Posted on September 14, 2009

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Dr. Paul Discusses U.S. Foreign Policy in Afghanistan (09-14-09) 21:44:50
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb! 9/14/09 11:10:11
1948 Cartoon: Make Mine Freedom! How soon we forget! 10:39:59
Ron Paul Gets Credit for the March 11:16:06
CNN Video: Ron Paul "The Answer Is End The FED!" 9/14/09 22:21:37
Swine Flu Shots to Start in Three Weeks as U.S. Cases Spread -- Bloomberg 01:33:56
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Judge Napolitano on Obama's Plan to Give Unlimited power to the Federal Reserve 23:41:34
National Defense or "police-the-world" program? 23:33:11
Dr. Paul on Beck Cancelled 9/15/09 23:26:37
Continental Congress 2009 Money Bomb! 9/17 *PLEDGE YOUR HELP* 23:23:03
The first DAILY Freedom Watch show 23:05:52
Here's How to Bring Real CHANGE to DC. 23:01:45
Oppose The New Homeland Security Bureaucracy! 22:41:35
Boston launches flu shot tracking bracelet 22:39:57
Campaign For Liberty's John Tate at the 9/12 Taxpayers March on DC (2m35sec) 22:35:56
Spermicide, Cleaners, and Cosmetics along with Thimerosal and Squalene Found in Experimental H1N1 Vaccine 22:22:13
Jim Traficant for Congress in 2010, he is funny as Hell! 22:14:53
Beck on Greta van susteren just now: Ignores Ron Paul 22:12:35
Trey Grayson vs Rand Paul Comparison Page. 22:08:14
Any of you Guys do Elliot Wave Analysis 22:02:17
Huffington Post's Extensive coverage of the Acorn Scandal! 22:00:09
James Traficant needs to be returned to congress 21:59:50
The Fly Story— doing it differently by Price Pritchett Ph.D. 21:27:45
The ultimate MSM September 12, 2009 DC march hit-piece 21:20:50
My favorite Democrat James Traficant - Farm Animals 21:12:13
My Favorite Democrat James Traficant - More Jobs 21:06:42
Check it out! Here is the list of Senators that voted today, to Defund Acorn! 21:02:33
Democratic Party Invitation--President Obama at Health Reform Rally, College Park, MD this Thursday 21:01:49
BREAKING NEWS: Senate votes to defund ACORN 21:01:21
Russia loses top secret documents in fire at military base 20:59:45
How soon till they can make real gold with this device more cheaply than mined? 20:54:35
WOLVERINES!!!!!!! RIP Patrick Swayze 20:52:02
FOX Interviews "Acorn Pimp" In "Pimp" Costume 20:09:05
2 GOP-Appointed Judges Shame America 19:47:35
Tuesday: Rocket set to make mother of all chemtrails 19:45:52
DC March will air again on CSPAN again tonight at 8 pm EST 19:28:25
Medical Cannibus 19:28:13
Looks like BoA is in deep trouble 19:01:54
Ron Paul : Healthcare Reform is More Corporate Welfare 19:00:09
obama to head u.n. security council 18:48:12
Please Support H.R. 2835: Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act 18:43:31
Ex-Intel officer discloses US plans for Pakistan 18:36:57
Angry Timid Citizens Have Joined Us: The truth about the recent 9/12 Tea Party Rally: All Squawkers 18:32:21
Rhino: The Five Stages Of Keynesian Death 18:21:37
Catherine Austin Fitts On Rense Tonight 9/14/09 10 P.M. EDT 18:11:20
Police Booting ACORN from 9/12 DC rally 18:06:22
Underreporting of DC march numbers 18:00:16
Is Glen Beck Retarded? Calling For an Acorn Investigation WTF??? 17:58:54
Critics Rage as State Prepares for Flu Pandemic 17:55:39
"Do You Know What's In a Vaccine?" easy to print one-page flier handout! 17:48:40
'I Expect a Currency Crisis or Semi-Crisis': Jim Rogers 17:40:56
Email from my University President on the H1N1 Flu 'Epidemic' 17:26:49
Whats the next move.?? 17:02:56
Next Shoe to Drop: Commercial Real Estate Credit 16:59:02
Doctor Says Flu Vaccine Will Cause 60,000 Deaths In France 16:48:19
Why isn't "Current Events" in Quick links? 16:26:01
NASAtrails :-) 16:25:10
An Email Response from Michael Bennet of Colorado to me, On where he stand on the PASS ACT! 16:24:29
9/11 Family Member Manny Badillo schools France 24 News 16:16:15
New! Just in! Department of Defense and HomeLand Security announced today! 16:14:37
The News We've Been Waiting For: Florida Legislature To Consider State Sovereignty! 16:11:10
The modern day Ant and the Grasshopper story based on Government intervention. 16:08:45
Judge Nap today at 4:30 PM Eastern - Don't Forget 16:07:19
9-16-09 Lawsuit Challenging Hillary Clinton's Constitutional Eligibility for Secretary of State 15:48:43
Palestine's Peaceful Struggle 14:55:01
Johanns' Amendment Blocks Federal Funding Of ACORN 14:51:59
Sen. Demint (R-SC) speaks to thousand of patriots at Tea Party rally in Washington, D.C., 09/12/09. 14:37:08
Is This Hell? -or- Revolution! by Doreen Dotan 4 videos 14:19:41
Kanye Interrupts Obama: The Mashup 14:12:19
Crises on Tap: California's water reckoning . . . Curb growth? 14:12:10
Compare 2 Photos: Post DC March vs. Post Inauguration 14:08:37
Mello Yellow Gold 14:07:26
[TUBE]Campaign For Liberty's John Tate at the 9/12 Taxpayers March on DC 14:06:06
Patriot in Sutherlin, Oregon 14:00:55
Tea Partyers Drown Out CNN Reporter During Live Report 13:59:40
My Congressman John Spratt on HR1207 13:33:45
What to believe. Fear Monger that tells half truths or Patriot. 13:31:13
How the media discredits populist movements by misreporting the numbers 13:16:37
Internation Monetary Fund (IMF) and Special Drawing Rights (SDR) 13:10:00
R.I.P. Zimbabwe Dollar 12:47:07
Health Revolution Petition Needs More Signatures! 12:42:56
Half Naked, Gun-Toting Female Libertarian Teenagers 12:35:02
Can Anyone Interpret This? 12:19:19
Great Song 12:16:06
How much longer in Afghanistan? 12:14:04
Go APE over 9/11!!! 12:03:58
"Reports continue to come in of federal raids of medical marijuana 12:01:17
NPR - Fails to mention our man 11:54:09
Cars, Checkpoints And Vaccinations 11:46:35
Police Train To Forcibly Draw Blood From Drunk Driving Suspects 11:38:18
Afghanistan and Obama's Delusions 11:35:14
Bob Corker (R-TN) Constituent Response to S604 11:24:50
No More Marches on DC 11:19:19
Venezuela to Develop Nuclear Energy With Russian Help 11:08:04
Apparently Obesity Epidemic is Key to Government Health Care Reform 10:52:26
09/11/2009 - Ernest Hancock Speech @ Prescott Arizona Tea Party 10:49:43
Pelosi Fraud on Obama Eligibility - Secretary of State Agrees to Investigate! WOW - now there is FIRE! 10:12:57
Ron Paul on CNN 9/14/09 09:52:24
rabbit holes 09:42:51
9/11: Our Truth, and Theirs ( w/ Fox News feature) 08:57:29
Bin Laden calls Obama "powerless" in Afghan War 08:56:58
Leo Church: Imprisoned for putting family first 08:50:47
Ron Paul Question asked at RNC Debate - 1/5/2009 08:45:05
Banks Ease Burden of Credit Card Debt-How to Get Banks to Settle Debts 08:40:49
Kevin Evensen on Government and Law Enforcement Plans for Mandatory Inoculation 08:28:43
'I Expect a Currency Crisis or Semi-Crisis': Jim Rogers 07:55:15
Another ACORN scandal; This time in Brooklyn; When will the MSM pay attention? 07:03:32
United Nations Proposes New "Global Currency" 06:34:23
Did Osama bin Laden die on 13Dec2001? 06:33:10
I'll be back in a month 06:14:39
For Eggheads Only 05:58:20
An email w/ idea 05:45:53
Obama: "the reluctant shareholder" 04:26:49
"Obama to urge financial overhaul " BBC News 04:17:42
New Chairman of U.N. Security Council: BHO! 04:05:54
Drug dealer A takes drug distributor A to court for a reconciliation of 03:07:09
Vanity Fair exposes the bail-out givaway. 02:43:07
NH Secretary of State to Investigate Obama's Eligibility 01:34:43
Something about that Red dot Blue dot guy... 01:33:22
Dear Teabag Movement 01:25:00