Posted on January 26, 2010

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Ron Paul - Cavuto, Fox Business 01/26/10 22:22:44
What Does Japan’s Implosion Mean For the Rest of Us? 22:07:55
Here Comes Carbon Currency 17:54:32
Debra Medina Sulphur Springs Reception - Amazing! A Must See! 15:59:24
Convened a meeting to discuss the Fed.... 13:50:54
Governor Schwarzenegger: Let's build prisons in Mexico... 11:58:48
Towne for Congress Launches Second Half-Page Newspaper Ad!! 10:03:05
Ron Paul on Larry King - 1/25/2010 13:50:56
Fed Bashers: Washington's Odd Couple 13:50:55
Ron Paul on CNBC's Squawk Box Monday Morning 1/25/10: Future of the Fed 13:14:12
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Attempt to end the filibuster 23:46:43
Obama BINGO; State of the union address 23:17:34
Tim Pawlenty just had a youtube moment 23:08:09
Tim Geithner Is In Hot Water reports Judge Napolitano 23:07:49
Stossel on Supreme Court Decision re McCain-Feingold 23:01:02
Video: Facebook page bashes teacher, students punished 22:32:42
An Open letter to President Obama. 22:21:33
Out of curosity, How do you impress a client to give you his business? 22:20:41
North & South Korea shooting at each other again 22:14:13
Study: Homeschoolers Dramatically Outperform Gov't-Schooled Kids 22:08:56
Watch out "For Liberty Movie" here comes "Tea Party Movie"! ...ughhh 22:08:13
I need advice from my new DP family 21:34:42
Defend Barbara Boxer - Ads by Google 21:26:47
Democrats place new roadblock to health care bill 21:21:54
Budget Freeze Won't Fix The Debt 21:19:28
Video: Prank goes awry when coach hits blindfolded shot 21:17:40
Head of Davos security dead, police suspect suicide 21:03:08
Goodbye To My Former School Prison Center 19:43:41
4 charged in phone scheme at La. senator's office 19:06:17
Dr. Paul On Cavuto (1/26/10) (Tube) 18:36:38
We need to shpw support for Obama's proposed spending freeze 18:35:22
RP would do well to appoint Judge Napolitano and Peter Shciff as his TV spokesmen! 18:20:35
BREAKING: Majority of Senate supports Bernanke 18:20:11
CHICAGO - COOK COUNTY: Property tax forum Thursday 1/28 18:12:58
The Kremlin's Bailout of Russian Oligarchs 18:11:12
New Rolling Stone issue with Osama Bin Laden's son Omar Bin Laden. 18:03:01
Democrat plan: Split GOP, Tea Party 18:00:30
Off topic but just for fun and help me out ;) 17:59:57
Video: 7-year-old raises huge sum for Haiti 17:50:15
Lame Liberal Belo Corporation Hit Job titled "Debra Medina pays for wardrobe from campaign contributions" 17:37:10
The Oxymoronic Sovereignty Movement 17:35:04
FBI Hires Thousands; Verizon Fires Thousands 17:28:48
Neocons using moneybombs 17:20:50
Trend alert: French ban on Islamic burqas could spark Islamic backlash 16:57:58
Breaking News: Robert Scott Bell - Swine Flu Pandemic Exaggeration by WHO and Drug Companies? Today 5:30pm EST on Jerry Doyle 16:56:51
The Austin PD-BATFE Protest in Austin Texas; 8 Videos 16:28:08
Constitution Townhall Live Jan. 30th 15:55:02
From Russia with No Love 15:45:37
Bernanke MUST NOT be confirmed! Deluge Reid with your calls! 14:58:25
First Lady Now Requires 26 Servants: Cost to You - $1.75 Plus Million 14:43:32
The Bubble You Didn't See Coming: Global Supply Of Rare Earth Elements Could Be Wiped Out By 2012 14:37:11
Fed Buying Equities? Manipulating Markets? Who would have thought.. 14:27:21
Pastor Steven Anderson ROCKS at 4th of July Tea Party! 14:24:39
Senate rejects Obama-backed deficit task force 14:10:38
New app -- iBailout 13:41:14
Tea Party Leaders Talk Movement Mission With Katie Couric 13:32:18
Fed Weighs Interest on Reserves as New Benchmark Rate 13:18:13
Saving Professor Bernanke By Patrick J. Buchanan 13:04:37
OBAMA: All Guns and No Butter 13:00:04
Move Your Money: Where Populist Fervor Meets Friendly Faces 12:50:10
knock, knock... Rand's here! 12:45:19
Petition to Send Larry Summers Back to Wall Street 12:40:57
TARP Inspector General opens new probes of AIG 12:37:14
The Onion: Glenn Beck ... Not my type of humor but .... 12:28:57
Haven't these people heard of Dr. Paul's anti-war movement? 12:22:49
'Special Report' Panel on Reappointment of Fed Chairman Bernanke 12:07:50
Another “Success” Story from U.S. Sanctions 11:58:54
The Nature of Socialism 11:57:05
Keynes vs Hayek: a video short 11:53:05
Is US Bank Breaking the Law? 11:49:50
Congressional scorecard is out! 11:48:36
AZ Sheriff to Protest photo radar 11:46:29
AZ Sheriff to Protest photo radar 11:41:07
Federal probe to be launched into AIG payouts, this could be really big if the truth makes it out to the public..... 11:35:02
Federal Reserve Moral Hazard Smoking Gun: In August 2008 Goldman Was Willing To Tear Up AIG Derivative Contracts 11:27:38
Tea Party Lists Enemies of Liberty? 11:14:41
"Terrorist" Gunman looking more and more like your neighbor 11:09:45
Escaping Amerika... Mark Nestmann 10:43:09
Who is the best debater for Austrian Economics? 10:42:06
Congratulations to the Woods family 10:41:21
Southern Avenger: Can We Afford to Help Haiti? 10:22:25
Taxpayers to pay 11 Million of Stimulus Money Towards Microsoft Bridge. 10:19:33
Great News! Bernanke's Confirmation Doomed! 10:07:19
As US prepares long-term occupation, Haiti's quake victims still without aid 09:52:10
CNN Opinion FRONT PAGE - 09:15:37
The GOP needs to have Ron Paul give State of Union Response 09:15:23
Debra Medina needs Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers 08:32:29
'U.S. Mulls Legality of Killing American al Qaeda "Turncoat"' 08:20:12
Stop the Presses - Block Bernanke / Audit the Fed Video 08:14:09
Peter Schiff - Money Show Speech! 05:04:49
Rally For The Republic - Tom Woods Speaks! 03:58:36
The Cure For Congress Tour 03:36:32
One's enough for us, too 03:11:37
AIPAC: Israel exempted from Obama's across the board spending cuts 02:33:10
The Truth exposed after we all are DEAD!! Wow!!!! Read this.... 01:48:13
Does this make anyone else here at the Daily Paul angry? 01:48:11
We can stop Bernanke's reappointment! Official meeting spot for activism. 01:31:56
My new web project and a call for help 00:44:56
Dem Donor Gets $25 Million No-Bid Govt. Contract 00:23:23
The Southern Avenger: Can We Afford to Help Haiti? 00:21:03