Posted on September 28, 2009

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Ron Paul: The Real Reasons Behind Fed Secrecy 9/28/09 23:04:26
Western Furore Over 'Secret' Facility Despite No Apparent Illegality 22:14:53
Little-known history of depression self-help co-ops -- anarcho until the WPA: "arch enemy of self-help: 21:52:36
Jake Towne on America's Military Empire 21:36:56
Hysteria & Warmongering. MSM Not Balanced. Dr. Paul on the Iranian Nuclear Program 20:28:07
Alternate Currencies: Survey of working solutions and ideas, experience in Europe, Australia, and U.S. 20:27:14
Founding Fathers Of Our New Country 16:43:03
Chicago Tribune: Alan Grayson, Ron Paul join for push to audit Fed 03:29:57
Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann Q & A 22:25:13
Digg it! Huff Post: New Documentary 'For Liberty' Examines the Kingmakers 23:31:01
Update: Email from David Hedrick to members of the Daily Paul. He Needs Our Help! 15:53:22
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40 percent jobless in CA? 23:55:05
'American police force' at your service: website back 23:24:19
Empire State Building to turn red and yellow to celebrate China's 60th anniversary of communism?? 23:16:48
Congressman Ron Paul, "End The Fed" Support 23:12:40
FMNN? (Free Market News Network) 23:08:32
Story of Luke Rudowski arrest and brutal treatment following G20 protests 23:07:10
"End The Fed" support 23:04:26
U.S.-Canada Regional Economic and Energy Integration 22:54:49
Strange Daze Indeed 22:54:16
Meet Ron Paul in Arlington, VA on October 28 22:14:59
Dry Heaves and Sucker Ploys: The Great New Iran "Crisis" 22:04:15
The Odd Couple - Alan Grayson and Ron Paul 21:50:42
Ron Paul wants to be the auctioneer of the FED 21:23:37
"For Liberty" (2009) Watch the movie 21:17:39
Huge End the Fed vinyl sticker 21:17:32
Iran hides nuke facility for 20 years... 21:06:54
Traficant on Hardball: "This Is Hardball" 20:31:59
The First Global Revolution -CoR 20:22:46
Undercover provocateurs at Pittsburgh G20 19:47:29
Unemployment: The Gathering Storm 19:30:31
Get vaccinated or get fired! 19:29:24
Dianne Feinstein private bill blocks deportations 19:25:45
G-20 "Who Do You Guys Work For" 18:45:45
Who is sending our children off to die in war with Iran? 18:14:36
Braying Bernie Strikes Again 18:06:10
My modest silver collection (Video) 18:05:07
Debating with a neocon 17:58:58
"When Central Banks Rule the World" And How To Be Victorious 17:54:49
Trevor Lyman's next MoneyBomb... 17:41:28
Animals Fight For Liberty - Good Example For Sheeple! 17:39:37
Job losses, early retirements hurt Social Security 17:25:22
Canada outranks U.S. in healthcare report card 17:23:19
What If Everyone in the World Wanted a 1-oz Gold Coin? 16:52:22
Why neocons are worse than child molesters 16:39:17
AP - OKC Bombing Tapes Appear Edited (all tapes are blank in the minutes before the blast) 16:37:40
The Federal Reserve - What If It Never Existed? 16:26:43
Ron Paul Talks "End The Fed" On Daily Show 16:23:59
Why common thieves are better than socialists 16:13:49
A MUST SEE Video on the Federal Reserve (only 2:18) 16:09:39
Peter Schiff 16:09:19
Fusion Centers Hiring Private Mercenary Contractors! 16:04:19
CNN Anchor Challenges GOP Pollster, Frank Luntz, For Role In Right Wing Anger 15:54:43
Wall Street money rains on Schumer 15:52:14
Iran and the possible war! 15:35:41
Red Alert!! Read the box inserts from vaccine manufacturers @: ... 15:26:44
These 28 Freedom Keeper Organizations Endorse and Support this Event. Are we fumbling the ball here? 15:08:43
Ron Paul :The Real Reasons Behind Fed Secrecy 15:06:13
Random Aircraft Question 14:59:55
David Ryon for Congress (OH-15)!! 14:57:18
"WEATHER WARFARE" manipulate the World's climate. 14:51:30
Anti-Obama mall merchant has lease terminated 14:49:38
The Myth of the "Christian Nation" Divides Us 14:45:39
G20 - Police Manhandle Arrested Student for Group Police Photo Op 14:41:01
What would you do if you had the answer for healthcare? Taxes? The Middle East? 14:33:05
What If Everyone in the World Wanted a 1-oz Gold Coin? 14:02:52
CAFR - Comprehensive Annual Finanacial Report 13:58:36
The Federal Reserve is A Ponzi Scheme 13:55:42
By what right? - Property Tax 13:51:12
Remember the Maine! And the Other Ships Sunk To Start a War 13:45:05
Safe School CZAR 13:42:22
Spam filter is not working right 13:36:57
Women fined for watching neighbors kids 13:32:42
State and local governments employ lobbyists for an edge in Washington 13:27:09
Where is the Autism Amongst the Amish? 12:33:31
James Traficant on Hannity tonight 12:30:08
Great song: Voices of the Voiceless - Lowkey feat. Immortal Technique 12:26:11
Wanna help de-throne Pelosi & replace her w/a Ron Paul Republican 12:23:16
Luke bullhorns over Brain Williams asking “why is Glen Beck saying that American Citizens should be dealt with by the military 12:14:03
Associated Press: Oklahoma City bomb tapes appear edited! 12:13:38
How much government do you consent to? (Another anarchist sees the light.) 12:11:58
Another Paul leaning candidate addresses California GOP assembly. 12:08:59's Karl Denninger on the Fed - STOP THE LOOTING AND START PROSECUTING! 12:06:02
Help us vote up liberty articles on Al Gore's website 11:50:15
aroostock watchmen broadcast - drew malone raines live this morning. 11:41:04
President Obama - One Simple Question. 11:40:49
Government to Intensely Track for H1N1 Shot Side Effects 11:39:29
The prophet Jeremiah... 11:18:43
General McChrystal discusses Afghanistan War on 60 Minutes 11:06:21
Man sues Bank of America for 1.7 septillion dollars - that is $1,784 billion trillion - 10:54:13
Exclusive Smoking Gun: The Fed On Gold Manipulation 10:45:34
Countdown to war with Iran begins 10:23:19
The “PATRIOT” Act, Your Local Pharmacy and Grandma 09:48:28
School taxes 09:46:40
Breaking News!!! IRS Deadline Could Be A Huge Problem 09:42:07
Is Drug Prohibition Worth It? 09:33:03
Indiana Grandmother arrested for buying cold medicine!!! PROSECUTOR UNRELENTING. 09:30:45
Family lost son to "flu" now happy guinea pigs - just sick a story 09:15:30
CAPTAIN AHAB is waving his arm again... 09:08:59
Depopulating without raising suspicion 09:04:24
Sen Gregg trashing Fed Audit 08:50:10
Are You Ready For Some Reason And Logic? 08:39:19
What is it About Ron Paul 08:32:18
Poll 66% angry at govt, 60% believe GOP & Dems have no solutions 08:27:33
Crash Course Chapter 8: The Fed - Money Creation 08:08:18
URGENT! Drew Raines Malone III broadcast at 8:30 AM EST 07:42:16
FREE - END THE FED! Audible copy - QUICK 07:48:25
How to stop the war machine 07:42:24
Huckabee: Get America Out of the U.N. 07:39:22
We Can End the Fed by Ron Paul 07:16:54
Here's an email that I received on my government account pertaining to sites 05:49:56
MSM: "OKC Bombing Tapes Appear Edited" 04:35:28
Police Brutality in Pittsburgh after the G20 04:11:58
Obamacare - Buy Insurance or go the Jail! 03:19:16
OKC Bombing Tapes Appear Edited 02:24:41
Who made this video? 01:48:08
You guys will love this... 01:47:23
guess where the next military drill is? 01:38:10
I found "The End of Poverty" book in my younger sister's room! 01:15:17
Sehr Gut! German libertarian party to form coalition government with Merkel's Christian Democrats 00:47:56