Posted on January 19, 2010

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"Its up to Texans" Debra Medina full post debate press conference 19:09:01
Help Michael Badnarik! 18:25:10
Joe Kennedy Op Ed in Boston Globe: Return to government by the people, for the people 16:48:34
MONTHLY REPORT! from Liberty candidate Jake Towne 16:48:35
Dr. Paul: Government Is Too Big to Succeed 14:10:28
The Joe Kennedy Reader at the Daily Paul 11:18:27
The American Sucker 10:24:40
Ron Paul: "We need to take out the CIA!" 22:06:21
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The Surveillance Society: Trading Freedom For The Illusion Of Safety 23:53:19
Excellent Brand New TV Interview - DEBRA MEDINA in Tyler, Texas 23:48:13
Video: It's All About The Incumbents! When Do You Think They Will Get It? 23:46:48
In epic upset, GOP's Brown wins Mass. Senate race 23:46:32
*Brown Won* 22:55:18
Quitting Politics? 21:51:26
Mitt Romney, Tea Party Populist Poser 21:31:30
Peter Schiff Money Bomb Results 21:10:59
SC Senate passes anti-Obamacare resolution 20:08:46
Truth and Consequences: 'A Conspiracy of Rich Men' 20:01:51
Another Poor Hack Job by LIBERAL MEDIA Belo Corporation To Decide The Republican Primary- 'DEBRA MEDINA AND TWO RASMUSSEN POLLS' 19:46:01
Gold Prices to reach $1,600 per ounce? 19:31:15
Medina Strategy Corner 19:02:42
Great News! S.C. Senate affirms state's rights, says 'no' to health care reforms 18:59:44
Noam Chomsky in "Manufacturing Consent" 18:59:28
Help Michael Badnarik! 18:55:57
Pat Buchanan mentioned RP favorably in his blog 1/19 18:47:51
New Debra Medina Poll 18:40:37
Police officer being prosecuted for assault while on duty 18:26:35
Who is John Galt? 18:23:45
Glenn Beck educating about the shift from liberalim to progressivism 18:17:34
Jon Stewart on the Mass. senate race 16:30:42
Harper's: Guantanamo "Suicides"- Camp Sergeant Blows Whistle 16:26:57
xntryk1 - You made Canada's National Paper 16:24:51
Bernanke asks GAO to review Fed's AIG bailout - ? 15:55:59
Liberty Candidate Jake Towne becomes new show co-host! 15:07:30
Bernanke seeks Govt audit of Fed AIG bailout moves 14:58:28
FBI broke law for years in phone record searches 14:55:29
Help available for those who are willing to learn 14:53:07
Cadre of government agencies move forward with eminent domain seizure of Malibu beachfront property 14:20:18
Life sentence for Chinese Supreme Court Justice 14:17:41
Shock Therapy: A Look at the Real Fault Lines~US Role in Haiti's Poverty 14:13:05
Israeli website that is Pro-Ron Paul 13:59:01
R.J. Harris Polling Well Against GOP Incumbent 13:56:44
"Put the corn where the hogs can get it" 13:35:32
Former head of Israeli Security says naked body scanners hurt and insult passengers 13:14:00
A message from Transport Canada 12:52:57
SA@TAKIMAG: Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, and the Tea Party Saga 12:47:19
Local Politics 12:29:51
“Scott Brown is another Lincolnesque, Hamiltonian big gov neocon 12:17:26
Local Solutions to Common Dilemmas 11:47:10
Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, and the Tea Party Saga by The Southern Avenger 09:22:45
Who Says Inflation is Dead? 08:59:30
Is America Moving Right? By Patrick J. Buchanan 08:20:28
Last Minute Decision: I Would Vote For Scott Brown On The Basis of Politics. 06:21:36
INSIDE WASHINGTON: Secret bill-writing on the rise 05:48:56
Tight Massachusetts race alarms California Dems 05:34:00
(DIFFERENT) Vote To Include Debra Medina On Judge Napolitano's "Freedom Watch." 04:35:52
Debra Medina at the 912 Rally in Ft Worth 9 12 09 04:05:25
Economic Tipping Point 03:58:18
Texas Sovereignty / Secession Rally 08/09 Debra Medina 03:40:27
The Sum Of the Parts 03:37:57
Buchanan for RP 2012? 03:15:25
Dr. Ed Young: A Broken Washington 03:03:25
"Poll: Medina Up; Perry, Hutchison Down" 02:03:18
The Reluctant Anarchist 01:56:23
"German protesters strip-off in demonstration... " 01:53:31
The Honor of Ron Paul - by Joe Sobran 01:53:06
Debra Medina: The Clear Winner 01:49:34
Michigan company ADMITS to inscribing bible passages on rifles!!! 01:43:45
youtube user july4patriot arrested 01:22:45
US Troop Landings Delay Haiti Aid 01:17:21
Ron Paul Endorses Dr. Robert Lowry For Congress 00:51:06
A Great Deal of Wacky Stuff Going on Lately with the Movement 00:19:11
Timeless words of wisdom from the late George Carlin 00:17:24
Help elect Scott Brown 00:01:29