Posted on September 25, 2009

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Big Turnout for the Little Texan: Ron Paul at the U 23:31:27
Mother Answers Ron Paul to Glenn Beck's Question 9/25/09 Video 18:33:55
What Happened to the America I Grew Up In? 12:52:42
Alan Grayson Kicking @$$ at the HR1207 Hearing! 12:23:23
G20 Protest: Girl Throws Bike At Police & Live Arrest On TV. 11:41:56
Here is the "watch the hearing" thread! 09:02:15
Wall St Journal: RON PAUL GETS HIS DAY 07:37:30
Ron Paul Video - On His New Book, End the Fed - #8 in All Non-Fiction at Amazon 10:42:38
Ron Paul & Michelle Bachmann Student Town Hall Event - 9/25 16:48:07
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sheeple 23:49:02
Weather Wars is being discussed on History Channel 10:44PM CST 23:44:15
3 Hours of Traficant: Honest as ever: Friday 9/25 23:28:24
Thoughts on today's Audit the Fed Hearing 22:56:37
Bill Sparkmans death, And the Extreme Left's many "joyful witnesses" 22:55:08
Daily Show promoting "Former Congressman Paul" 22:50:00
Hit up CNBC for coverage on HR1207 testimony 22:33:11
Melvin Watt Needs To Be A Target When He Comes Up For Reelection 22:28:39
the meek are getting ready... 21:50:49
Proof: Obama is a Robot! ;-) 21:31:05
Parents of Indoctrinated Children in New Jersey Outraged over Barack Obama Worship Song 21:20:22
Michigan opportunity...? 21:20:22
Highlights from the H.R.1207 Hearing 21:13:08
Wasn't the Shah of Iran a CIA puppet? 21:10:09
Ron Paul is on live NOW on Bold Voices TV with CHAT! 20:42:57
Author confirms Bill Ayers helped Obama write 'Dreams' 20:37:21
Immortal Technique - Peruvian Cocaine 20:27:58
Any news coverage on the H.R. 1207 Hearing? 20:25:13
rhino: Dailypaul Jeopardy 20:22:50
Ron Paul Interview Anti-War Site 20:09:14
Doug Wead on Rand Paul 20:05:24
Motley Fool: Ron Paul on Front Page, Interview 20:02:37
rhino: It's FDIC Fiday 19:45:53
Obama: G-20 brought economy back from brink 19:26:01
POLL Alert: Instapundit has Gary Johnson as choice 19:25:52
Southern Avenger Takes on Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, and Ron Paul 19:21:00
Why do police have power? 19:19:04
I was just asked if my name is Ron Paul (^_^) 18:54:29
CT Liberty Forum October 17th 18:42:10
Join Us Calling For New 9/11 Investigation New York 09/27/2009 18:40:38
Return Letter from my congressman. 18:30:38
Federal Reserve Admits Hiding Gold Swap Arrangements 18:29:34
Michael Moore Attacks ABC While Promoting Captialism: A Love Story 18:27:07
What if we could make today "Ron Paul Day" or something like that? 18:21:26
OBAMACARE: Buy Insurance or Go to Jail! 18:04:18
UNITE in Deflecting DECEPTIONS! 18:03:58
If you don't purchase Obamacare----You go to Jail 17:54:55
Motley Fool: End the Fed Book and Ron Paul Interview 17:53:45
Someone in Glenn Becks crowd said Ron Paul is #1! 17:49:09
Mom mentions Ron Paul on Glenn Beck Friday show 17:47:46
Stop the Real Nightmare With Federalized Real ID Act of 2005 17:40:50
Could auditing the FED lead to a world currency? 17:35:38
What are good liberty movies to show at my college campus? 17:32:34
Traficant LIVE now 17:24:06
Federal Reserve Admits Hiding Gold Swap Arrangements 16:49:19
The Office Mentions Vaccinating New Borns 16:32:56
Time article gets census worker story right 16:22:22
New Bin Laden Message Threatens European Allies 16:04:32
Army and Mercs Performing Urban Combat Maneuvers in WA State 15:47:07
To Washington and Wall Street: 15:31:45
5 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan 15:26:06
My Copy of For Liberty Has Arrived, A Review 15:25:33
House Committee on Financial Services Committee to Hear Fed Res Perspectives on Regulatory Reform, Ben Bernanke is only witness 15:22:46
State lifts limit on mercury preservative in swine-flu shots 15:20:55
HuffPo: House Pushes for Sweeping Audit of Fed 15:18:22
Peter Schiff :The Price of Pretense in Pittsburgh 15:16:34
Can state police officers and/or federal agents face prosecution... 14:51:55
Group Project - Why are these Economists Against HR1207? 14:43:12
Petition For Frank To Pass HR 1207 Out Of Committee. 14:36:03
Video: Grayson "Has the Federal Reserve Ever Tried to Manipulate the Stock Market " 14:20:09
Boy stripped to underwear, locked in seclusion room in school 14:15:54
News Shutdown / Ignoring The Headline of the Day 14:06:50
Judge dismisses animal cruelty charges against cop for sex with cows 13:58:28
A New Debtors Revolution 13:56:51
DOD & Homeland Security Negotiate Pact 13:41:29
9/11 Families to March on New York City Hall 13:37:38
Brazil wants nukes? 13:30:13
Anyone have a video from the hearing this morning? 13:26:15
Bin Laden urges Europe to ditch US - warns of retaliation against Europe 13:23:03
Man Sues Bank Of America For "1,784 Billion, Trillion Dollars" 13:20:05
A quick peek into the future 13:15:20
Police Seize Pittsburgh Campus Attack Students Then Claim They Were Stopping Anarchists 13:03:31
Even Congressman Bachus supports HR1207 12:59:15
Beck: 'Win or just come home' 12:45:54
Measure opening Federal Reserve to more scrutiny gains steam-L.A. times 12:11:39
Video and Transcript: Ahmadinejad Speech at the UN General Assembly 9-23-09 12:10:38
Rare earths are vital, and China owns them all 11:56:45
Motley Fool - Should We Abolish the Federal Reserve? Q&A w/ Ron Paul 11:56:11
Luke Rudkowski schools NWO Troopers on Constitution - VIDEO 11:55:46
Fed audit bill gets backing from key lawmaker 11:20:10
Is this the America that you know? 10:52:38
Classified McChrystal Report: 500,000 Troops Will Be Required Over Five Years in Afghanistan 10:54:24
Tom Woods' Testimony in support of HR1207 -- Coming Up 10:36:52
Message from Adam Kokesh 10:18:17
School Kids Taught to Praise Obama [Video w/Lyrics] 10:04:06
The more I listen to him, the more I admire Ron Paul 09:58:12
Big Brother really is watching us. "Online chats led to Texas terror suspect's arrest" 09:56:28
The recent terrorist arrests and war with Iran 09:48:36
Video: G20 Protesters Confronted by LRAD Accoustic Weapons 09:44:24
CSPAN: "Ben Bernanke Is Wearing "Depends" During Audit The FED Hearing" 09:40:38
Video: US troops arrest and shove protester into a police car at G20: Update-Possible Hoax? 09:39:00
Live web cast of HR1207 and LIVE chat room open for todays event 09:23:02
Protester with bullhorn totally disrupts NBC Nightly News 09:00:33
I just put my apartment up for sale! Update 08:59:03
Obama trying to go to war with IRAN? 08:19:21
The 912 DC Tea Party and the G20 07:35:41
Let Us Help Our Friend Marc Emery - Phone Calls Please 07:22:12
The great Fed-financed dollar decline and stock market rally of 2009 07:06:31
Ron Paul on The Alex Jones Show 1/3:A 1776 Style "Revolution" is Almost Here!!! 06:40:10
Ron Paul now has official TWITTER account 06:30:24
Live Blogging The House Hearing On Ron Paul's Bill (HR 1207) To Audit The Federal Reserve (Testimony Begins @ 9 AM EST) 06:28:01
The Fed's Job Is Only Half Over 06:20:47
Fed May Need Aggression in Reversing Actions, Warsh Says in WSJ 06:19:56
CNN video hoax on America during 1991 Gulf War 05:56:43
Devvy Kidd on Obama's eligibility: How deep does the corruption go? 04:51:35
NJ School Singing To Our Savior 04:39:59
The Cat is out of the Bag 04:39:29
An important message from Valley Forge 03:22:09
New Ron Paul interview on Antiwar radio. 03:01:30
Fed Lawyer: Audits Called for by Ron Paul Could Hurt Monetary Policy 02:50:20
Webbot Cliff High on Militia Radio Show 9-24-2009 02:43:26
A pump up for tomorrow's fight! Aimee Allen's Anthen Video! 02:25:34
New Liberty Book by DPer 01:29:46
The true, positive story from Pittsburg 01:24:41
G20: Chilling arrest by men in military fatigues 01:10:25
Pittsburgh police break up peaceful gathering of non-protestors 01:05:20
Len Horowitz Files Charges with FBI on SWINE FLU 00:37:49
barack-as-christ-obama-worship-song- being taught in schools. 00:37:04
John Harris, It's an Illusion.... 00:32:28
Don't buy stuff you can't afford (humor) 00:21:29
Jim Sinclair supports Ron Paul 00:06:37
When Housing Is Priced in Gold 00:01:48
Hearing on Ron Paul's HR 1207 / Fed Audit 9:00 AM Friday 9/25! 08:48:02