Posted on January 2, 2010

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Ron Paul will launch a formal investigation into $44 Million given to Kingfisher! 18:34:14
TSA Withdraws Subpoenas Against Bloggers 10:22:15
Here We Go...Obama Has Signed Executive Orders Giving Interpol *full immunity* 11:05:29
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New Hampshire proposes state sovereignty law--with a twist 23:50:07
Vote For Connecticut - Vote For Peter Schiff 23:33:31
Where have all the jobs gone? "You know the middle class jobs" 23:06:35
Is anyone else getting Constituent survey from D.C. on cellphone? 22:37:35
It Feels Good! 22:32:58
Any one have a working link for Ron´s speech at the rally for the republic ? 22:22:30
Muslim-Hindu punk rock bands 19:34:39
Coasttocoast Tonight, Economic Forecast: 2010 19:25:04
Great Song "Jump you F*#kers" 18:17:37
RT: Hundreds of 911 first responders murdered 18:03:40
Gerald Celente 2010 predictions C-to-C AM 17:26:59
Vietnam to put an end to gold trading 17:10:13
New Year, New Laws 17:00:53
American Disappointment 16:22:01
The last person brought onto the earth by Ron Paul? 16:17:07
Empire's Five Wars: Yemen Somalia Pakistan Iraq Afghanistan 15:40:44
Move Your Money Campaign - A New Year's Resolution For All Americans! 15:32:31
2009 - US Killed 700 Civilians in Pakistan Drone Strikes 15:27:54
Chemtrail onslaught intensifies, almost a month straight of white lines and spray tankers, no blue sky anymore. 15:20:47
Gerald Celente on Fox Business 12/29/09: 2010 Market Trends 15:19:38
Constitutional Money System vs. Gold Standard 15:16:19
Here In The Long Solemn Dark: An Examination Of Global Elitism 15:02:27
"Not Even Jesus Could Reverse The Decline In The US" 14:37:35
Vote for them to POLL Peter Schiff! 14:06:58
waiting to hatch 14:02:45
Crossroads stimulus money trail: Where did $44 million go? Ron Paul to investigate 13:36:25
A Real New Year's Resolution- Move Your Money-Let's Make This Go Viral!!!!!!!!!!! 13:29:49
The Power Elite Hates LRC 13:25:03
Ron Paul's ideas no longer fringe-L.A. Times 13:24:28
A REMINDER... 13:06:42
Interesting information of director of Avatar, 33rd degree mason James Cameron 12:54:41
Do Drug-War Killers Hate Us for Our Freedom Too? 12:36:23
"How to Change the Culture"..... one entrepreneur at a time 12:33:32
War Love: Romeo & Juliet from Gaza 11:53:41
The Day Arrives - Peace*)) 11:37:14
No U.S. combat-related deaths in Iraq in December 11:27:13
Raise a cup fer Auld lang Syne 11:25:06
Changing the Narrative for War 11:16:32
Adam Kokesh - Tune In Turn On Cash Out 10:50:43
Sun's protective bubble decreasing 25% in last decade according to NASA 10:37:13
US Troops Accused of Executing 10 Afghan Civilians 10:34:18
Now you can use Zig Zags for cigarettes too 10:32:34
US Troops Accused of Executing 10 Afghan Civilians 10:31:09
How much $$$ has the govt drained by rigging the stock market? 10:29:37
Wilhelm Reich ~ Listen, Little Man! 08:39:54
Do we need a new reserve currency? 06:04:18
In bio attack, US Post Office could distribute aid 03:42:31
*MUST SEE* New Year's Resolution : Free Yourself!!! 03:27:23
Bill St. Clair on why the State survives 03:26:08
Video - Detroit in Ruins! 02:30:22
Suicide Bomber Kills 105 at Tournament in Pakistan: UN leaving country 02:23:49
Ron Paul being attacked at 02:05:27
Crossroads stimulus money trail: Where did $44 million go? Ron Paul to investigate 01:26:16
Rasmussen Poll: Ron Paul comes within eight points on Public Policy Polling compared to Obama 00:59:12
WTMA Radio Interview with Ron Paul (12/31/09) 00:55:45
RON PAUL 2012! 00:46:33
Liberty Alert Database 00:18:21