Posted on September 7, 2009

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And so it begins: * UN Conference Suggests New World Currency * 22:23:31
Ron Paul on Beck Discussing Global Economics, Governence 22:10:40
Bloody Human Bodies All Dripping with Blood... 21:07:31
Pass far and wide - this will be taken into account TUESDAY! 18:36:47
TIME to submit your questions for Ron Paul! 10:29:02
Two days until Schiff money bomb! 9/9/09 10:26:04
Trevor Lyman Supporting OK Gubernatorial Candidate Randy Brogdon - Moneybomb Sep 18 21:29:33
Revolution is a Duty of the People 10:29:01
'For Liberty' Grassroots Documentary Now Accepting Pre-Orders 10:57:01
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Panic in D.C.? Justice urges birth suit tossed 23:56:07
Depression Cooking With Clara "Pasta & Peas" 23:24:34
HEADLINE: Gary Johnson's entry would shake up 2012 campaign 23:26:25
Is a New Sedition Act on the Way? Czar Sunstein, cowboy hired by Obama to "corral" the bloggers 22:51:51
I see why, Arlo 22:01:45
Gold Hits $1,000 21:33:46
Huge News at 21:33:15
How Can "End The Fed" NOT Be Number One? 21:19:52
Expanding the Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas 20:52:27
Woodrow Wilson: Need some references/links on why he was one of the 20:52:20
AE911Truth with Richard Gage, LIVE STREAMED from The Commonwealth Club of California TODAY, Tues Sept 8 at 5:45 PDT 20:50:12
Telekinesis, Courtesy of Mattel 20:48:45
The coolest thing that has happened to me in a while! 20:37:56
What needs to be changed in the U.S. Constitution... 20:27:39
Dump Chris Dodd 20:26:48
Charity says US troops stormed Afghan hospital 20:16:38
Gold at $999.30 on 9/7/09 8:15 pm EDT: Tick, tick, tick. 20:05:01
The Smoking Gun.... rrrr Video...Question: Who can get their hands on it? 19:56:39
Baucus to move forward "on his own" on heath care by Sept. 15. 19:55:13
Pass far and wide, this will be taken into account tomorrow! 19:19:11
Peter Schiff LIVE right NOW (Mon, Sept 7 7:00PM Eeastern) on Freedom's Domain 19:13:52
How do we get from here to agorism/free market/market anarchism? 18:06:40
To all those who had a day off today, 1 there's no Constitutional validity to Labor Day 18:05:22
BREAKING NEWS in the legal area - Citizens Grand Jury 18:04:55
A more realistic unemployment figure? 16:21:56
Huge Announcement Coming Tomorrow to Infowars and Prison Planet 16:16:11
If I write a better Constitution will you all call me "Father" 16:08:15
trends in economic growth, 1700–1850 16:01:28
UN Says New Currency Is Needed to Fix Broken ‘Confidence Game’. Sept 7 15:56:19
See Baby Discriminate 15:44:17
Audit the Fed Mass Action Event 15:41:21
Will Peter Schiff be the first Liberty Lobbyist -- Is there money in it? 15:30:14
Economic 9-11: Did Lehman Brothers Fall or Was It Pushed? 15:24:35
Paul Craig Roberts nails it again 15:18:01
Sky Saves the Planet by Killing Digiboxes 15:01:43
America no longer operates sovereignly 14:25:16
How to Avoid the Draft Lawfully 14:23:07
Newsweek’s War on White People: “It’s horrifying to imagine kids being proud to be white.” 14:01:41
Larken Rose's latest newsletter, Although it's very disappointing, he does make some valid points 13:28:35
China alarmed by US money printing 13:18:42
A black hole called Federal Reserve 13:12:25
China nervous, buying gold on dips 13:10:48
Another Ron Paul Supporter Runs For Senate - Barbara Steever 13:00:11
Remember the Cash4gold tv ads- 12:58:48
Calling All Muslim To The Hill Sept.25th 12:57:22
Here's the Prez's back to school speech 12:55:24
UK TELEGRAPH: Is America going to fall ala Argentina? 12:47:43
Video of Testimony from MIAC Hearing 8/31/09 12:28:23
Prepared Remarks of President Barack Obama Back to School Event 12:25:19
Killing America's Kids 12:20:56
German Government Advisor: CO2 Budget For Everyone On Planet 12:17:12
An Evening With Cindy Sheehan 11:56:20
Wake Up Call 11:50:12
Greenspan: Need To Cut Fed Balancesheet To Prevent Inflation... 11:23:10
Rand Paul: End the Fed in the Senate 10:21:36
Why did the Federal Reserve Devalue the U.S. Dollar to 5 Cents? 10:18:41
US Hypocrisy Astonishes the World 10:14:25
The Message Of The Georgia Guidestones 10:10:11
Even the Huffington Post critizes Obama's Afgan War 10:03:51
Flight 93 Memorial? Your tax dollars at work 09:43:53
My WalMart revelation 09:05:53
China alarmed by US money printing 08:48:45
FEMA's structure for fascist rule 08:30:55
Obama Slammed by Washington Post 08:15:22
"Could George W Bush end up behind bars?" Please take action! 08:00:59
Schiff for Senate Banners 07:54:14
Barack Obama accused of making 'Depression' mistakes 04:08:09
Rand Hospitalized? 01:43:42
Obama speech in NH schools- LOL! 01:30:40
Ron Paul Finds Support for Fed Audit 01:03:54
If America were a smarter country, wouldn't you be leading in the polls? 01:02:26
Take One Minute To Promote Schiff 4 Senate Moneybomb On Sep 9Th! 00:50:08
Open Letter to President Obama 00:48:32
** Shh...Don't Tell, but we may have a closet R3VOLutionary at 00:36:32