Posted on January 8, 2010

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Brave Iceland 14:15:15
H&M and Wal-Mart destroyed and trashed unsold goods 09:22:13
Ron Paul's Golden Rule (Forbes Mag Interview) 09:20:34
Digg It! Obama Don't know JACK! Cafferty Rips on Obama 'Just Another Lie' 06:01:30
Helen Thomas: What's Their Motivation? You Never Explain Why They Want To Do Us Harm! 09:22:31
Ron Paul Endorses John Dennis for U.S. Congress 09:06:00
Today! John Dennis Mad As Hell Money Bomb | Jan 7th '10 09:05:25
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Video ~Peter Dale Scott~Solidarity 23:46:47
I love you all 23:45:29
Save the Date - March 20 Pro Peace - Anti War March on DC 23:45:10
George Galloway MP deported from Egypt, say activists 23:11:38
Experts: world watch lists are flawed terror tool 22:42:44
MO McDonalds, up in smoke 22:39:39
[Video] - I pledge to join YAL 22:08:09
Yemen warns U.S. intervention could strengthen al-Qaeda 21:58:22
Main Street to Wall Street: We don't buy the rally 21:58:16
Government Issued Stun Bracelets for all Airline Passengers? 21:31:43
Government Issued Stun Bracelets for all Airline Passengers? 21:31:41
Minnesota starts database of people taking painkillers 21:05:21
Bill St. Clair on why the State survives 20:55:57
Congress Spending Like Drunken Sailors 20:54:33
Congress Spending Like Drunken Sailors 20:50:28
Did Kucinich vote for the health care bill? 20:45:18
H.R. 4248: Free Competition In Currency Act 20:23:09
Body Scan Protest: $10,000 For The Best Naked Protest 20:18:03
WH: Geithner Not Involved w/AIG 20:15:57
War Made Easy - How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning us to Death 20:11:16
*Action Alert* Body Scan Images Can Be Colorized to Show More Explicit Body Parts 19:43:45
Afghan War kills 3 children a day- but the U.S. claims terrorists hate us for being rich and free... 19:32:58
Ayn Rand on John Stossle 19:18:06
I'm looking for a Quigly gun. Remember the movie! 19:10:31
New liberty candidate for Congress in Pa - Patrick Henry Sellers 19:03:09
RT: Did Pakistan help the CIA bomber? 18:58:44
Constitutionalists and Christians have much in common! By joining forces they could quickly regain control of the U.S.! 18:56:16
Food shortages THIS year! Why is the Media NOT Covering This? 18:55:09
Jesse Ventura SCARES OFF Fox News Anchor with the Truth! 18:49:43
RT: More controversy for Blackwater 18:41:25
Sleep on Sheeple 18:29:19
TSA: Share Your Experiences 17:50:11
44% Grayson (R), 37% Mongiardo (D) 49% Paul (R), 35% Mongiardo (D) 45% Grayson (R), 35% Conway (D) 46% Paul (R), 38% Conway (D) 17:48:59
Detroit "bomber" a FALSE FLAG 17:42:58
Making public officials do their job 16:51:59
Oooooh Nasty! Talk host: GOP plotted Christmas bombing 16:40:13
Geithner called to explain AIG bailout secrecy 16:38:33
States rebelling against new burdens in health-care bill 16:36:40
Update Link Fixed: Please Give Me Your Input on this Peace-Freedom Symbol 16:03:18
Creative New Fees Escape CARD Act Rules, Surprise Consumers 15:58:43
RT: Backdoor bailout - AIG paid out more to get more 15:42:08
Obama Eyes 401K and IRAs for Government Control and Theft 15:31:54
Drudge Report now includes Infowars link 15:10:11
The Next Defense - Nullification of the Health Care Tax 15:04:10
Hitler knows what Nano-Thermite in the WTC dust means 14:54:47
'Conservative', A Tainted Word 14:53:01
The Currency of Democracy 14:50:48
What Unemployment??? Fast forward to September 2010 just before elections... 14:40:09
Falling Iguanas! 14:29:26
Manchurian Candidate Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura 14:26:50
Russia opens oil port that will supply China Japan and South Korea 14:20:59
Frozen Britain - Send this picture to Al Gore 14:20:59
Your Government Doing What They Do Best 14:15:48
Slam Poetry (Basic Economics) -in ebonics 14:10:39
Do neo-cons ever call themselves by that term? 14:07:55
Breaking: Tres Sec. Geithner caught in scandal 14:06:04
True liberalism vs. current "liberalism 14:03:32
The Government Obstructs Justice to Protect the IRS 13:58:51
ObamaCare is Dead! 13:43:07
Employers unexpectedly cut 85k jobs in December 13:25:32
CHEMTRAILS: The planes are just sky writing! OK? 12:59:15
Questionable Glenn Beck at times........ 12:48:20
Brand new Rand Paul polling numbers! 12:47:56
Breaking The Will Of The People: The Real Purpose Of Body Scanners 12:33:39
Giuliani Praises Obama for his War on Terror 12:18:49
PA has a lot of good candidates!! 11:57:31
Jack Cafferty Rips Obama & Pelosi Apart! 11:54:29
Live Local. 11:18:33
The Mistake of 700 American Bases 11:11:03
Israeli "Mind-Readers" being developed 11:06:14
Bloomberg TV - Administration showing interest in converting 401(k)s to annuities 11:03:11
RT: Offense instead of defense needed to prevent terror 10:26:14
Tranficant's mouth behind 50,000 watts every Saturday 10:21:16
FEDS considering MIND READING at airports to deter terrorist attacks... 09:37:11
For some reason comment not available on the original post 09:27:58
Walk Away From Your Mortgage! 08:53:42
Anyone ever heard of Neal Blue?? 08:40:58
Was Thomas Jefferson a so-called "neo-con"? 08:14:19
Going Vogue: Palin To Bilk $100k From Tea Party Movement For One Speech 08:13:27
I need a Critique. on my soon posting im going public soon. 07:13:36
The Southern Avenger: Our Stupid Foreign Policy 06:49:26
An Obama Supporter Laments Over Geithner Issue 06:20:28
Rachel Maddow/Ron Paul interview on front page of Huffington Post! 03:37:24
14th Amendment - true intent 03:25:12
When, oh when, will America wake up? 02:54:06
Poll: Should Sarah Palin Become The Face Of The Tea Party Movement? 02:06:16
***Steve Forbes Endorses Rand Paul In What Should Be The Most Interesting Senate Race Of 2010 **** 01:56:05
People Against Airport Porn 01:54:09
Anarchy & Order Flourish in Northern Cote d'Ivoire 01:09:41
Go To "The Day" CT News and vote for Peter Schiff Now! 00:03:49
Burning books for heat in the UK 00:03:19
Protest Trey Grayson on January 14th! 00:00:35