Posted on September 8, 2009

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Video: Peter Schiff Predicts Gold to Break $2,000, $3,000 21:48:00
Ron Paul Has the Council on Foreign Relations Worried 16:52:34
Ron Paul: C4L Legislative Update Sept. 8, 2009 16:01:43
You see this? Florida GOP 'purges' members - Ron Paul members 14:24:17
Ron Paul: Government Solutions Lack Understanding - Texas Straight Talk 11:59:04
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A Must Read! Very informative and critical article about the Federal Reserve is the top story on Huffington Post 23:52:10
For those who are helping Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen 23:42:57
The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday 23:27:24
You're on the Battlefield Right Now 23:20:25
To the Sons of the Republic 23:12:43
rhino: We are all now being labeled "tenthers" LOL!!! 23:08:58
Birthright Citizenship 23:07:32
A plea for sanity... 22:57:42
State of Emergency: Darby, Pa 22:48:51
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Teleprompter Bites 22:37:36
It is a shame that this so called lie, gets people more active on here than when they hear the truth 22:32:07
rhino: Hey New People ... FYI ... The AJ frenzy is a very small but very vocal minority. 22:13:39
Alex- save yourself!!! 22:10:35
This is exactly what we were afraid of! Alex Jones publishes fake interview of President Obama with Charlie Sheen! 22:00:52
A New World Order emerges 21:58:50
I smell trolls doing damage control 21:53:50
R3VOLUTION Via Adam 21:45:17
To the Daily Paul readers and contributors: A Sam Adams on the house! 21:20:51
My one year Daily Paul birthday 20:09:41
National Guard being deputized as lawmen? 20:07:50
Fines proposed for going without health insurance 20:05:13
Rep. Schmidt whispers "I agree with you" to birther 19:51:39
The Judge on Illegal Czars 19:48:04
Florida Republican Party Implosion! Great News Article! 19:45:34
Idea for Truthers 19:31:58
Senator Helps Mexicans Take Americans’ Jobs 19:25:05
Daily Paul Is Not In Ruin - It's Enemy IS*)) 19:19:36
It's time to stop Loony Conspiracy Theories about 9/11. 19:08:23
Cows, Constitution & commandments 19:02:31
Death of WWII hero 18:54:37
Urgent action needed 18:50:37
Breaking News!!! Sibel Edmonds Ungagged!!! Deposition: Video And Transcript Released 18:27:58
Standardized healthcare in action 18:20:54
WND: Shocker! Judge orders trial on eligibility issue 18:04:01
Glenn Beck Weekly Standard advertisement 17:58:33
KANE for Congress Anyone? 17:33:59
4 U.S. soldiers die in Iraq, despite pullout...WTF 17:26:09
Drunk Boys with Guns 17:15:24
Butterfly man Crop Circle 16:11:40
Philly Patriot places to visit for C4L NE conference vacation 16:11:37
UNDEAD REVOLUTION - The meaning of "natural born citizen" 16:05:02
A Local Health Director's viewpoint on swine flu 16:01:51
Lucas Smith Affidavit now filed with the US District Court - Obama Kenyan BC 16:01:33
911 Flight 93 Rare Footage from Shanksville - must see! 15:50:46
The New World Order is Upon Us 15:50:17
Obama is a HYPOCRITE !!! 15:41:04
Hope to see everyone at the NE CFL Regional Conference! 15:39:39
Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty Update(Video) 15:31:41
Chicken tales UPDATE! 15:22:01
Great defender of freedom: Sean Hannity...NOT! 15:20:47
Florida law makes it impossible to bring liberty to the Florida GOP 15:19:14
Ron Paul Has the Council on Foreign Relations Worried 15:18:11
Ron Paul C4L update video 9/8 14:37:14
Daily Paul - Keep it on track 14:29:58
Tory Watch 14:28:45
Farmers sell wives after crops fail 14:21:06
Hong Kong wants delivery of physical gold 14:17:32
Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen; heros and patriots 13:49:38
Misesian Philosophy does not support VOTING / LOBBYING 13:46:41
Questions about the Constitution 13:30:24
Why did the thread on Ron Paul potentially being a Freemason get locked? 13:23:48
And they come out of the woodwork 13:19:04
** MUST SEE: Glenn Beck is a neoCON, NOT a Libertarian. 13:12:46
Did I just hear Alex Jones correctly? Please someone tell me I heard him incorrectly. 12:24:02
So....Can Alex Jones finally be lumped in with the likes of Beck 11:42:09
Republican Party of Florida Purges Outspoken Members 11:38:48
Will They Stay OR Will They Go?: Obama's Controversial Czars 11:28:03
Florida Republican Party Wages War on Liberty Caucus 10:54:34
Dragnet's Jack Webb Schools Barack Obama 10:51:46
Next level: impeachment rallies 10:45:34
20 minutes with the President, Bait and Switch 10:37:49
Lew Rockwell Speaking Wednesday evening - Everyone is Welcome 10:34:49
Glenn Beck Exposed as Liberty Poser :: Nothing New to Report Right? Wrong! 10:19:21
Get a Load of This! (from Politico): "Read the bill? It might not help" 09:35:33
Never, NEVER Talk to the Police 09:25:32
Charlie Sheen dupes TRUTHer with an assist from AJ! 09:23:42
Huge Story: Charlie Sheen vs Obama on 9/11(New Investigaton?) 09:19:43
Ron Paul ~American Sign Language 09:08:07
Wal-Mart employees beat woman to death in China 08:55:10
Remember this tomorrow and send this to your friends too! 08:40:53
C4L Feature Article - Unnecessary and Immoral (Income Tax) 08:33:51
Obama's big bad evil speech to the students 08:05:34
Help send an able mind to the Northeast Regional Conference. 05:15:34
Ron Paul : They´re Planning New Monetary Structure! 05:12:14
The Best Congress AIPAC Can Buy 04:34:59
Dirty Crazy Uncle! 03:03:00
Video: FBI Whistleblower: Hastert, Burton, Blunt, Other Members of Congress 'Bribed, Blackmailed 02:33:10
Gold just broke $1000/oz 02:26:00
Peter Schiff Analogies 02:18:15
Ron Paul : Federal Reserve & Banking & Economy 01:29:24
Liberty Candidates to speak at Midwest Liberty Fest!!! 00:41:59
How China Will Destroy The U.S. Dollar 00:27:45