Posted on September 9, 2009

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Ron Paul Response To President's Obama's Address To Congress (Video) 22:48:38
Story about Rand Paul at 19:58:39
HR 1207 / Audit the Fed To Get Hearing in House Committee ! 19:58:15
Obama Addresses Joint Session of Congress Tonight 8pm ET (9/9/9) 18:43:46
*** Freedom Watch 9-9-09 *** 18:22:27
Urgent: Ron Paul on Larry King tonight!! (spread the word) 17:06:51
Glenn Beck's Statements Against the Movement (All in one video) 15:59:10
Financial Services Committee to Hold Hearing on World Bank on 9-10-09 21:17:16
Swine Flu Action Plan 13:42:28
Testing a new spam filter on the Daily Paul today 11:33:22
Daily HR 1207 phone/email/fax bomb! 9/9/09 11:15:48
Bull Market in Arms: US is World's Leading Weapons Supplier w/ 68.4% Share 08:47:53
Huffington Post - Priceless: How the FED bought the Economics Profession 08:47:54
I Saw DailyPaul On My TV Screen Today! 11:22:48
RJ Harris in: A New America Movie 12:10:32
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Emilio Estevez 10 Minutes With The Vice President 23:28:27
Obama's 9/9 Health Care Speech - A Non-Collectivist's View. 23:27:44
Able Danger and DIA had advanced knowledge of 9/11 23:18:03
TERROR STORM Screening on 9/11/09 in Ontario, CA: Inland Empire 9/11 Truth 23:13:30
Despite the Method of its Launch, Let's Support Alex Jones' Effort 23:13:12
Coast to Coast Tonight 9/9/09 23:12:35
Obama's Smoking Gun; My Plan will Not Cover Illegal Aliens, he said! Lies, I Heard A Congressman Say 23:07:09
Letter from Obama; He wants our voice heard 23:03:46
Any Norton Buffalo fans out there? 22:52:27
Question about the Federal Reserve 22:49:05
How deep is the rabbit hole? 22:19:32
Obama's new theme song..... 22:03:15
Doctors left a premature baby to die because he was born two days too early 21:55:05
Ron Paul was already on Larry King 21:54:32
Video: SC Congressman Joe Wilson Calls Obama A Liar During Speech 21:48:44
We need another plan for 2010 funding for elections if this is true 21:44:18
South Carolina Republican Rep. Joe Wilson shouted “You lie!” after Obama had talked about illegal immigrants. 21:37:47
I want haircut insurance 21:35:14
Poll: Healthcare reform 21:30:23
An excellent article describing our current economic position 21:27:17
Heath Care - It's easy... just give us all the same health plan that is enjoyed by our congressmen, senators and president. 21:21:56
Poll on 21:11:33
Here you go: A Link to Live Streaming of CNN. 21:02:06
Ron Paul calls for 911 investigation? 20:54:40
I am Israel 20:41:36
Hearings on HR 1207!House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank has officially agreed to hold hearings on HR 1207! 20:13:34
Audit the Fed Will Get Hearing in House Committee! 20:00:41
Toronto Speaks Out Against Vaccinations 19:25:13
Schiff establishes Senate announcement timetable 19:10:15
we should charge the credit rating companies for using our information 18:46:42
The Great Fakeroo Recovery 18:44:16
What to do with the unconstitutional American Community Survey census 18:36:26
Rand Paul Campaign Gaining Strength 18:09:19
Coming Soon to a Window Near You 17:50:18
ACORN Workers Arrested In Fla. 17:38:51
Smoking Gun Has Become Fire 17:32:38
Fed survey shows US recession may be over 17:31:45
Head Of China Sovereign Wealth Fund Openly Admits Asset Bubble Addressed By Creation Of More Bubbles 17:28:50
Worst Scandal Yet - More Than Watergate or Clinton's Lewinsky 17:27:50
Federal Government Starts Identity Initiative 17:08:06
Never Leave a Soldier Behind 17:04:36
Welcome Back Mash-up 16:38:40
Why we must Audit the Federal Reserve - A lesson from Germany 16:19:22
Is the US dollar chipped? 16:14:58
Dodd makes it official, decides to keep Banking gavel 16:13:31
Really need your help guys!! 16:08:22
Jericho 16:08:13
LA Times: Charlie Sheen demands Obama meeting on 9/11 cover-up 16:03:18
CBS: Why We Needed Van Jones On The Inside 15:59:49
Barney Frank Threatens to Revive Mortgage Bankruptcy Plan 15:56:54
More on FL's purge of Ron Paul terrorists... 15:54:47
Dr. Paul on Larry King tonight 9/9/09 15:47:22
Rep. Ron Paul talks Obama's school speech, health reform, and other issues facing Congress 15:42:26
New Fed. Res. survey: worst recession since 1930s may be over 15:34:05
Walmart: Home in on Categories where the Competition can be Killed. 15:28:44
4 Conundrums That Impede Healthcare Reform 15:25:18
Airliner hijacked in Mexico, lands safely 15:23:41
China Starts Journey to New Reserve Currency 15:21:01
911 Eyewitness Hoboken Highlights 1 Hour TV Special 15:16:05
Measuring a War Gone to Hell 14:54:45
Humorous news: Fast food giant loses in McDonald's vs. McCurry tiff 14:46:44
Obama "Let your failures teach you" 14:45:50
911 Flight 93 Rare Footage from Shanksville PA 14:45:04
very simple but wanted to say... 14:44:50
today's freedom watch was GREAT! 14:42:47
Walmart's Project Impact: A Move to Crush Competition 14:31:14
I just got my END THE FED book in the mail 14:30:35
The Patriot's Toolbox 14:23:50
Why are the comments closed on Info Wars? 14:11:57
UPDATE: Red Flag to Fly Over Whitehouse 14:11:51
Have $81,000? - Rent/Hire Glenn beck 13:49:58
matthewandruth -56 min member-Spam alert 13:30:35
Firefighter comments on WTC 7 on 9/11 13:13:44
The Daily Paul -- a registration disclaimer 13:10:29, New site coming online Thursday 13:02:17
LA Times Breaking: Charlie Sheen demands Obama meeting on 9/11 cover-up 12:40:49
Van Jones' Most Radical Rantings Yet and Their Ties to Young Obama 12:13:43
Dow vs GOLD 2006-2009 and Crash 12:07:45
ACORN workers accused of faking voter registration cards 12:06:20
ObamaCare Advocate Crashes Arizona Tea Party Event Using Elbow as a Weapon 11:54:06
Caught On Tape! Ca Assemblyman Michael Duvall about 'sex & spanking' 11:26:09
Goldman boss says anger over pay justified 11:23:35
Tribute to 9/11: Sometimes you have to fight for those that can't fight for themselves 11:15:50
Zero- An Investigation Into 911 11:11:01
Did Texas execute an innocent man? 11:04:57
Charlie Sheen "Interview" With Obama Goes Viral 11:04:21
ACORN Voter Registration Fraud Arrests Being Made 10:55:33
You will EVOL the Ron Paul “For Liberty” Documentary 10:50:37
The Recovery Lie Revealed 09:58:49
Fire chief shot by cop in Ark. court over tickets 09:42:24
Guardian UK: What Exactly Did the Fed Do With $2 Trillion? 09:39:06
Obama to seal US-UN relationship 09:34:38
The Great Fakeroo Recovery by Lew Rockwell 09:24:25
9:09:09 on 9/09/09 Did you survive? 09:12:43
So when do we fight fire with fire ?? 09:12:22
Chinese Oil Company Gets $30 Billion Loan for Acquisitions. Spending dollars while 09:11:46
Obama Pitched Universal Health Care to Students in Meeting Prior to His Speech on Education 09:10:09
"911-Liars" it's the new movement 08:55:04
U.S. Dollar Will Weaken, Currency Crash Possible, Roubini Says 08:40:02
Seems like a good time to discuss controlled opposition. 08:08:11
Gold War 08:06:34
Duck Tales Inflation help for french subtitles 08:02:33
A year after financial crisis, the consumer economy is dead 07:53:57
The 10 Who Blew The Recession (Says Ron Paul Mistakenly Embraced the Crazies) 07:36:39
Liberty Candidates: A Choice Between Right & Wrong 06:02:09
Thousands Cheer Chelene Nightingale During Her Electrifying Appearance At The"Stop Taxing Us" Rally Thursday In Oceanside, Calif 05:12:21
Off-Topic - Just for Fun - Monopoly City Streets 04:50:26
-TUBE- Judge Napolitano : Obama's Illegal Czars 03:52:27
MAD COW ALERT!! 02:56:11
Peter Schiff Moneybomb Is ON! Help To Get The Word Out In Youtube! 02:32:24
Congressman called "enemy of God and the Republic" at town hall meeting 01:57:13
The Department of Education - From the Inside 01:39:22
H. L. Mencken: Aim of Public School System is to Suppress Dissent and Originality 01:25:22
FREE - Live Webinar Tues. 9/15/09 00:52:37
Ron Paul Has the Council on Foreign Relations Worried 00:49:38
Why didnt Charlie Sheen simply go to the Whitehouse gate 00:41:02
Ron Paul Republican, Revives Alameda County GOP, infighting Lawsuit 00:38:14
How is the Obama admin. Similar to that of Nazi Germany or Stalin, Russia? 00:35:41
Secret Service Finally Releases G20 Security Info For Pittsburgh 00:24:43
How the fed buys off U.S. economists 00:24:26
Texas Libertarians Tour State to Rally 2010 Candidates and Support County Affiliates 00:18:01
Palin Sides With Obama on Afghanistan 00:16:08
Republic is One of Those Words 00:01:11
Peter Schiff Money Bomb Today - 9/9/9 07:47:26