Posted on September 30, 2009

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"The most gagged person in the history of the United States." Meet Sibel Edmonds 22:18:10
VIDEO: FreedomWatch Judge Andrew Napolitano with Adam Kokesh 21:35:51
"End the Fed" Book Signing, March on the Fed, and Daily Show in NYC 12:41:52
Ron Paul visits New York Federal Reserve 12:28:26
Adam Kokesh will be on Freedom Watch today! Sept 30th and Mini-Money Bomb 12:23:16
NY Health Care Workers Revolt Against Forced Vaccination-Video 08:19:55
Defeat Pelosi! John Dennis Flash Bomb September 30 22:18:09
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question about $500 billion to biotech research 23:55:23
The economy is hurting our cause 23:43:59
Ron Paul and ... 23:41:08
State gives 'no choice' in vaccination 23:16:28
FLASHBACK - FAA Manager Mangled, Cut, Destroyed 9/11 Tapes 23:01:06
Fighting for Freedom (G20 Pittsburgh) 22:50:41
Hardin Jail Entrepreneur Has Checkered Past 22:50:07
Whack-a-Wingnut 22:36:09
You thought the video of school kids praising obama was creepy? 22:35:20
Grayson calls-out Republicans on HC 'knuckle-dragging Neanderthals' 22:30:59
Chemical found in air outside 15 schools 21:51:24
Author of "The Secret World of Money" Andy Gause 21:33:33
Bobbitt Family Update 21:24:02
Montana lawmakers want info on secretive CA company 21:21:33
Myth of the underpaid public employee 21:21:17
Music for the r3volution 21:16:54
Huffington Post has story about Private police company in Montana on front page 21:05:12
1'550 Dollars and Rand Paul will get a cool million 20:42:40
Headline: Young unknown Kentucky Doctor Attracts 1 Million In 1 Quarter 20:22:58
FBI denies editing Oklahoma City bombing tapes 20:16:15
any1 that gets $ from government should not be able to vote 20:13:11
So.. Alan Grayson is a socialist ? :/ 20:09:47
Gore Vidal: ‘We’ll have a dictatorship soon in the US’ 19:52:32
Daily Show with Ron Paul 09/29/09 :: Video that works and is available 19:29:06
the fed and manipulation of the gold market 19:25:58
Beauty of Mathematics 19:25:00
End Compulsory Taxation 19:23:33
Montana USA Being Militarized Now 2009 18:48:18
OathKeepers Conference: will be held on Oct 23rd thru 25th 2009 18:47:52
Urgent!!!! Message from Rand 18:39:14
$10 mil for government transparency? Deadline: October 8th 18:37:00
New film blames drug firm for plight of honey bees 18:27:06
Obama NWO Coin 18:02:58
Paul's vaccination bills 18:02:21
Crowd Control Techniques 17:58:04
My state needs to grow hemp!!! 17:11:10
Only $14,000 to go! Help Rand raise $1 Million for the Quarter. 17:07:47
Supreme Court Takes Case on Reach of Gun Rights 17:02:45
Military coup fantasy is latest in trend of extremist right-wing rhetoric 16:43:29
WAPO Op-Ed: Free Market Economists Got it Wrong 16:42:45
MSNBC Morning Joe Crew attacks Nurses protesting NWO Mandatory vaccines 16:34:42
Hardin, Montana under siege! - Alex Jones Interviews Michael Hollingsworth - Re: American Police Force 16:31:31
Chris Martenson on Banking Without a Net. 16:24:26
James Traficant sets Chris Matthews straight 16:19:15
Thanking those who post youtubes of Ron Paul, Gerald Celente, etc. 16:13:31
Iran wants to 3rd party its enrichment 16:12:54
'Safe schools' chief encouraged child sex with older man 16:11:31
Reality Report SPECIAL REPORT - Arrested at the G20 16:00:08
The Call for CIVILITY is a NWO trick! 15:35:47
So what's wrong with a private police force? 15:30:07
Lawmakers jack up spending 15:18:12
USA Today Texas congressman wants to 'End the Fed' 15:04:58
Heres how to change your IP address 14:54:43
Well today is the day.... 9/30/09 The (latest) End Of The WORLD! 14:53:37
What’s ACS? 14:45:28
Shanklinmike Is Now Mikeshanklin On Youtube 14:32:26
Calling all DP Marketing, Innovators, and Ad-Guys (let's generate liberty wealth) 13:51:50
See/Read Pkg. inserts from boxes of vaccines w/warnings @ 13:49:26
When the Neocons Say ‘Sanctions’… 13:25:12
Our Intelligence, and Theirs 13:16:55
Gary Johnson 2012: Possible announcement soon... 13:16:21
Gore Vidal: ‘We’ll Have a Dictatorship Soon in the US’ 13:14:07
Houston.......we have a problem. 12:47:29
And this report just in ... apparently the grass is greener on the other side 12:46:32
FLASHBACK 2008 - Bird Flu Outbreak in Hong Kong Caused By Vaccinated Chickens 12:17:12
Taxation Constitutional Amendment 12:02:46
Iran vs Israel: What The Media Wants You To Forget 11:55:28
Republicans Fear Ron Paul 11:55:12
Ron Paul-"Warmongering" On Iran Sounds Like Lead-Up to Iraq War 11:49:40
Peter Schiff CNN- 9/27/09 11:44:08
Many in U.S. See Health Insurance as Personal Responsibility 61%PR VS. 37%GR 11:43:03
Ron Paul and Glenn Beck discuss America’s future. 9/30 radio interview 11:40:31
Create your own currency 11:40:08
Military to get mandatory swine flu shots soon 11:26:02
Traficant - why he went down 11:25:36
Dealing with 9/12'ers 11:09:49
Alan Grayson on the GOP Health Care Plan: "Don't Get Sick! And if You Do Get Sick, Die Quickly!"' 10:56:59
Rep Grayson says opponents to govt health care want people to "die quickly" 10:44:17
Ron Paul Takes His Fed Offensive to the Daily Show-Wall St Journal 10:32:43
RJ Harris money bomb Friday October 30th 2009 - 10:08:59
US Story on Iran Nuke Facility Doesn’t Add Up 10:02:55
Ron Paul coming up next on Beck (10:00 ET) 10:01:24
Out of the gate, stock market plunges 09:58:52
HealthCare Bill vs. Constitutional Law 09:59:53
What is America's true form of government? 09:52:36
The Administration's Flu Vaccine Program: Health, Safety and Distribution 09:48:10
Hi, I am Alice. Welcome to Wonderland... 09:19:31
Right to Refuse Health Care 09:11:37
Be Inspired 09:10:13
Rally in Hardin, Montana October 19 - 23? 09:07:26
APF = RAVENWOOD on the show Jericho. 08:35:42
Sneak and Peek Qarrants and the USA Patriot Act 08:03:29
Dr. Paul at "The Daily Show with Jon Steward", Sep 29, 2009 (video) 07:52:48
Ron Paul on The Daily Show 9/29/09 07:48:27
RT ~ Dr. Ron Paul vs. Howard Dean on Health Care 07:35:23
Fiscal year end, FDIC bankrupt, gold had a good night in Asia 06:45:06
Ending The Fed would be the modern day equivalent of the Emancipation Proclamation! 05:12:22
♠ Police Brutality 04:02:34
City of Berkeley now answers to the United Nations? 03:35:03
G20 Protest 03:15:05
The two non-hawks close to Obama 03:04:38
Remember me? 02:58:28
Ron Paul visits New York Federal Reserve 02:15:33
Want to know what is worse than a sheeple, or an Obama supporter? 02:12:45
Space Radiation. Why space travel is not possible currently. 01:58:48
The FED *IS* the Housing Market 01:44:21
Are some Paul supporters hurting the cause? 01:12:22
FDIC Discloses Deposit Insurance Fund Is Now Negative 00:50:56
The Future of Warfare 00:49:14
The "Opus Dei" conspiracy? Mmmmm... Catholic "God's Workers" inside the FBI? 00:24:52