Posted on January 13, 2010

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Sarah Palin just gave her position on the Fed 18:27:12
Must Read: USSR Was Better Prepared for Collapse than US 13:21:09
RJ Harris Makes Big Move Up in Polls 13:27:30
Let's Roll: They're Shutting Debra Medina Out AGAIN! 11:04:40
Lindsey Graham on Ron Paul winning 2012 GOP nomination "Im more likely to be in the NBA" 00:04:59
Judge Napolitano: The Constitution And Freedom Parts 1 - 4 16:51:14
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...Then They Came For My 401k 23:58:52
Are Americans a Broken People? Why We've Stopped Fighting Back Against the Forces of Oppression 23:42:35
Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory: A Documentary video 23:42:30
This looks pretty good. 23:29:34
National Security: The Big Fraud 23:27:37
Poll: Most Americans would trim liberties to be safer 23:17:55
gun owners...please read gun law coming 23:14:18
Jesse Ventura "Conspiracy Theories": Secret underground bunkers of the elites! 23:12:02
HR 1207.....question... 23:04:26
58,407 Ron Paul people raised $6.03 MILLION /24 hrs Dec 16 2007-- How Many & How Much Will He Raise In 2011 When he Announces ? 22:37:39
The Next Defense – Nullification of the Health Care Tax (Jake Towne) 22:29:17
Help Please : need youtube clips teaching children HOW MONEY IS CREATED 21:49:41
The POTUS can be removed from office for Misdemeanors 21:38:49
Hello Africom... 21:09:57
Axiom-happy behavior? 21:05:45
Commerce Clause 21:00:04
Major Peace Actions Coming In March: Get Liberty Involved! 20:58:50
The Pentagram reports on Haiti [upd] 20:57:56
President Obama Signs Executive Order Establishing Council of Governors 20:56:01
Protest Drone Bombers Jan. 16th at CIA Headquarters 20:45:25
Monsanto's GMO Corn Linked to Organ Failure 20:41:54
June 8, 2007 Ron Paul : Don't tread on me 20:35:41
Google has some big GONADS IMO!!! I welcome all of CHINA to the D.P.!! 20:30:31
Obama musical set to open in Germany... 20:15:45
Update! A Constitutional Flub? Or evidence of two constitutions? 20:13:00
New Forbes Video: Dr. Ron Paul's Gold Standard 20:06:47
Sarah Palin Is A Threat To Peace 19:46:49
Rhino will like this... Woman pleads guilty to making 'fake' reports regarding FLDS prompting raids and removal of children 19:45:38
A call for comprehensive reform to restore our food sovereignty and democratic control of our farm and food system. 19:39:33
Fed Trying to Protect Bailout Secrecy 19:08:12
JPMorgan CEO: What's the Big Deal? Financial Crises Happen Every 5 Or 10 Years 19:03:27
Dennis Kucinich - It's time that Americans got their Money back from the Banks 19:02:22
15 phone call factoids that contradict the official government conspiracy theory 18:27:18
Rand Paul Senate campaign: Nationwide dollars working on a statewide scale 18:23:09
Beck is doing a 1hr interview with Palin today 18:01:08
Dear Carol Paul, THANK YOU!!!! 17:45:40
McMahon Admits valuing business relations over conservative ideals (Video) 17:41:41
Victor Gold Interview in 2007 17:39:42
Haiti earthquake: death toll may top 100,000 17:17:08
Fox News Whistleblowers. UNBELIEVABLE!!! 17:13:13
Favorite Ron Paul Moments 16:59:22
Important Video from Peter Schiff 16:32:08
Liberty Convention of Utah January 14-16 16:23:38
Lindsey Graham on Sonia Sotomayor Backdoor deals! 16:18:51
Filter Problems? 16:03:00
Seating Mass. Senate winner could be Delayed to Ensure Obamacare is Passed 15:33:52
Michael---Your thoughts on MASS Senate race? 15:32:56
POLL! Coakley, Kennedy, or Brown 15:26:46
Text Messaging Will Raise Money for Haiti Relief 14:49:34
A clever video about Reid's US Senate Race in Nevada. Lowdown's a featured player. 14:46:13
This is why Pelosi must GO! Watch the video & grab the tar & feathers. This is our own Marie Antoinette. 14:44:24
RONPAUL 2012 Bumper Stickers 14:29:57
I was flagged for posting Ron Pauls Texas Straight Talk 14:23:19
Sent to me from a Socialist friend 13:57:37
RJ Harris Interview on RepublicMedia.TV Thursday Night 8 PM EST 13:53:49
1207 stripped out of House bill that already passed! 13:53:32
Marijuana legalization gets OK from California Legislative Committee 13:51:47
RJ Harris Interview on RepublicMedia.TV Thursday Night 8 PM EST 13:49:18
ron paul 2012 on FACEBOOK 13:37:40
Obama, congressional Democrats meeting on health 13:34:59
German ‘Fleshmob’ Protests Airport Scanners 13:31:22
Congress's spending spree in Copenhagen 13:01:29
Swine Flu: False Pandemic 12:59:12
Come and Take It! A ten year standoff in Texas. 12:57:02
Lindsey Graham wants the reauthorization of the unconstitutional Patriot Act! 12:43:09
Obama wants record $708 billion military budget 12:42:36
RT: 43 vehicles in mass pile-up 12:42:16
Afghan Villagers: NATO Forces Opened Fire on Protesters Killing 13 12:22:34
Productive Weekend at Idaho Republican Central Committee Meeting 12:15:54
NWO rocks Haiti with weather attack, then takes credit for helping them 12:15:46
MO State Sovereignty rally today at State Capitol 11:56:29
One Year from Today: Ron Paul 2012 11:45:18
Bank CEO's being questioned by 'Financial Crisis Panel' -- NOW on CSPAN2 11:28:06
I just love Fred Reed.... "The Price of Freedom" 10:55:27
The True Essence of Slavery 10:33:18
The start of the Revolution 10:26:09
The Neo-Wilsonian Worldview by Jack Hunter 10:15:46
ron paul to speak @ a rand paul event...january 30th...get the word out.. 09:47:52
US Fed makes record $48bn profit 09:17:34
Anti-Real ID Bill picked up by Ron Paul 09:15:41
Man in Germany sent to prison for disagreeing with Obama... 08:34:05
German Business Journal Questions 911: "We do not believe you!" 07:28:17
Is Ron Paul Really An Anti-Semite? 06:46:49
Ron Paul Speaks For Me! 06:24:30
Haiti: Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste: Time To Collect The Money 04:05:28
Obama wants 33 Billion for Wars and 708 Billion for D.O.D. 03:55:59
If this does not piss you off-nothing will 02:07:28
Stossel's Show on Atlas Shrugged 01:48:19
Does liberty mean no masters? Or just masters with limited powers? 01:27:11
gonna need your help soon to expose political corruption! 01:12:12
I was escorted out of town council meeting by the chief of police tonight 01:03:32
Deflation? Don't Be Ridiculous 01:00:54
Doc Holladay's Corner -- new disscussion page 00:48:26
Thin Air Money Belongs to Me 00:47:46
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