Posted on September 4, 2009

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Breaking News: John Ashcroft may face PERSONAL LIABILITY for indefinite detention of terror suspects! 21:26:58 Makes the News: Local ABC Video - Report on Rand Paul 19:19:02
Alan Blinder in CFR's Foreign Affairs: The Fed's Political Problem 16:55:30
National Quarantine 15:40:08
Bernanke: Greenback’s New Father (New York Times) 11:11:15
Jake Towne Announced as 912 Candidate 16:50:42
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"Obama May Need Sense of Crisis to Revive Health-Care Overhaul" (the Planned-Demic) 23:34:58
This site is fun -- 23:27:00
Problem Bank List 23:16:39
Imagine 23:05:01
Celebrity video pledging to serve Obama for our kids to watch 22:53:44
A craigslist grassroots campaign 22:33:15
Platonism and Alchemy 22:18:48
Weekend comedy thread. Time to lighten up a little! 21:59:23
5 Banks failures 9/4/09: total assets $1.1B 21:43:08
Help with swine flu vaccine plz(UPDATE) 21:38:26
Woman tells it like it is: CA townhall meeting 21:37:51
FACTCHECK.ORG CAPITULATES – Admits Error In Obama Kenyan Citizenship Analysis 20:45:35
1 out of 20 posts in the active thread topics encourage proactivity on this site as we speak 20:38:19
Does anybody have a Con Con Update? 20:16:52
Just a lurker wanted to say Hi :) 19:43:10
Newsweek: "Why Some Want Another Meltdown" 19:26:53
Austrianism vs Keynesianism – flaws of both theories 19:05:49
Missouri School Not Showing Obama TV 18:56:23
Little Chinese girl wants to be a "corrupt official" when she grows up 18:53:56
SD Supreme Court Limits Interrogation of Travelers 18:26:39
Supremes to Hear Freedom of Press Challenge to McCain-Feingold 18:13:59
1.3 million to lose jobless benefits by year's end 18:07:51
Comment 18:04:07
Barack Obama's Indoctrination Project 18:04:03
Is Driving a Right or a Privilege? 17:59:15
Barack Obama to Cindy Sheehan: Get Lost 17:49:59
Cavuto: The guy who got hid finger bitten off deserved it! 17:43:10
More Obama Indoctrination going on in schools - watch this! 17:40:02
New Kentucky polling 17:10:10
Tonight, lecture webcast 7PM Eastern, then go 17:06:42
A block-buster book: "The Science of Money" by Stephen Zarlenga 17:02:09
Is the White House watching you on Facebook? ~ Youtube? 16:39:19
Revised formula counts more Americans in poverty 16:31:54
Polling is bullshit 16:22:25
Ron Paul (R-Tex.), an extreme libertarian and longtime foe of the Fed. 16:21:59
Ron Paul Healthcare Forum 16:18:04
Larry Flynt on HuffPo: Does Anybody Really Know What Time it Is? 16:11:13
When Johnny Comes Marching Home...again 15:49:35
►What to say to the Children - Obama's speech◄ 15:48:21
Peter Schiff: Gold & Silver Rally 15:45:27
The question of Chairman Ben 15:40:06
It Started With Ron Paul (Jim Quinn, C4L Member) 15:35:18
get behind a Ron Paul-supporting, traditional Catholic Democrat 15:15:39
Channel 1 NEWS, see what your kids have to watch at school everyday! 14:50:26
Help Please! I think I catch a computer worm :( 14:49:10
Obama runs into resistance with school speech-LA Times 14:30:15
Poll: Obama speech to students inapropriate? - go vote! 14:05:11
Is the White House watching you on Facebook? 14:03:33
Buchanan shouted down for discussing unofficial view of history 13:54:58
Farmers say co-ops work for feed, seed, and health care 13:27:53
Why do we have a Judicial Branch 13:22:49
Ron Paul interviewed on Bloomberg Radio 13:09:34
Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend !! 13:05:02
A Vaccine Coloring Book - - Goebbels Would Blush At This Propaganda 13:04:27
Need advice - may be life or death 12:54:42
Help Me Compose a letter to my Congresswoman 12:43:00
NEEDS TO GO VIRAL! Peter Schiff : Some Announcement Is Coming Soon! 12:38:23
The greatest enemy in the history of the US has been the international bankers. 12:33:50
Diebold sells off American elections division 12:28:14
Grassroots Rising: Audit The Fed Illinois 12:25:22
Ayn Rand & Schiff Video: The Future of America 12:21:06
WHO Admits to Releasing Pandemic Virus into Population via 'Mock-Up' Vaccines 12:03:35
Diebold drops out of the voting machine business 11:57:16
ABC News: Van Jones was a 911 truth organizer in 2002 11:52:47
'The FED's Interesting Week' -- By: Ron Paul 11:48:07
How do we discuss the obama speech with our children 11:41:28
What We Are Really Up Against 11:41:07
Cops beat the hell out of this guy 11:39:59
Banking conglomerate Fortis pushes into commodities, metals! 11:30:04
Why must a wife be so insolent and disobey her husband? 11:13:16
Organized effort pushed on Facebook 11:10:47
Counter September 8 Obama Address w/ "Supporting Freedom" Video Contest 10:56:44
Ron Paul finds support for Fed audit-Reuters 10:55:45
Obama Supporters are Now Criminals :: Don't Let Obama Supporters Off the Hook 10:55:00
Gerald Celente on Gold Seek Radio Nugget - 09-03-09 10:52:49
Ark. Coroner indicted on drug charges for runing ring for 12 YEARS 10:46:20
Milton Friedman - Socialized Medicine 10:44:50
Permit Revoked! 10:41:52
Who's Going to DC on 9-12? 10:29:28
Jake Towne money bomb, give $20.00 on 9-20 UPDATE UPDATE 10:12:02
What does 9-12 mean for you? 10:07:40
Obama's speech and school lock downs? 09:29:48
Resistance Video 09:25:54
U.S. Unemployment Hits 9.7% - 26-year High 09:08:02
The secret that will destroy the world's financial system 08:20:53
Part of a finger bitten off at a California protest 08:03:30
No offense 06:52:20
The bogus cash of America 06:49:39
"The Failure Caucus" Article Calls out Peter Schiff and conservatives 04:31:26
Are Budget shortfalls just an ILLUSION? 03:48:39
People are pissed out there! 03:29:31
Obama's Speech Will Corrupt Your Children 03:22:17
Secretary Napolitano Announces New Directives on Border Searches of Electronic Media 03:00:01
Been writing a little lately. Looking for criticism from good people. 02:58:56
Who is on Facebook? 02:47:08
Will gold break $1000 Friday 9/4 and never look back? 02:40:09
Barney Frank Logic - Minimum Wage Double Standards by Jan Helfeld 02:21:48
Native American Genocide and the New World Order 02:18:44
If Your Senator is one of the 23. . Call them and chew them out for this! 02:06:40
Schools plan alternatives to Obama’s speech- Ron Paul! 01:51:40
A patriot suggests Ron Paul be on hand for Q&A during Obama school speech 01:39:24
Diana DeGette Telephone Town Hall Meeting - 09/03/09 -- H.R. 1207 question 01:33:24
deleted 01:05:26
CFR: Ron Paul is threatening the Technocratic elite 00:56:08
Jason Linkins: "Obama schoolchildren speech drives right-wingers batty" 00:44:05
E-mail from today 00:43:27
China approves one-dose homegrown H1N1 flu vaccine 00:41:09
Why are you doing this to me? Why do you hate me so much? 00:02:32