Posted on September 20, 2009

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UK Telegraph: Ron Paul, The politician who cannot tell a lie 23:32:06
I'm Curious. How did you wake up? 23:32:07
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Larry Pratt of GOA Interview & Rand Paul 2010 Volunteers Needed 23:46:51
IRS extends amnesty program for tax cheats 23:36:12
Daniel Hannan: The politician who cannot tell a lie (Ron Paul) 23:21:40
Proof: Our Birth Certificates are "BONDS" tradable at the NY Stock Exchange "VIDEO" 23:14:44
Obama open to newspaper bailout bill 23:04:41
Chinese Flag Raised in D.C. 22:59:43
Emmy winning producer: "Vaccine bullies and a parent's right to know" 22:56:17
We need Joe Wilson to stand up, and say "You Lie" 22:52:56
MIAC Report Violated Federal Regulations--My Letter to the Editor, Published Today in the Springfield News-Leader 22:29:52
Ron Paul 2012: Spread the message 22:16:03
‘Project Indect’: An A.I. to police all of Europe 22:07:18
45% Of Doctors Would Consider Quitting If Congress Passes Health Care Overhaul 21:56:11
C4L Member/Ron Paul Republican RAY MCBERRY for Governor of Georgia! 21:53:45
Incident at Oglala, the Leonard Peltier story... anybody heard of this? 21:08:40
The Anarchists want to talk to us, 21:03:49
Jake Towne's Interview with Young Americans for Liberty Arlington 20:19:07
video: Bill Maher Rip's on the Oath Keepers 09 18 09 REAL TIME 20:17:02
Kucinich has lost it 20:08:32
Hundreds March For Jobs Ahead Of G-20 20:05:43
Hope seems to be on the horizon for urban agriculture. 19:58:40
Naked man, 91, holds drunken intruder at gunpoint 19:55:07
WHY WE NEED RON PAUL's H.R.3394 and H.R.3395 19:26:32
Extend & Pretend.... A report from the National Real Estate Conference 19:13:20
For ACORN, Video Is Only Latest Crisis 18:35:19
If you don't believe in evolution, can I have your flu shot? 18:21:50
7 PM Sunday, 4 AM Monday- Ron Paul Discusses End the Fed on BookTV 18:19:04
Obama - Yes We Can = Thank You Satan 18:12:45
Ron Paul on NPR 18:01:48
IMF Gold Dump (403 Tons) 17:25:20
Great great short video -- classic defense of free markets 17:16:55
They Don't Really Care About Us 16:57:59
RJ Harris interview at 7 PM Central Time 16:22:46
Scroll my link. 16:13:13
America as the new Rome: Polybius and us 16:12:49
Dr. Rand Paul on King World News 15:50:03
A Republic, not a Democracy: James Madison 15:45:00
Great, if not greatest, thinker: Galileo 15:33:33
Love Is The Pure "Real Weapon" We Have 15:23:51
URGENT : RepublicMedia.TV just got seats at the, hard to be at, G20 conference in Pittsburgh, PA. Sam need our help! 14:42:23
Ron Paul on CSPAN 2 at 7pm eastern 14:32:38
Vote in this AOL poll NOW!!!!! - Ron is lagging badly!!! 14:29:14
We will be victorious! 14:05:28
Obama Will 'Stand in Line' for H1N1 Vaccine 'Like Everybody Else' 13:25:41
"Ask a Question" to the Committee Hearing on H.R 1207 13:19:30
Who's having trouble with the spam filter? 12:17:31
You Can't Take It With You 1938 (part 5) 12:14:42
Is Peter Schiff Serious? 12:02:42
Economic and Financial System Train Wreck Dead Ahead! 11:32:07
Celebrating The Constitution & The Creator 11:29:58
AOL poll : Who would be the best GOP presidential candidate for 2012? 11:09:06
"This is it" 11:00:28
UN Report: Swine flu could kill millions unless rich nations give £900m' 10:52:04
Straw Poll Results... CORRUPTION!? You be the Judge... 10:36:52
The fastest way to end the Fed 10:24:00
Bin Laden: Goal Is To Bankrupt U.S. 10:09:06
Cancer Cured in Canada But Big Pharma Says NO WAY! 09:55:13
Ron Paul For President 2012 - Youtube Commercial! 09:31:36
Ron Paul : Life Changing Speech 2! 09:29:39
The Ron Paul Rider 09:13:06
Canadian Parliament introduces bill to allow US war resisters to seek asylum in Canada 06:52:14
Welcome to the Police State! 05:00:24
AOL poll- we're not doin' well 04:04:12
I had a Change-of-Heart -- We do need to Expand Gov't 02:39:33
Bank Failure Friday 9-18-09 02:27:54
Dodd trying to save his @ss 02:05:17
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♠ The real slaves of today 00:58:13
Just recovering from Swine flu 00:28:43
C4L Northeast conference 00:18:40
for UFC 103 live 00:05:35