigarettes with no Federal or State Taxes!!! 12:25:29
A note to my "enemy"... 12:23:57
The Tom Joad Test 12:03:32
California refuses to accept its own IOUs 12:02:58
The real agenda behind Obamacare 10:55:30
They are going to hate me cfor this 10:42:20
Video refuting dem’s allegations that the R's are astroturfing the townhall meetings 10:34:35
National Guard asked to explain 'INTERNment' jobs (YiKES!) 10:12:32
DHS!!!WARNING!!!8/6/09 10:08:30
My wife thinks I spend too much time on the DP 09:42:08
Peter Schiff Moneybomb is STILL ON!!!! 08:58:34
Who is Marco Rubio? 08:51:59
Chalk up another convert!!! 08:39:34
Suprise, Suprise: A "cash for clunker" scam 04:52:53
Support Six Ron Paul Health Freedom Bills At One Time! 03:51:22
Peter Schiff Is About To Set A Fundraising Record In CT! 03:32:07
[TUBE]Peter Schiff On The Issues! Makes So Much Sense! 03:23:56
Will HR1207 Audit the Fed backfire on us? 02:58:59
Lancaster, PA, "Most surveilled city in nation" 02:36:33
Blessed are the peacemakers... 02:35:51
Ex-employees claim Blackwater pimped out young Iraqi girls 02:09:52
Now Entering the Ring: The Unions 01:51:02
Francisco "Cico" Rodriguez - Florida State House of Representatives Candidate 01:45:32
Just got back from the Florida Liberty Summit 01:40:58
The Presidential Candidate Who Was Packaged and Sold to America is Not the President America Received on January 20, 2009 01:26:42
Peter Schiff on national defense, Iraq War, Obama, social welfare 8/7/09 01:16:46
Pre-emptive strike against Ron Paul 01:04:24
All Audio From Mises Institute 2009 Is Online! 00:58:10
I'd like to offer a little something... 00:57:12
'Experts' Never Learn by Peter Schiff 00:32:37
How Many Here Listened To Edwin Vieira Today,On The Peter Schiff Fundraiser? 00:30:58
Peter Schiff on national defense, Iraq War, Obama, social welfare 8/7/09 00:23:49
TIME: Obamacare's Fatal Flaw. (Pleasantly surprising) 00:22:28
Alinsky's Rules for Radicals - Which Number is Obama Using on the Town Hall Attendees? 00:17:45
"Telephone town hall" 00:09:30
Okay, people...I could use a little help... 00:09:12
WOW! The HCAN (SEIU) Playbook -- Disrupting Town Hall Protesters! 00:08:51
Michelle Obama's staff salaries 00:02:18
The cloud of snow in front of the snowballs has arrived, are you ready? 00:01:05