Posted on September 1, 2009

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Helping others: Please toot your own horn! 21:07:03
Don't Punish Fed With Audit (What?) 15:38:20
Ron Paul campaign lives on in Senate races 15:24:07
Video Response: Why We Don't Need Socialized Medicine 13:43:21
Amicus Brief Filed on Behalf of Ron Paul and all of us 12:17:06
One of the best articles I've read on Adam Kokesh. 11:22:02
Ron Paul: The Fed's Interesting Week 09:36:59
John Kerry Town Hall Meeting, Wed., Sept. 2 22:01:21
Contact Barney Frank & Tell Him We're Not Interested in Compromise on HR 1207 10:18:54
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French Mandatory Injections to Begin Sept 28th? 23:52:01
FL Quarantine Orders 23:46:27
How to fix the health care system (clip from Processed People) 23:43:24
Coincidence?...I think not 23:25:27
Swine Flu Fraud - Just makin' bacon... 1976 all over again 23:15:58
Flu Vaccine Song Going Viral 23:11:06
Codex Alimantarius at hand ! 23:07:36
HELP need high res March and Rally photos 23:03:05
District 10 CA election results - twitter - Gary Clift 23:01:07
Cindy Sheehan:"Obama is a war criminal" 22:43:59
Since we are on the topic of cool lyrics, this one was always one of my favorites 22:43:43
THE OBAMA FILE - An Historical Archive 22:24:31
rhino: plunge protection team 22:17:55
Florida and Iowa Quarantine Documents 22:16:13
The fed is now the least of our problems 22:10:38
National "Stop Indoctrinating our Children" Day - Sept. 8, 2009 22:07:54
Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us 22:04:22
Ask the following questions and demand answers - Never Stop! 21:29:04
US nurses union wins legal action against forced vaccinations 21:28:53
Fed is REMOVING money from the system! Seriously! 21:12:17
Quarantine Detention CDC Documents Found 21:08:27
NWO CHAOS! Chip inside the Vaccine!!!! Spread this video! 21:07:31
Obama: H1N1 Vaccine Voluntary, but “Strongly Recommended” 20:59:42
Glenn Beck’s 9/12 Project; Selling the False Left/Right Paradigm 20:54:07
Perry911: Rember the USS Liberty 20:43:11
Republic Broadcasting Network - Cutting Through The Matrix Live with Alan Watt 20:33:50
Preparing for Iran: US Trains Oil-Rich Arab F-16 Pilots 20:28:20
Jerome Daly: The Man Who Humbled the Federal Reserve 20:01:10
Government owned car companies enter into joint venture 19:44:54
The Power of Obama's Icon.... 19:38:39
Live Audio Coverage of a Congressional Townhall & the Tea Party Express on 9.5.2009 19:27:08
The Four Myth Perceptions of the Apocalypse 19:08:10
Trying to think outside the box here 19:06:29
What would you ask Kerry? 18:52:30
18 specific powers given to Congress: Pass it on ASAP! 18:46:03
Video: Lawmaker runs red light crashes into bicyclist 18:32:09
Tips for boosting your immune system through natural supplements? 18:28:56
George Will & Ron Paul 18:11:43
Healthcare, pre existing conditions or bring back the settlements. 18:02:29
Universal "Premium" Healthcare System 17:59:53
President of Zimbabwe Open Letter to The FED & Barack Obama 17:58:59
Perry911: Dancing Zionist liars on 911 17:57:31
The VIX 17:43:46
What to do - in case You had to get the flu shot 17:38:31
good article. new bull, new bubble, new meltdown 17:31:28
Cyberterrorism is using the internet to attempt to change public perception or opinion 17:16:28
Minn police RNC tactics questioned. Wait till you see the video they claim sparked it all. 17:10:15
Healthcare Question 16:57:07
Monday's Texas Straight Talk phone message 16:56:52
Pastor Manning talks to Larry Sinclair 16:55:59
Adam Kokesh Opponent, Lujan Taking Heat on Yahoo 16:53:07
Ohio gets $1.3 billion, you get sold down the river 16:15:50
CA district 10 election today - Gary Clift 15:55:45
Will re-education begin Sept. 8 in public schools? 15:49:14
Interviewing Ron Paul: 15:48:00
CA District 10 SPECIAL ELECTION - VOTE TODAY SEPTEMBER 1 - Gary Clift for Congress 15:27:32
George Will: Time to Get Out of Afghanistan 15:21:27
Sen. Reid Threatens Newspaper with economic punishment 15:09:46
Big Brother "Loves" Our Children(Elmo joins H1N1 flu fight) 15:02:24
Nobody thought this would happen, since he didn't bother to set foot in 14:58:17
side effects of statin drugs compared 14:56:59
Half of all pregnant women will refuse swine flu jab poll reveals 14:08:06
"Swine Flu Gonna Get Ya" 14:02:13
China Invokes A “Stop Loss” On OTC Derivatives 13:42:36
Converging Technologies: The Future of the Global Information Society 13:16:42
DOW Close 9/01/09 9,310.60 down -185.68 -1.96% 13:06:34
Defeat the Debt commercial- Pledge of Allegiance 12:55:49
Some Swine Flu Vaccine Math 12:41:38
MSN Article on the 2012 revolution! 12:38:02
Don't look now.... but the market is falling! 12:16:33
RP warns against Swine Flu hysteria 12:11:19
***Awesome Activist Idea*** 12:00:05
Luke Korkowski Freedom Candidate for Colorado Senate! Please spread the word! 11:52:12
U.S Federal Reserve Must Die 11:48:33
Deflation is good for the freedom movement. 11:21:03
Donate $2,300 to respond to the 23 Senators on September 23 11:14:02
END THE FED & Jim Traficant... 10:33:45
The Threat of Globalism - 1999 10:27:43
Alex Jones Tv:The Globalist Final Push to End America!! 10:25:10
Scientific Proof of Treason on 9/11 Delivered to Congress 10:21:45
Confronting Ted Kennedy on Dodging Estate Taxes 10:21:37
Paul’s son ready to shine on his own 10:21:13
Dana Goldstein's new hit piece: Revenge of Ron Paul's Army 10:18:33
Mother Watched Son Tasered To Death 10:16:38
Russian Professor: Collapse Of America Could Begin In Two Months 10:06:04
A New Architecture Of Global Governence 09:56:26
Is gold getting ready to launch ? 09:50:05
Dean Ornish at HuffPo, criticizing Ron Paul 09:41:49
GM to form China venture, invest $293 million 09:24:11
When will this country stop Senator Chris Dodd ? 08:59:36
-Tube- Ron Paul : Time to Audit the Fed! 8/31 08:54:37
Obama's 17 Year Plan 08:47:04
Rand Paul will not accept donations from Senators who voted for bailout 08:44:08
Jesse Ventura 08:26:40
Blackwater operative infiltrated Ron Paul and Mike Gravel presidential campaigns 08:07:31
HR 1207 Phone/Email/Fax Bomb 9/1 07:37:57
CIA Blackwater Op Infiltrated Ron Paul Campaign 07:37:21
George Will: Time to get out of Afghanistan 06:56:38
Did Hitler Want War? (Pat Buchanan) 06:54:13
Opportunity Not Crisis - Hilary Clinton quotes Rahm Emmanuel 02:46:50
Was Ron Paul Right? 01:44:24
Pastor Anderson's Church now a Hate Group 01:27:17
Who is this man? 01:04:37
Cows, The Constitution, and the Ten Commandments 00:52:43
U.S. military terminates contract with company that it hired to manipulate news cycle. 00:41:05
Let's burn up Barney Frank's fax machine, phones and email, telling him we will not compromise! 00:28:02