Posted on September 29, 2009

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ACTION PLAN - Mission: Expose APF 23:39:56
The Hill: Dealignment and Ron Paul 21:51:26
*Video* Ron Paul in NYC 9-29-09 20:22:39
Help get Rand a cool $ Million for the Quarter! 16:48:32
H.R. 1207 and S604 11:43:15
Paul Craig Roberts: Another War is In the Works 10:25:05
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Minimum Wage & Unemployment 23:45:10
Flu Shot WARNING 23:15:09
Family Affair 23:09:24
Yet another article on APF - Billings Gazette, closer look at Edward Angelino 22:49:32
Winning in 2012 and an online organizing manual 22:40:52
N.Y. health care workers protest mandatory H1N1 flu shots 22:31:31
DPers: Call to Action! 22:29:45
Conservative Political Network Radio w/ Cliff High-Webbots 9/29/09 22:19:36
FDIC bankrupt as of 9/30/09 22:04:58
Just saw Obama on TBS 21:58:20
Senator Al Franken Comes Out For The Gold Standard! 21:32:10
News Flash!!! Daily Paul found to be a dangerous drug with side affects!! 21:30:41
Did anyone just see Traficant on Hannity? 21:28:26
Iran's Nuclear Facilities: The Facts 21:18:05
Kop Busters Email 21:15:30
another article on APF 21:09:29
an article on lew rockwell about APF 21:06:02
The APF story gets legs yesterday. The company logo is Serbian. 20:45:08
Text of H.R. 645: National Emergency Centers Establishment Act 20:38:11
Phase 3 (Intro), A New Film From the Creators of The Arrivals 20:35:52
Obamas' Hit List article 20:25:30
Really bored? Senate FICO is debating Health Care tonight...still on C-SPAN2 20:15:42
civilian inmate labor program 19:55:08
APF - President Obama's new law to privatize local police force 19:43:55
Peter Schiff and Don Harrold Talk FDIC, Inflation, Gold 19:43:29
Ron Paul Takes to Wall Street New York, End the Fed! 09/29/09 19:40:38
Marc Emery Political Prisoner 19:35:03
The Model States Emergency Health Powers Act--A Civil Liberties Nightmare 19:24:51
Which evidence was fake: prewar Iraq intelligence 19:01:49
An Urgent Message from our Leader Ron Paul-Health care Battle at Crisis Stage 18:56:16
Happy Birthday Ludwig Von Mises! 18:46:46
"The People" are Winning... 18:38:02
Government Math and the truth about cash for clunkers! 18:37:27
Sheriff's Begin Revolt Against Federal Authority 18:23:28
WHAT PATRIOTS?!!! 18:20:03
Fox News all about the name-calling... 18:16:59
Craigslist.... 17:58:03
Today's gonna be a good day! *** Feel Good *** 17:51:50
"They Own It All (Including YOU!): By Means of Toxic Currency" 17:51:10
Who's Your Favorite Patriot? 17:50:56
U.S. Government Gold Manipulation Document Declassified 17:25:13 debtors revolt starts on any link....spyware software pops up 17:15:04
Do you really oppose trans-national government? 16:52:21
The War Prayer - Mark Twain 16:39:57
Birth certificate issue heating up again 16:28:03
Empire State Building turns red-yellow for China's 60th... yippeee 16:23:22
Why I would rather have a beer with a DP troll than my brother 16:22:42
Sephora using Ron Paul rEVOLution slogan in new ad campaign!? 16:19:23
Video: Dragnets' Jack Webb Schools Barack Obama on Healthcare 15:55:14
Constitutional Amendments Special Election 11/03/09 (Texas) 15:39:17
"This Book is truly a MUST READ!" --says Ron Paul 15:33:15
Coming soon to a TSA near you-free rectal exam 15:22:43
Fed pursues tough new U.S. credit card rules 15:21:48
Does illegality equal immorality? 15:10:10
American Samoa: 8.3 mag Earthquake, Tsunami warning 15:07:19
Money Bomb: Debra Medina for Texas Governor 2010 - Oct 2 15:07:17
Mandatory Flu Vaccines For Children In New Jersey 14:54:10
Help! I'm trapped in DP and can't get out! 14:53:06
e_goldstein! Help... it did it again! 14:40:32
Newly Discovered: Community Organizers Appear to 'Pray' to President-Elect Obama 14:27:36
Leonard G. Horowitz: FEAR, FLU & FRAUD 14:27:20
Parents jailed for baby fatal neglect 14:26:42
Patrick Gaspard = ACORN = SEIU = White House political affairs director 14:25:59
Question: How do you get an topic posted if it is awaiting approval? 14:25:04
British girl dies after cervical cancer vaccine 14:14:05
Steve Quayle guest on Alex Jones: 'APF & Hardin, MT' 2pm EDT 14:08:01
NJ Rep Scott Garrett criticizes idea of protecting "Fed Independence" 14:01:40
Articles of Confederation Reality Check 13:49:30
Awesome Ron Paul Quotes 13:47:11
Rove has 2 speaking engagements in Minnesota 13:45:14
Rand Paul 30 minute WYMT TV Interview 13:22:21
36 Hours Left to donate to a Florida State House Rep 13:19:32
Great Visual Interactive Chart on Unemployment by Industry, Companies, Numbers, etc!! 13:11:58
How many years has mankind existed without health insurance, car insurance, the income tax, etc.. . . 13:04:00
Iran's Lack of Nuclear Weapons 12:56:27
Swine Flu Vaccine Insert Guillain-Barre Syndrome Vasculitis Paralysis Death 12:54:41
Rand Paul Mini Money Bomb going on Right Now!! 12:52:10
Rick Santelli gets it RIGHT AGAIN!!! He is MAD!! 12:50:08
HR 1233 - Taxpayers' Freedom of Conscience Act of 2009 12:33:42
Red, White and Blue Storm Rising! 12:27:36
The Daily Swine Flu Thread.... 12:20:11
Watch CAMP FEMA Movie Online 12:12:04
rand paul townhall on healthcare 12:05:57
Vebally threatned at work : By a customer in UPS Uniform 12:04:57
FDIC asks banks for help 11:36:48
MEDIASAURUS - Today's mass media is tomorrow's fossil fuel. 11:29:26
WHO is SENDING OUR CHILDREN off to DIE in WAR with IRAN? 11:14:57
World Bank: Dollar's days of dominance may end 11:14:26
"What if we stopped paying taxes, took away all public welfare programs, and let the markets decide the fate of the population?" 10:55:24
When will the Obama Administration put on "Knock" on Glennn Beck? 10:45:24
I'm about to shake Ron Paul's hand! 10:26:33
U.S. Says Taliban Has A New Haven in Pakistan 10:22:03
Sand Hill - Venable Elementary School Indoctrination Camp; Another "kids praising the dear leader" video 10:13:58
CHAMPION for the UNEMPLOYED! 10:02:35
American Police Force in Hardin, Montana - MUST SEE! 09:48:23
Which “ER” term will be used to demonize individuals refusing to take the H1N1 Vaccine? 09:50:29
anyone else having the problem of all comments being moderated? 09:28:49
Isnt it time for a national "Ron Paul Award/Prize" 09:23:24
Ireland's EU referendum is the last stand against the 'project' 09:22:08
Running Against Neo-Con Eric Cantor 09:18:23
If this doesn't move you... 09:15:39
10 things you should know about the swine flu vaccine 09:13:25
US income gap widens as poor take hit in recession 09:12:04
Transference of Power 09:10:07
I called the sheriff's department of Hardin, Montana-sheriff losing juridiction-UPDATE 08:59:47
"Life On the Farm is Under Attack" and other r3volting music ;) 08:58:37, who's got the land we can put it on? 08:29:46
Senators to call today - all 4 for S604! 08:18:34
Mish's Take on: "Fed to work with lawmakers on naming borrowers" 07:52:37
Who was William Safire? 07:45:19
VIRAL *IDEA* 07:27:57
The Government is the Mortgage Market 07:22:51
Police State - The Militarization of the Police Force in the U.S.A 04:41:10
ABC news : "I really have a problem with this mandatory flu shot" 02:23:11
CNBC News video, Jim Rickards :"Federal Reserve needs to cut US Dollar in half over next 14 years" 02:18:29
Politico forum hates on birthers big time 01:35:21
Wasn't Comex supposed to default by now? 01:06:56
Health care in America: Ron Paul vs. Howard Dean 00:40:33
What Is Money? 00:19:54
Iran Flexes Muscle Ahead of Talks with Major Powers 00:07:36
We need another Rally For The Republic! 00:05:49
Adam Kokesh Money Bomb - Sept. 30 11:43:15