Posted on September 11, 2009

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Rasmussen Poll: Dodd 42%, Schiff 40% 22:11:36
How does free market capitalism deal with corporate pollution? 21:47:41
John Rubino Interviews James Quinn: It All Started With Ron Paul 08:31:03
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 9/11/09 11:17:14
Rand Paul: A grassroots mission for DP...RADIO INTERVIEWS 10:03:26
Galveston Daily Paul & the Klan Wrong on the Fed - Could use help 08:55:28
[TUBE] Audit The Fed - Call Your Senator Now & Spread the Word! 08:31:02
Ron Paul: Making America Safer Since 9/11/2001 03:20:44
End the Fed Book Bomb! Update: #1 in Amazon's Nonfiction / Economics Section 21:06:58
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Max Keiser interviews Rob Kirby 9/11/09-Topic: Gold Markets 23:30:12
Arizona driver dons monkey masks to elude tickets 23:26:58
Powerful testimony from Iraqi American: "They are MUCH worse off now than before we invaded." 23:19:49
Three bank failures: $8B total assets 23:16:54
Top Ten Reasons for a New 9/11 Investigation 23:05:46
Popular Mechanics "debunks" the swine flu 23:01:53
Just In: 3000 More Troops to Afghanistan 22:57:00
A Guide to 9/11... Do you believe in coincidences? 22:54:56
Is this the new tactic to disrupt/cancel tea parties? 22:15:49
Alex Jones punked us with his hoax! We were made fools. 21:53:42
When I'm 64 (The Obamacare Song) 21:43:31
Follow The Oil 21:05:47
Profitable Government??? 21:05:43
Regulators seize construction lender Corus Bank 20:45:38
BJ Lawson and Susan Witt on Local Currencies 4/10/09 20:27:52
Analysis: 'You lie!' further erodes discourse 20:11:35
Insiders sell like there's no tomorrow 19:44:40
Real Estate - The 800,000 Pound Deflationary Gorilla 19:39:30
Best Ron Paul Videos? 19:19:55
C4L March TOMORROW!!! 18:51:38
Notice that violence consistently comes from the Statists who can't tolerate free speech or other acts of free choice? 18:49:49
9/11 victims families message to Obama, NYC, & the World 18:46:43
Bankruptcy Laws 18:45:50
What Would Be Your Last Words Before Execution? 18:37:02
US Census Bureau Just Cut Ties With Acorn 18:20:58
Census Bureau severing ties with Acorn! 18:19:00
8 Years Later Still Searching for Truth... 18:15:46
Insiders sell like there's no tomorrow 18:07:58
Joe Wilson Money Bomb? 17:59:08
Is it just me.... 17:57:57
A black, female, libertarian intellectual on Barack Obama 17:44:20
Health care talks focus on illegal immigrants 17:43:26
Brasscheck TV: 9/11 Made Simple 17:37:43 reporter spots US Army patrolling Grand Central Station in NYC' 17:27:02
Beck crying again... 17:13:08
Glenn beck is crying again 5:10 est 17:12:18
Will the Anti-War Spirit of Our Ranks Rise Up? 9/12, A Call to Action 16:45:26
video: Charlie Sheen on Alex Jones Prison Planet Infowars TV 09 11 09 16:39:42
GOP 'cranks' dominating debate 16:38:07
Why more laws all the time? 15:48:13
A 9-11 reflection 15:46:52
Priceless: How The Federal Reserve Bought the Economics Profession 15:38:58
Just Donated to Peter Schiff for Senate 2010 and.......... 15:30:55
The Spider's Egg ~a must read 9/11 article!! 15:30:33
Obama Issues 10 More Ethics Waivers To Hire Lobbyists 15:14:53
EU MP: U.S. Government Lied About 9/11 15:12:15
On 9/11 all Americans should reflect and ask WHY??? 14:46:07
The Terrorists have won 14:44:22
Video: Peter Schiff Will Make His Intentions to Run Known Sept 17th on Morning Joe 14:25:04
Extreme Chemtrail Spraying Taking Place Over California.. Happy 9/11 14:06:28
LMAO 13:49:10
"Hate America, Count me out" by Chuck Baldwin 13:41:47
Gosh, the statists are so much fun to play with 13:41:03
Hey Obama- 13:37:45
Will the taxpayer make any money from the bailouts? 12:56:00
conspiracy theories are alive & well 12:54:47
A New 9/11 Investigation in New York City? 12:45:42
Dr. Van de Meer predicts monetary collapse… 12:42:51
What just happened in DC this morning? Coast guard 'training exercise'? On 9/11? 12:40:53
The DP Helped Me Open Up To Ask Questions and Seek 911 Truth 12:18:46
Fairy tales and the truth 12:15:49
Greenspan: Gold Rally Signals Move Away From Paper Currencies (Duh) 12:06:43
911 Flight 93 Rare Footage from Shanksville, PA 11:58:25
Looks like Beck actually is... 11:54:12
Evidence shows US Govt unable to protect the usa 11:41:01
Jake Towne's Veterans Plank 11:05:45
Great Video on critizing Healthcare Bill, Cap & Trade, & Govt Control 10:57:03
Bush's 3rd term Extends 9/11 National Emergency 10:56:33
Generals Speak Out Against Cheney 10:53:35
End hostile interventionist foreign policy today 9-11 10:38:06
Total Onslaught 10:35:35
Death Chip at the Tip of the Needle? 10:14:12
Document from the Oklahoma State Department of Health reveals plans to enforce “mandatory isolation or quarantine orders." 10:09:57
Dems respond to Wilson's criticisms by changing the bill. 09:56:07
Who are we going to call for the daily phone/fax/email S604/HR1207 today? 09:41:46
Gold hits $1,013 this morning. 09:30:25
The president's speech was the policy equivalent of the middle finger 09:28:45
The Contents of the H1N1 Vaccine...Are You Ready for This? 09:16:03
Rats and ships - How does that go again? 08:58:08
9/11: Our Truth, and Theirs 08:38:35
Massive anti-tax protest to hit Washington US Mainstream fails to report 08:30:32
[REDDIT]Peter Schiff Will Make Announcement On Morning Joe On Sept 17T 08:29:12
Is anyone flying their flags at half mast today? 08:23:07
Rep. Wilson (R-SC) could be courtmartialed for calling Obama a liar 08:01:31
Banks Ease Burden Of Credit Card Debt by Modifying Balances 07:39:56
Breaking News!!! Peter Schiff will Announce on Sep 17th on Morning Joe 07:01:13
Breaking News!!! Peter Schiff will Announce on Sep 17th on Morning Joe 07:00:59
ACORN fires 2 after hidden-camera footage aired 06:55:12
Ticker Guy just mentioned Credit risk at the Fed 06:39:11
ALIPAC warns about 9/12 DC march 05:57:41
Dollar continues to fall 05:48:09
Japan's Ron Paul, Fujita-san - on Internet Radio - 9/11 - 9 am central 04:56:36
Why didn't I think of this? 04:08:49
BBC 'Aftershock' Promo - Economic Collapse/New World Order 03:40:40
ALIPAC on Obama's lie about healthcare for illegal aliens 03:38:07
The Deep State does not respond to FOIA requests 03:03:13
My reply in another thread on what else? 9/11 of course. 02:26:56
"Congress will consider legislation to shield our borders from space invasion" 02:17:54
*VIDEO* JIM TRAFICANT On Record With Greta From Tonight - Speaks about Aid to Israel and Releasing Non Violent Offenders 01:42:01
Ron Paul Statement on Expulsion of Congressman Jim Traficant (2002) 01:30:55
Guess what my Bio professor encouraged his pupils to inject into their veins? 01:12:16
We Remember... 01:00:55
Pictures of dying marine brings war home to America 00:18:19
The Coming Consequences of Banking Fraud 00:12:06
A Picture the Government does not want you to see! 00:11:06