Posted on August 9, 2009

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MSNBC's Morning Joe: Peter Schiff vs. the Fed 19:45:16
Announcing the Midwest Liberty Fest: Activism, Education and Celebration 18:59:36
Is It Now a Crime to Be Poor? (Fascism in America) 16:52:34
Wow - this video nails it: The American people, brainwashed just like this baby elephant. 01:47:35
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The Top 10 FREEDOM ISSUES and their Quickest RESOLUTION 23:51:22
Obama in His Own Words. 23:50:34
Massive D.C. March scheduled for October 23:46:48
AP to distribute Soros-funded 'journalism' 23:21:46
Obamacare: Why It Won’t Work (And Why It Is Probably Not Meant To.....) 23:13:02
Increase in unclaimed bodies bury local economies 22:59:06
Has Your Congress Person Signed the Pledge? Of Course, Ron Paul Did. 22:58:21
Are you "Man" or "Person"? 22:29:44
9.12 Candidates Interview on KGR 21:30:30
eye-opening information challenging Medical Industrial Complex 20:58:48
Philly We Are Change Confronts Congressman Patrick Murphy 20:50:22
Does the Constitution violate the Declaration of Independence? 20:31:02
Facts and figures in lively HuffPo article about Medicare drug costs 20:05:29
Economy? 19:59:14
C-SPAN Caller Blasts Media Coverage of Town Hall Protests 19:57:10
Penn and Teller on organic foods. 19:55:43
Germany's GOLD at US Fed - Video - GATA 19:28:38
UK: A request to snoop on public every 60 secs! 19:21:30
Was James Madison's justification for government flawed? 19:13:31
Forliberty Documentary Excerpt #2 Showdown in Iowa 19:03:39
Internment / Resettlement Camp Job Posting Video - National Guard 18:45:14
FOR LIBERTY documentary video excerpt #2 - Showdown In Iowa 18:40:25
A conversation with campus police about oath vs gun ban 18:21:50
The Jig is UP! - You're Wasting Your Time! 18:18:44
Obama's Health Care Bill Explained 18:01:51
My visit to congresswoman Jackie Speier's office on tape. 17:53:45
Huh?? Which (Taliban) Mehsud is now dead????? 17:48:38
How about a 911 thread? 17:40:40
Just got this e-mail from Harry & Obama 17:35:25
Meet With Your Representative 16:55:26
What is wrong with the DP 16:50:12
Petition to Protect Doctor And Patient Rights 16:37:41
The President's Health Care Advisors Speak!! 16:34:15
White House Sets Up Congressional Office Visit Opportunities! DO IT!!! 16:23:25
City Police Train For Riots 16:14:02
Michael Savage gives birthers a warning 16:12:13
Government Medicine Should Horrify Americans 16:11:56
Georgia Democrat, David Scott, yells at local doctor over health care 16:00:41
This video shows CHEMTRAILS clear as day- being sprayed over England 15:56:57
Taxes on Penn & Teller's "Bullshit!" 15:51:23
JUST SAY "NO" TO OBAMA! 15:41:51
This Sunday on Fox- Hannity is going to air a documentary about Obama 15:36:04
Alex Jones turns up the heat 15:11:29
Mark Sanford= the danger of a career politician? 15:06:16
Obama Joker posters San Antonio 15:04:13
Harris Aims For Fourth District 14:46:02
Hey! North American Union is getting closer! 14:23:44
A Biblical Defense of Anarcho-Capitalism 14:15:11
First major movement of populous into FEMA camps? 13:51:05
Stossel video effectively shows failures of government-controlled medical care 13:07:46
What Politicians Don't Understand About The Responses They Are Getting at Their Town Hall Meetings. 12:56:17
Report: Climate Change Could Warrant U.S. Military Action 12:23:40
Gerald Celente: The Greatest Depression in History 11:56:54
Google Blocks Sibel Edmonds' Blog 11:32:01
Ben Franklin writes Vattel's Law of Nations was frequently consulted. It defines natural born: US born of citizen parents 11:12:16
Deposition of Sibel Edmonds Completed 10:29:25
Vasili Arkhipov - The Man Who Saved The World 09:59:36
Be sure to watch Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch August 12th. 07:34:34
Job postings for Internment/Resettlement Specialist!!! Even listed on 06:48:38
H1N1 VIRUS spreads like hell in Thailand 06:41:25
Saudi Prince Bandar [Bush] bin Sultan attempts COUP, and FAILs! 05:47:05
Poll: Do you approve of the job President Barack Obama is doing? 05:30:07
Goldman Bounce Has Critics Rattled - The Times 05:24:50
Obama snitch program put on notice 04:46:42
ENVIRONMENTAL POLICE in New York... 03:42:13
Peter Talking About Moneybomb!!!!Said It Was Succesfull!!! 03:42:06
What is the difference between a Land Patent and an Allodial Title? 03:23:38
UK national ID card cloned in 12 minutes 02:22:14
Rand on coast to coast 02:07:14
For what it is worth 01:53:06
Motorhome Diaries Comes To Milwaukee 00:02:10