Posted on January 7, 2010

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Dr. Ron Paul On Alex Jones (1/7/10) 12:54:36
New Initiative to Regulate Pot Use Filed in Nevada 09:41:47
State Tax Revenue in U.S. Drops Most Since 1963 09:40:09
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Rand Paul mentioned on ABC evening news! 23:52:22
Adam Kokesh Speaks About Capitalism In Japan - Wow Goosebumps!!!!! 23:50:40
Liberty Restoration Project - Springfield MO Meeting 23:45:38
Wisconsin/Canadian Raw Milk Alliance Formed in Response to Call for Civil Disobedience 23:19:57
IDEA: Perfect Scanner Protest 22:24:23
"WHO Adviser Conceals A Donation Of Millions From A Pharmaceutical Co." 22:20:37
Daily Unicorn Report 22:03:14
Sarah Palin father of AOLs tea party 22:00:50
Ben Bernanke Times person of the year? 22:00:36
Suicide Claims More US Military Lives Than Afghan War 21:58:26
Promoting Adam Kokesh & Cheap Shot Served to Neocon Sean Hannity 21:57:11
Webster Tarpley on Alex Jones ... U.S. lies about Flight 253 21:15:46
US General: 500 US Casualties a Month in Afghanistan by Summer 21:13:19
Totally whacky, Windows has a 'godmode' 20:39:51
GOP Aides Tell RNC: tell Steele to shut up 20:27:04
Mainstream Media 20:21:16
Stick 187: Al QEADA MADE ME RECORD THIS 19:40:20
Harry Browne on the mythical crime of "insider trading" 19:35:10
Chemtrail Deniers: If airplanes were spraying the sky, what exactly do you think that would look like? 19:25:11
RT: Americans disillusioned by Obama's promise of hope and change? 19:14:28
S 510 - FDA Food Safety Modernization Act 18:58:01
Tea Bangers? Does This Work For You? 18:42:50
Online poll for Peter Schiff today! 18:41:00
"Obama OKs taxing high-end health plans" 18:39:14
Democracy now interviews Allan Nairn: "Obama Has Kept the Machine Set on Kill". 18:19:23
Here it comes Run! 17:52:13
Is the Government In Charge, Or Is It the Shadow Elite? 17:49:27
Can I Get A Moderator To Do An Embed Please? 17:46:56
Reference Article - 32 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to Be True 17:46:09
"America Rising" ~ Brand New Video ~ 225,000 Views In 3 Days! Spam It 17:44:39
Today - Orthodox Christmas Day*)) 17:43:31
Ironic! For those that do their own taxes 17:43:23
THE WARNING SHOT: Fed Tells Banks They Need To Worry About Interest Rates 17:28:00
Video: James Madison Impersonator 17:23:12
The Four Funkiest GOP Primaries Of 2010 17:00:47
2010: Giant Gathering Storm Clouds 16:33:20
Sen. Jim DeMint talks about Rand Paul 16:20:31
What’s your New Years list for short selling in 2010? 16:02:35
RT: China a spoiler on potential Iran sanctions 15:39:41
Ron Paul stabbed by Politico: 'Paul: Tea parties won't rebuild GOP' 15:27:32
Vaccines for Travel to Central America? 15:20:19
Obama Admin Giving More Taxpayer Money To Bankers For Toxic Asset Plan 15:15:46
Like it or not, the case for auditing the Federal Reserve just got a whole lot better. 15:13:45
Aid Convoy Arrives in Gaza, George Galloway Describes “Desperate” Situation 15:12:17
Yemen warns U.S. intervention could strengthen al-Qaeda 15:10:29
"My husband did this against the U.S. invasion." 15:07:15
Witness Claims US Soldier Threw Grenade Into Crowd 14:52:24
Willem Buiter warns of massive dollar collapse 14:50:49
This will be validation for HR1207 and further validate Ron Paul! 14:40:47
Burning Books For Heat... 14:31:38
"Tony Blair’s £1m-a-year paymaster seeks giant Iraqi oil deal" 14:30:31
"Obama Has Kept the Machine Set on Kill’ 14:23:53
Pavlov’s Dog of War~Old Blackwater Keeps on Rollin’ 14:11:45
Court spectator sues judge for drug-testing him 'on a hunch' 13:59:06
How Rose parade policing subverted the Constitution "in the spirit of homeland security" 13:48:19
The First Senator From the Tea Party? NYT Mag on Marco Rubio 13:26:40
IRS's 32 Billion Dollar Discrepancy 13:22:07
Interesting Gold Production Details 13:07:33
? Cafferty Rips Obomba ... Huh ? 13:06:06
Geithner’s New York Fed Told AIG to Limit Swaps Disclosure 13:04:26
Ron Paul guest on Alex Jones Today 1 pm EST 13:04:14
Africa, OBAMA's Next Target : WAR 12:42:12
Alex Jones $10k & $5k contests going end Feb 6,10 12:28:15
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger Seeks Bailout – What Did You Expect From a Body Builder/Actor? 12:07:49
~The Erosion & Rotting of a Nation’s Foundation 11:53:18
This is HUGE !! Europe to investigate UN over pandemic scam !!! 11:53:11
Icicles on Oranges - Global Warming!! 11:45:16
Chasing Gelten Shadows - Jake Towne 11:42:45
Geithner’s New York Fed Told AIG to Limit Swaps Disclosure 11:35:21
Wow! If this is true, we can all rejoice… 11:16:43
Body Scanner Waves Tear Apart DNA 11:13:10
Happy Birthday Rand Paul 10:45:14
Next up in Obama's War on Terror: Africa 10:41:04
Where’s the Beef, Mr. Murdoch? Re: Media Disinfo to Promote Fear, Wars 10:33:22
Ava*tarGate 10:19:25
BREAKING NEWS! 'Flaws' in key Lockerbie evidence !! Pan Am 103 10:11:36
Healthcare puttin' a hurtin' on Democrat Senators 10:00:37
US complains of Pakistan harassment at checkpoints 09:47:52
Don't be fooled in 2010 (economy) 08:34:50
Ben Nelson getting crucified in Nebraska 08:00:46
ADL Urges Supreme Court to Ensure States' Right to Keep Firearms Out of Hands of Extremists 07:56:26
Rand Paul Surges to Lead in Senate Race 07:26:11
The Death of "Sheeple" and other popular Catchphrases 05:32:57
Homeland Security Chum - the song 04:24:46
Finally posted some activism pictures. Take a peak. 04:06:44
We have too many 'side shows' (Insert Einstein's definition of Insanity) 03:17:01
Two Spheres 02:58:56
More Good News: Medina Victorious in Battle Against Republican Party of Texas 02:51:54
On right now, Govt. $ Revelations on CoasttoCoast 02:38:25
Calling Warbucks! Where's That Gold Crash You Warned About? 02:31:21
Need 43 M sq. ft. office space in Silicon Valley?: No problem! 02:08:50
Treason, theft, false imprisonment, and the individual health insurance mandate 02:04:53
This guy could be President Paul's Secretary of HHS or Treasury 01:57:37
Come hear Tom Woods speak in NC 01:50:27
We did it! We won! Now here's what's next. 01:48:33
Come hear Tom Woods Speak in NC 01:45:13
adequate jailtime - your feedback please 01:21:41
The Yemen Oil Agenda 01:08:09
Non Residents exempt from Healthcare Taxes. 00:43:52
There is a storm brewing and WE are the lightning! 00:31:57