Posted on September 16, 2009

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Review of End the Fed in Bloomberg 23:03:38
Peter Schiff on RT: Americans Must Prepare 20:49:50
Reuters: W.H.O. warning that there will be many reports of death after taking swine flu vaccine 16:53:11
Which Founder Are You? 20:49:51
Rand Paul C-SPAN 09/16/09 14:49:51
WSJ Ron Paul Q&A: Audit the Fed Then End It 12:46:19
WE DID IT! HR 1207 now has the 290 for the 2/3 majority! - END THE FED + 290 on the same day! 09:27:26
Video: Alan Grayson (D) FL Announces Hearings on Ron Paul's HR 1207 Bill to Audit the Fed! 08:00:08
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Obama Theorem 23:53:18
Cancer really sucks! 23:49:28
China may ban export of gold, silver 23:47:44
Fusion Centers to get military intelligence information! 23:28:45
Someone on the DailyPaul 22:59:39
My wife works in the medical field, and health care workers are getting a different vaccine than the public is getting 22:48:10
►Immunizations: Boston Public Health Commission: "Each of them will get a bracelet" 22:47:33
The difference between Rand Paul and Trey Grayson. 22:45:15
Got $30 to have a little liberty fun? 22:33:00
►Unmanned Systems Expo 2008 - Buy Killer Drones Today! 22:20:10
It Was the S.O.B. Paulson 22:17:26
Bio-Tyranny Preparation Hearings in Arizona Thursday 2pm State Capitol 22:10:38
Deleted 22:10:10
Happy Anniversary to the US Constitution!! 22:09:26
College Station, Texas, is Now a Dictatorship 22:07:26
Jake Towne's Bailout and Corporatism Plank 22:02:48
What Would The U.S. Look Like During A Collapse? 21:57:27
Traditional medicine can cure swine flu: Chinese state media 21:55:00
The modern day Ant and the Grasshopper! 21:35:35
The Constitution Society's Jon Ronald to Run for U.S. Senate in TX Special Election? 21:33:25
Greg Evansen LIVE - NOW! 21:31:47
US Spec Ops operates psywar websites targeted at UK 21:11:56
ABC's John Stossel Destroys/Pulverizes/Crushes Obama's anti-American 'Health Care' Plan 20:56:55
Tom Alciere for U.S. Senator (New Hampshire) 20:47:54
Video - Congressman Grayson announces HR 1207 hearing on the House Floor 20:35:56
URGENT MESSAGE! Make this viral! It's now life or death! 20:10:30
Formula One "Conspiracy Theory" Confirmed 19:58:46
WWE CEO Linda McMahon enters Senate race for Dodd's seat 19:53:18
CBS News: Obama will hike personal income taxes by about 15 percent. 19:42:58
Representative Cleaver "I'll yield to anyone on the planet!!" 19:35:28
Mossad Nicknamed Flu 666 and Scientists Were Killed 19:35:11
cnn - china flu vaccines set for mass inoculations 19:12:30
Linda McMahon is running for Senate in CT (confirmed) 19:07:14
Veggie Trader-What a good idea. 18:57:39
Analysis: Dems eye yes-no vote on health care 18:55:45
Values Voters Summit: Potential candidates include Ron Paul 18:55:37
OMG! The Government thinks a HIGH-DEDUCTIBLE plan costs $814 a month?? 18:54:07
How Do We Watch Freedom Watch - Any Link? 18:44:30
Anarchy is not the answer. - UPDATED 18:39:06
Secured Party Creditor .. Look at this site !! 18:37:18
Make Your Voice Heard to the SEC! 18:32:12
Three "suicides" occur in one week to well-connected money men... 18:20:42
A letter I sent about Carter's RACIST remark 18:17:30
Mutiny? 18:11:18
A Secretary in the US becomes Royalty in Ghana 18:06:30
ACORN plans independent investigation ‘Pimp’ video prompts examination of controversial advocacy group 17:39:49
Rockefeller Chief McDonald Dies in Apparent Suicide 17:13:50
White House Mapping Internet Users’ Data For Mass Archives 17:11:58
federal reserve bank 16:53:35
The Titanic sank in 1912, the Federal Reserve was created in 1913 - Any connection, Watch this! 16:48:04
***Breaking*** Patriots: Time for a Major Push on Usurper's Citizenship Issue by Devvy 16:45:41
Ebay Are you kidding me? 16:23:16
Consitutional Showdown 16:13:09
You might be a redneck if 15:31:36
The CIA's Vietnam Histories 15:22:07
A Transcript of Bin Laden's New Message 15:18:11
LOL! Glenn Beck Endorses Muse; Muse Rejects Endorsement! 15:08:00
Jon Stewart to media on ACORN: “Where the hell were you?” 15:00:49
Thousands Of Rusting Ship Hulls Are A Fitting Tribute To The Speculative Market Bubble 14:50:16
HUGE problem for the 9/11 Truth Movement 14:15:15
Glenn Beck Coverage Of DC Tea Party Was Disgusting 13:54:17
My Letter to Congressman Kanjorski Re HR1207 14:01:56
CACTUS - do you have a current dem list of shame? 13:58:27
The Dome at the Heart of America 13:55:07
Blood on the Tracks~ Terror & Tyranny /Somalia 13:40:00
Corrupt Dem. Lawmaker Behind Wilson Rebuke 13:37:37
Michael Pento ? 13:22:46
I thought the Iraq War was over! 13:20:29
HEART ACT-Has this been discussed here before? 13:19:35
Military to share intel with Fusion Centers! 13:12:47
Peter Schiff on Russia Today 09/16/09 13:12:37
New details on Obama's CIA front employer 13:10:11
290 HR 1207 Will Not Pass If We Do Not Triple Our Efforts Now! This Is Not A Done Deal Yet... 13:10:09
Obama Urged to Ready Iran Military Strike 13:09:57
Wake up to the smells of Coffee 12:54:34
Are you against any government program? 12:53:37
Harvest topic: Best tip for peaches EVER! 12:47:29
Is the Catholic Church the richest organization in the world? 12:37:39
Does Obama's tariffs on China tires show balls? Is it a good thing? 12:37:29
Russia Today: Cold war is back? 12:30:51
MSM training public to pay no attention to deaths due to H1N1 vaccine 12:26:23
US Increasing Force Size in Iraq by Adding Contractors 12:22:46
YAL - look what they did! 12:19:28
China Hired for Homeland Defense 12:21:22
Anyone using Europac and results? 12:13:22
Latest Commentary on HR1207 12:05:43
Peter Schiff: Americans must prepare for deepening unemployment, inflation and possible breadlines 11:58:50
Is this real? Nancy Pelosi had 2 offical certifications? 11:35:51
Rand Paul in DC Today - On Morning Joe Tomorrow (9/17), 7:15 am 11:33:54
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb!!! 9/16/09 11:15:15
WWE's McMahon's wife announces CT Senate run 11:14:00
Obama Collecting Web Users' Data 11:13:29
Carter Calls For Witch Hunt at Tea Parties. 11:05:09
For those who love their pets 10:43:35
CPI and the Keynesian Myth: Inflation 10:36:57
Rand Paul was on CSPAN this morning 10:26:20
*The Health Care Deceit* by Paul Craig Roberts 09:59:04
Senator Rockefeller is worried Senate Health Care Bill will increase taxes on middle class? 09:44:06
Gold is testing the nominal record high - It's still dirt cheap!!! 09:39:55
Healthcare Workers: Have you seen this? 09:36:56
45% Of Doctors Would Consider Quitting If Congress Passes Health Care Overhaul 09:33:55
Military to share classified intel with state and local fusion centers 09:27:41
Shocking (wink, wink)! Obama supports extending Patriot Act 09:27:13
Interventionism, Empire, and the Taliban 09:18:00
Chuck Baldwin: The Continuing Push for Globalism 09:13:16
HELP? with 289 CO-sponsors do we now have the 290? 08:38:47
DOW was 9605 on 9-11-01 and 9-11-09 08:21:24
Rand Paul will be on C-SPAN Washington Journal this morning 9/16 08:10:33
The Power of Branding 08:09:37
US Navy & Nasa Begin Dust Cloud Experiments 08:06:32
Future of MIAC remains up in air after report 07:44:33
Wall Street Journal Quotes Ron Paul in Article on Price of Gold 06:59:13
JPMorgan Chase Asked to Stop Funding ACORN 06:51:39
Feds to seize land 06:39:41
Opinion: Should it be illegal to use gold or silver for anything other than coinage????? 06:09:28
Road Blocks... forced swine flu vaccinations... 05:22:27
Proof You Funded Your Loan and Not the Bank 03:08:14
Dr. Ron Paul on the death penalty? 02:58:28
Metal markets / gold thread: gold hit $1,226.00; silver $19.47 02:09:57
Central planners picking winners and losers - again. 02:08:13
Anyone watching Gold Right now? 02:06:04
End the Fed= A must-read for every American who can spell his name 01:49:40
UCC1 can End the Fed... Update 01:17:44
"The Government Can" comedy video - you guy's will love this! 00:24:35
I am drunk, and so sad about the state of our country.... 00:21:59
Volunteer Bomb and Challenge! 00:14:33
Michael Moore's SICKO. Link to free full length video 00:14:27