Posted on September 17, 2009

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Time Mag Coverstory: Is Glenn Beck Bad for America? 16:18:17
Ron Paul and Sarah Palin: The Ross Perot moment 14:23:04
Expand the House of Reps to at least 932, or perhaps as many as 1,761 12:44:28
The Winnable RJ Harris Candidacy 11:41:27
The Money Monopoly: How the Federal Reserve rips you off By Ron Paul 06:43:57
Happy Constitution Day! The 222nd Anniversary 10:26:22
Stephen Colbert on Corporate Personhood 08:50:26
Ron Paul "Morning Joe" MSNBC 09/15/09 08:46:18
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Running Against Feingold In Wisconsin 23:51:57
4 Major Developments All Gold Investors Should Watch 23:27:21
Involuntary Servitude: I bet you had no idea. 23:26:12
What did Michael Moore say? 23:20:32
Why third party voting makes sense 23:19:42
Swine Flu Song Video Really Funny 23:11:31
History of you dare? 22:55:32
Who stands the best chance in a duel with Sen. Dodd? 22:54:22
Beck gave props to Ron Paul on foreign policy today 22:52:17
Senators Deny Insurance Company Money Sways Them 22:43:20
Ron Paul and Sarah Palin: The Ross Perot moment 22:39:57
Car gets 240 miles per gallon 22:38:51
Anyone one have audio from Glenn Beck's last 15 minutes of today's radio show? 22:25:42
"End The Fed" Book Airing on CSPAN2 This Weekend 22:19:14
Iran is toast I think 22:06:58
Hey Devon, How do you think a NA's for RP would go over? 21:35:17
1 in every 357 homes in Foreclosure 21:28:51
Bend Over America 21:27:05
Obama Tries Ditching ACORN 21:25:23
Beware the new wave of propaganda 21:22:38
Maxine Waters Under Investigation 21:20:10
I will be opening my home in CT for Schiff supporters 21:00:52
Voting-n-Lobbying Costs vs. the Cost of Self-Rule 20:50:40
Dr. Paul Live Stream C4L Conference 20:33:21
Jim Traficant to Host Trivisonno Show Friday 9/25 20:27:19
Video, Bank of America pulls flags of fallen HERO, CPL Chris Fowlkes 20:09:50
Fed. Res.: We are $2T richer in 2nd quarter! 19:56:16
Make your own swine flu shot (FUNNY!) 19:36:44
Northeast Conference Freedom Celebration Live Feed 19:29:46
Are Foreign Purchases of U.S. Treasury Bonds Being Faked? 19:27:38
We need MORE debt 19:22:20
Thought exercise. - UPDATED 19:05:23
VIDEO Bank of America says removal of flags for fallen Marine a “misunderstanding” 18:44:32
Devvy Hits A Grand Slam! Read: Line of Succession if Obama/Soetoro Removed from Office 18:25:17
Homeland Security spends $31 million on 2 remote border stations 17:57:45
I am so happy I could just cry.... 17:45:09
Daily Paul Traffic UP 26% 3 Month Period 17:29:02
Glenn Beck 17:28:48
Speaker Pelosi gets misty eyed and fears violence in this new political climate and its all your fault 17:28:48
Glenn Beck's REFOUNDERS... 17:18:03
How about we buy some Body Bags. Good Idea. 17:09:03
Ron Paul- End the Fed book signing at Valley Forge 17:03:51
People who predicted the Holocaust were ridiculed and considered "conspiracy theorists" 16:59:27
Capitalism 16:59:08
Jaynee Germond Moneybomb today! Let's help her get to her first goal! 16:48:31
BREAKING - Witness in Obama passport case shot in head 16:42:37
Pelosi Chokes Up Warning Against Political "Violence" 16:39:36
Bank of America in hot water over SC flag flap 16:32:30
Is anyone else tired of people always playing the Race Card! 16:29:50
!!!WE ARE WINNING!!! - Drinking with Bob! 16:23:13
U.S. "option" mortgages to explode, officials warn 16:27:00
Mexico's health care lures Americans 16:26:28
Another lawsuit targets founder of Blackwater 16:23:48
Uncle Sam Eyes Vehicle Tracking Tax 16:08:48
STOP STOP STOP Banking at Bank of America!! PLEASE!!!! 16:03:05
Do you believe this? U.S. household wealth up for first time since 2007 15:59:25
Campaign for Liberty requests your help: Stop Tax and Cap!* 15:54:25
WOW! House votes to completely defund ACORN Kudos to Hannah, James, Andrew and Glenn 15:40:43
CNN: Former Ron Paul Advisor Enters CT Senate Race 15:25:26
Pelosi worried about angry health care rhetoric 15:21:08
Has anyone won or know of someone who has won a PCH major prize? 14:59:44
**BREAKING** House Votes to Cut All Funds to ACORN 14:53:48
Need Vaccine Info 14:38:23
I am looking for the best videos 14:23:28
Glenn Beck practicing his crying techniques 13:57:40
Constitution Money Bomb. Be brave. Add your .02 13:51:11
Does the Government follow the Constitution? You decide! 13:44:16
San Diego Buys Military Weapons to Use On Citizens 13:23:20
Keep Politics Away From Federal Reserve -- NEEDS COMMENTS 13:22:42
URGENT! Whistleblower confirms roadblocks, RFID bracelets, buses to FEMA camps 13:18:19
Soldier Claims Authorities Training To Intern Americans Who Refuse Swine Flu Shot 13:16:45
Judicial Watch: JP Morgan Described Bear Stearns "Nearly Worthless" Hours Before Deal Struck 13:04:08
Chinese Flu Cure 13:03:46
Support Ron Pauls Health Freedom Bills !! 12:46:52
More ACORN Videos: San Diego Office-worker offers to partner with pimp and hooker this time 12:32:31
Is the Catholic Church the dominant financial force in the world! 12:27:08
Dr. Mercola put this video about H1N1 on his site. 12:21:25
Dr.Mercola Video On H1N1 And What To Do!!! We Are Saved!!! 12:17:38
a little humor for the day 12:16:33
Is your bank ‘underwater’? Check its debt level 11:42:42
Body Bags Send To "Battle Swine Flu" 11:42:34
CNBC Poll: Should the FED be abolished? 11:25:13
WARNING: Deflationary Collapse Dead Ahead.... PREPARE NOW!! 10:53:38
The Extractor (Could be VERY important). Vaccine extractor? 10:43:11
*what's in a vaccine* flyer 10:27:09
Where do liberty lovers stand on the EMP threat? 10:30:36
Hands off my health care! 10:30:31
Stimulus Chart: How Fast We're Spending $792 Billion 10:26:41
The Story of My Shoe by Muntadhar al-Zaidi ( Iraqi Shoe thrower) 09:52:39
The Iran Whisperers 09:46:54
Twenty Ten by Lloyd Marcus 09:46:30
Presidents Need a War to Call Their Own — Now Obama Has His 09:37:50
9/15/09 Ron Paul on Joe Scarborough Show 09:24:22
Muse - Uprising 09:19:42
Intelligence Agencies Say No New Nukes in Iran 09:18:39
War Without End 09:12:21
MSNBC "Morning Joe" Peter Schiff Announces Run For US Senate(video) 09:11:02
Anyone have a link that says what the new H1N1 flu shot is made of? 09:08:20
WorldNetDaily End the Fed Online Poll 08:51:33
US expected to shelve Euro missile defense plan 08:46:45
It's official! Peter Schiff is running for Senate. 08:30:48
Schiff to announce on Morning Joe, 8:15 am EST. 9/17/09 08:10:26
RUSSIA TODAY: Stop the 9/11 Coverup - video news report from Russia with love 07:28:46
Iraqi 'shoe-thrower' shot dead by US forces 06:44:52
Bloomberg: End the Fed? Ron Paul Is Wrong for All the Right Reasons 9-17-09 05:46:04
Obama to make illegals eligible for healthcare 05:32:01
Ron Paul Q&A: Audit the Fed, Then End It 05:26:38
US to Shelve Europe Missile Shield Plans 04:36:47
DeMint body slams Baucus HC plan 03:38:30
UPDATE: CHECK IT OUT! A T-Shirt I Created! 03:27:25
A Nice List of Gold, Silver, Currency, Dollar, & Mining Info Websites! 03:03:08
◄ UPDATED ► Central Valley CA "Ready to Shut Down the Highway" 02:53:58
Did Anyone Buy End the Fed From a Brick and Mortar? 02:15:23
Former NFL player to run for Congress 02:04:41
9/11 Family Member Manny Badillo schools France 24 News 01:24:52
There are several positions missing from your election ballot that noone has 01:10:11
Gold Price Myths 00:50:05
Thank you card for the two acorn hero's 00:48:27
Are you part of the Catch 22? Think About it. 00:31:50
The controlled opposition has officially killed the "Birthers" 00:07:29
judge tosses birther suit threatens threatens lawyer with sanctions 00:02:59