Posted on September 5, 2009

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Official count at the Cincinnati Tea Party ... 18,000!!!! 18:21:08
Ron Paul Makes Rock Star Appearance At Loyola New Orleans 13:31:13
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Ron Paul : Unconstitutional War And Terrorism In 1998 23:54:03
States Demand Return to Federalism: NCCS Give Senate Back to States 23:33:01
Sentenced to death on the NHS: Patients with terminal illnesses are being made to die prematurely under an NHS scheme to help en 22:57:05
Stalin The Murderous Dictator? He’s History 22:35:32
Peter Schiff, less than 40K from 1 Million 22:12:26
Ron Paul predicts 9/11 in 1998 - RP2012 21:59:30
Goldwater Jr.: Obama Policies 'Scare the Hell Out of Me' 21:57:13
Is Ron Paul too old to run for President in 2012? 21:34:46
Guards at US Embassy in Afghanistan have their own little Bohemian Grove 20:47:28
September 12th Rally? 20:37:27
Demand for electricity sputters and bills may fall 20:29:24
10 States and 1 U.S. Territory Have Declared Public Health Emergencies 20:28:53
It Has Begun... Message From We Are Change Colorado - 20:13:02
Obama, the Mortal 20:03:09
Texas Cops to Carry Cameras on Uniforms 19:35:57
Israeli soldiers fire on Al Jazeera correspondent - 04 Sep 09 18:49:25
21st century argument for Socialized Health Care identical to 19th century argument for Slavery 18:43:05
The FDIC and the Follies of Modern Banking 17:59:04
The President can NOT tell your Sheriff what to do ! (Sheriff Mack) 17:58:31
Taitz files Obama Kenyan BC in US District Court? 16:52:39
Let Lamar Have it ... 15:59:47
Georgia Cops kill Pastor 15:45:47
Resisting Compulsory Vaccination 15:25:23
War of Words: Bill Johnson tries to smear Rand Paul 14:47:27
The Government's Cooked Books 14:33:53
Where to Join the New Political Party 14:15:36
Bill Bartmann 1482 The 14:10:24
JUST RELEASED! Ron Paul talks about Bill Clinton's criminal bombing of Iraq and predicts 9/11 (1998)! 13:47:40
Mercenaries now outnumber troops in Afghanistan-Thanks Obama 13:45:50
Ron Paul's Town Hall meeting 13:15:55
One Man in a Million- End the Fed book review 13:03:07
Texas State GOP head wants to separate Ron Paul Republicans from the "crazies 12:58:53
Next step in the rEVOLution. Wake up the children! 12:45:03
Nintey minutes with Jim Rutledge (R-MD) 12:05:56
Obama, The Mortal, By Charles Krauthammer 11:43:33
Daniel Hannan Universal Health Care in the UK 11:15:55
Militias and Oathkeepers - at what point do they take action? 10:55:40
5 out of 5 customers today, and the last 2 yesterday 10:45:43
CityYear.ORG 10:43:36
Mike Rogers, on the Healthcare bill 10:36:40
Grim realities of War: To Publish or Not? 10:24:51
Return America to a Quieter, Less Muscular, Patriotism 10:10:04
We need to get Papaer ballots, hand count, before NOV 2010 09:50:01
CFR President on the radio 09:49:38
Are anarchists good for liberty? 09:39:45
MSM silent on Marxist Revolutionary appointed as Green CZAR 08:56:15
Question: do you need government in order for money to exist? 08:08:08
MUST SEE! Founding Fathers : The Importance of Knowledge 07:44:19
More second amendment things/ football 07:27:31
Louisiana holds a sales tax holiday for guns 06:49:11
I am alone but I have company! 06:19:00
Natural Genetic Key to Aging Found - 2nd Largest Drug Company in World Buys Out Research Company 05:29:57
2012 01:52:15
Friday's Failed Bank list 9-4-09 01:41:00
NEEDS TO GO VIRAL! Kentuckyfight com Makes The News 01:12:43
Great HR1207 cartoon by Travis Kelly 00:31:15
You're NOT Going to Believe This -- 1:47 Video 00:30:44
How long will the Conservative Right continue to Support Obama? 00:02:56
Ron Paul would love this video 00:01:42