Posted on September 26, 2009

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Jim Sinclair Interview on Inflation and Deflation. 13:50:08
Limbaugh, Hannity, and Savage won't go near Ron Paul. Why? 12:47:57
End the Fed Debuts at Number 6 on New York Times Bestseller List 04:14:50
Fantastic RJ Harris Interview 10:47:04
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Live Now VIDEO STREAM ! .. We Are Change from G20 23:31:17
Attention sovereign forming a template please help! 22:42:11
Luke Rudkowski and others Missing? 22:15:33
Just got another email saying that NAVY sailors are dying from the swine flu vaccine 22:13:53
discusion between iranian and neocon (short video) 21:56:10
The Trial Of Jesus - All About Jurisdiction 21:35:39
BREAKING: Barney Frank Moves On Audit the Fed! 20:51:50
r3VOLution logo, nbbc youth. 20:15:23
Red pill 20:12:04
Operation Meltdown 20:09:00
Time allowed for Fed to submit audit. 19:57:27
Help Rep. Grayson Find Fraud - Amazing List 19:44:05
Perfect storm for silver brewing as antibiotics substitute 19:08:08
Texas GOP Chair (Anti-RP) Resigns 19:01:52
Doctors for cash. 18:47:37
Sibel Edmonds 18:07:04
Personal Photos Of The Pittsburgh G20 Protests 16:53:47
The US has its very own propaganda network 16:32:00
***Ron Paul = Freedom*** 16:26:26
Greg Evensen...former Kansas state trooper 16:18:16
Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer's life if necessary. 16:08:26
Facebook 16:04:46
Uprising - Muse - The Resistance 15:56:17
The Craziest Town Hall Ever: The Daily Beast Reviews Paul/Bachmann event at University of Minnesota 15:49:41
Peter Schiff vlog: 9 25 09 15:39:19
Great interview with Jane, who filed criminal charges@Baxter 15:32:51
Dave Mustaine "Megadeth" on Alex Jones 15:28:26
We Are Change Michigan launched... 15:18:16
Peter Schiff: The Price of Pretense in Pittsburgh 14:47:26
Alinsky's Rules of Power 14:47:07
Ron Paul's speech, with Michele Bachmann 09.25.09 14:34:03
Learn Illuminati Ways 14:20:54
Probe launched into four secret pacts with U.S. & Japan 14:08:20
Pakistanis look on U.S. Embassy plans with suspicion 13:57:23
Testimony from Federal Reserve Lawyer Scott Alvarez: Another Reason to Rein in the Federal Reserve 13:51:14
Doctor Admits Vaccine More Deadly Than Swine Flu Itself 13:46:40
Watching our greatness slip away 13:45:40
Chilling Video - Wearechange schools Pittsburgh police on constitution @ g20 9/24/09 13:40:17
Loose Change 9 11 An American Coup - FULL Movie -Watch the Online Stream 13:33:22
Testimony from FED Lawyer Scott Alvarez: Another Reason to Rein in the Fed 13:30:44
Army to allow Iraq war objector to resign 13:13:03
U.S. drone crashes into Iraq political party office 12:46:19
YouTube - Brainwashing Cops 12:24:17
Seriously considering Idaho? 11:53:28
Travel and communication- Simply amazing 11:52:15
*A MUST READ - The Perestroika Deception by American Thinker 11:46:02
Congress uses PAC money for their own entertainment 11:23:14
War with Iran will mean war with Russia and the spark of WWIII 11:14:45
***Iran Announces it is No Longer Selling Oil in Dollars*** 11:10:06
Peter Schiff: The Price of Pretense in Pittsburgh 11:02:37
Fraudulent Polls 10:43:56
Federal Reserve Scandal Bigger Than A.C.O.R.N. 10:42:56
A New RFID with Embedded Antenna 10:41:26
NO MEANS NO! Yes to Europe ~ No to the Lisbon Treaty! 10:20:31
Michael Ruppert needs some help 10:28:58
Let's help Michael Ruppert! 10:23:21
Obama or Iran: Who do you believe? 10:16:43
Next Tea Party Scheduled Rallies Against Bias Media 10:06:40
And “They” Wonder Why We Seem Paranoid 09:35:59
Gary Franchi update: Patriots are MIA from the G20 09:27:04
A dollar devaluation coming? What will happen to the price of PM? 09:18:38
Resistance is not futile, what's futile is non-resistance. Which Pill will you take? 09:18:35
The Constitution: The God That Failed 07:06:47
Russia/China Crisis Proposition 06:05:08
Gerald Celente on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano Sept 23, 2009 03:24:12
You're Making It Too Complicated! 02:10:20
Why must my posts be flagged and approved before being posted?! 01:28:02
Big turnout for the little Texan: Ron Paul at the U 01:13:18
Report From The Pittsburgh G20 Summit: Day 2 01:10:55
Question: Would you voluntarily pay to fund a government if taxes were voluntary? 00:56:30
Hannity just debated two anti-capitalist women students 00:30:43
Did anyone watch the Ahmadinejad speech at the General Assembly? 00:27:06
Owning Sean Hannity...101 00:12:10