Posted on January 22, 2010

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Rand Paul on Fox Business 1/22/10 17:56:05
Obama Backs Bernanke, As Odds On InTrade Begin Sickening Plunge 15:50:49
CNBC / WSJ Bernanke Re-Appointment Polls - You know what to do. 14:21:01
S 604 and No Bernanke Fax/Email/Phone bomb-Harry Reid!!! 12:21:33
Senate Dems Not Sure They Can Get Enough Votes to Reconfirm Bernanke 07:58:55
Thoughts on Scott Brown and the Future of the TEA Parties 03:10:59
URGENT! - C4L Asks for Calls to All Senators to Hold Bernanke Renomination until Audit the Fed has Passed! 12:25:06
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RT: New Report Feeds Climate Change Skeptics 23:58:25
Is anyone else really upset that O won the Nobel Peace Prize for 23:41:56
Goldman under investigation for its securities dealings 23:37:30
No Wonder Postal Service is Bankrupt: pensions overcharged by $75B! 22:53:55
Bernanke Deserves a Statue On Wall Street? 22:44:37
5 Banks closed today: total assets $3B 22:39:19
Jake Towne "Scott Brown.... Just Another Republocrat" 22:04:15
RT: Local cops take on immigration enforcement 21:49:35
HOPE FOR HAITI live online telethon NOW! 21:48:28
All I Ask Is - Where Is Your Heart In This rEVOLution? 21:43:58
Bumper Sticker: God Invented Climate Change, Those Who Want To Stop It, Can Go To Hell! 21:27:12
Call for Immediate Arrest of 5 Supreme Court Justices for Treason 21:08:23
two more, so far, tonight ... 20:51:14
Mid South Bank's Rusty Cloutier says big banks are too big to regulate, too big to fail, and above the law 20:42:39
Help Jim DeMint Stop Bernanke and Audit the Fed 20:21:08
Humor 19:48:33
The Story of The Ant and Grasshopper in modern America 19:43:52
Surprise: new Republican Senator wants more government-run health care 19:32:08
Now that's Your police state in action: 'Papers please' for reporter at Texas capitol shooting investigation 19:24:37
Court Rules That Mass Surveillance of Americans is Immune From Judicial Review 19:20:25
Here we go: Terror level in UK raised to 'severe' 18:50:46
Bring Our (National Guard) Troops Home! - Lex Green 18:45:35
Hope you watched Glen Beck Friday-Very Good History Lesson 18:38:14
RT: US & UK call for civilian surge in Afghanistan 18:32:30
Right now: Glenn Beck's documentary is on 18:02:22
New Ron Paul hottie-activist...Dr. No still reelin' em in! 17:38:51
1/22/10 DOW CLOSE 10,172.98down -216.90 -2.09% 17:33:03
Bernanke confirmation shakier as more Democrats defect 17:25:51
English-only at Conn. bookstore sparks controversy 17:20:05
George Mason University 17:19:08
CEOs to DC: Quit calling us for campaign cash 17:13:04
Former President George H.W. Bush endorsed Hutchison for Texas governor 17:10:00
Please I beg you to help! This woman is spreading lies about Debra Medina 16:59:34
The Hijacking of Liberalism 16:57:23
We are NOT "teabaggers"...we are TAC's 16:54:16
Be careful who you cheer for 16:51:28
America Rising 2: An Open Letter to the Republican Party: Join or Die! 16:48:07
Rep. Grayson: Fight Now Or Kiss Your Country Goodbye 16:34:33
Alan Greenspan position on Gold 16:32:30
Ruling from the Bottom - Upending Government 16:15:29
WSJ: Vote on Bernanke 15:41:11
Meet Donald L. Kohn, Your New Federal Reserve Chairman* 15:33:12
Worried About Bernanke? Now Freak Out About The Vote On The Debt Ceiling 15:29:19
Copenhagen's nine lives 14:57:26
Justin Raimondo: I Coulda Been A Contenda 14:51:33
Activists -- Liberty Symbol Ideas 14:49:45
A Haiti Disaster Relief Scenario Was Envisaged by the US Military One Day Before the Earthquake 14:43:22
Petition to Demand an Exit Strategy 14:21:55
Anatomy of a Failing Presidency 14:02:35
Bernanke's reappointment is in trouble 14:00:27
rhino: The last shoe 13:57:33
The United "STATE" of America 13:36:15
Mad As Hell! 13:12:59
Check Out the MAGNETOMETER of HAARP 13:08:58
GOP hypocrisy on the latest Wall St drop 12:58:11
A Haiti Disaster Relief Scenario Was Envisaged by the US Military One Day Before the Earthquake 12:35:41
RT Crosstalk: US goverment is turning control to private contractors 12:33:26
Get Pissed-Turn up the Heat 11:41:57
Prime Minister of Malaysia- w/ poll (Zoolander not available for comment) 11:36:33
Draft> Ethics: "Ideal of the Individual" 11:31:47
The Peter Schiff Interview - Freedomain Radio 11:13:04
Why Are All These Nations In The World Tripping Over Each Other to Help Haiti? 10:42:09
State Sovereignty Bill -- Challenge proceeds through legal system. 10:37:45
HAMP is Getting Better Next Week:Treasury Weighs Fixes to Foreclosures Program 09:48:21
FDIC Chief Got Bank of America Loans While Working On Its Rescue 09:41:03
I Really Don't Know What to Think-Scroll down and read entire article 09:35:52
Gold and Silver 09:33:12
Ron Paul's Army is a few votes away from defeating Bernanke next week! 09:29:17
Geithner Skeptical Obama's Assault on Wall Street Politically Motivated 08:34:41
A Judge..With values 08:25:05
The Secret Bank Bailout 08:07:42
Rewriting the Fed's history 08:01:48
MA Repub. Caucus to Select Convention Delegates 07:13:36
MA Repub. Caucus to Select Convention Delegates 07:10:06
Peter Schiff : Bubbles Explained! 06:55:01
Obama: Talk Harshly And Carry A Wet Noodle 06:41:13
Ron Paul Presents Power To The Jury At Issue! 05:12:56
This (Copenhagen) was a hot topic a couple months ago. 02:00:30
CAIR concedes it doesn't legally exist 01:40:58
John Stossel’s Take on Global Warming 01:31:32
Criminals Halt Audit the Fed Bill in Senate 01:18:07
my First day of trial was today 00:53:37
Southern Avenger: Scott Brown's One Night Stand 00:30:31
Medina: We need to know that men and women we elect to serve will protect our freedom first - 1/19 00:24:36
Jon Stewart putting Olbermann in his place! 00:15:55
Hiya, howdy, how ya doin? RPF refugee. 00:12:28