Posted on January 27, 2010

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Video: Debra Medina Vs. The Kings of this World 23:35:23
Ron Paul on Fox Business: Geithner and AIG 1/27/10 18:30:06
Debra Medina on the Lynn Woolley Show 15:35:14
Jake Towne Skyrockets to a "Stunningly High" 8% in the Polls 01:11:26
DIGG! What Does Senator Bunning Know and What Does The Fed Whistleblower Know? 00:22:51
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Bob McDonnell? What's his story? So far so good in this speech.... 23:34:17
I hope you were all able to watch the grilling of Geithner today.. 23:27:02
For those who can stomach watching ... 22:04:59
Ron Paul and Glenn Beck talk CIA / Foreign Policy 22:03:23
Dog & Pony Show About to Begin 22:02:22
Pentagon calls for ‘Office of Strategic Deception’ 21:40:09
The World’s Largest Land Machine: The Bagger Digger 288 21:39:19
Democrats vow to resurrect health care bill 21:07:36
Britain on heightened terror alert, but BMW's are comfty.....:o) 21:05:27
Harriet Richardson Ames, 100, gets bachelor's degree 20:59:16
The Judge w/ Will Grigg! 20:44:47
RT: Corporation runs for a seat in congress with SCOTUS ruling 20:20:45
Raise Your Voice Against The Patriot Act 20:20:23
John Stossel: The War on Drugs 20:17:32
RT, Adam Kokesh: American people misled about financial situation 20:16:32
Why Can't We Be Friends....Seriously? 20:09:28
Crowds seeking aid in Haiti met with pepper spray and rubber bullets 19:52:00
RT, Militiaman: We have to protect ourselves against tyranny 19:48:50
Senate Vote on National Debt Increase Tomorrow, $1.9 trillion 19:36:12
One real way to help the Haitian people 19:30:43
First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790 18:40:59
Iowans protest Wells Fargo bank 18:38:55
Ron Paul on CNN - "We're on the wrong track" 18:37:56
"STOP H.R. 875 and S. 425 Federal bills to Shutdown Farmers Markets" 18:10:18
Alex Jones Shows Just How Much of an Arrogant Jerk He Is! 18:09:10
Dick Morris Reveals Secret Plan for ObamaCare 17:42:30
Ron Paul Accuses Washington GOP Elite Of Meddling in RAND'S race 17:16:41
HAARP you sunk my battleship! 17:12:42
Nouriel Roubini on the 2010 Economy: NEWSWEEK & YouTube 17:11:20
A handbook for all Tea Party conservatives 17:09:14
The Real Winner of the Nobel prize 17:06:57
Bankers Manifesto of 1892 revealed by Charles Lindbergh & The Crime of the Century 16:44:21
Trend alert: Crash of 2010 on the way? 16:25:34
Arecibo, Puerto Rico: The Caribbean HAARP? 16:25:27
Why No One is Required to File Tax Returns 16:14:02
America - The True State of the Union! 15:46:32
Kay Bailey Hutchinson caught taking contributions from TTC builder! $25000! 15:31:28
Uh Oh.... Anybody think this might be rebirth of the Super Highway plan? 15:28:03
HAARP... DATA MISSING FOR 1-11-10 15:22:01
Making Their Vote Apply To Them 15:21:19
Jeffersonian Republican John Hostettler Leading the Field in Indiana 15:08:46
UPDATE:★ AIG - The Same Criminals Who Pulled 9/11 Have Just Hit Our Economy ★★ 15:02:52
We defeated S-1959, We Can Also Strike Down SCOTUS Decision 15:02:25
TRUTH BE TOLLED.. and now "Kay Bailey Hutchison accepts $25,000 campaign cash from toll-road builder" 14:57:18
Rand Paul Poll 14:55:54
Ron Paul On CNN Shortly 14:51:58
What's going to happen when the market gets back down to 10K again? 14:48:31
Sumbit your questions for the Texas Governor/Debra Medina Debate. 14:31:20
Pro-Ron Paul Group Runs Ad In Colorado, Praising Senate Candidate (VIDEO) 14:28:26
Perry backers seek to slow Medina -Austin American-Statesman 14:11:16
Disturbing Activist Idea, need feedback 13:52:16
Free the Landrieu Four! 13:31:27
History says to AUDIT THE FED - Read & Spread the Word 13:17:39
Bowling Green Daily News: "Paul’s request to Grayson is not reasonable" 13:02:32
Haiti govt gets only 1 cent of every US aid dollar 13:01:34
John Hostettler for Indiana Senate 12:44:39
C-SPAN Covering Geithner Questioning By House Committee 12:18:45
Please Watch~ Videos on the History of Haiti !! 12:13:20
Paulson is testifying right now 12:02:44
NASA: No Moon Trip, only Climate Change? 11:58:07
Kaynes vs. Hayek rap video, a good laugh 11:54:21
Would like answers 11:42:17
Democrats And The 60 Vote Lie 11:35:24
Ron Paul ~USA is Bankrupt,Quit Buying Bombs or We're Done 10:42:02
Officials: Stimulus Bill to Cost $75 Billion More 10:40:51
Tea Partiers shaking up races across country--Helping RAND PAUL 10:37:08
Updated Jan 28: Alex Jones crashes protest in Austin TX. Makes remarks to Catherine Bleish and others 10:28:37
John Stossel ~ A Blow for Free Speech 10:04:13
Judge Napolitano reports on The Independent Vote "TeaParty" Bandwagon 09:53:44
Lew Rockwell: The Misesian Vision 09:47:29
BofA Signs on as First Servicer of HAMP's Second Lien Program 09:22:29
Obama approved secret operations in Yemen ONE DAY BEFORE Christmas day attack 08:55:44
CNN Covers RON PAUL'S State of the Union Address 07:56:07
Hoyer Tries a Yogi Berra Take on Jobs 07:19:33
Biden Holds Out Little Hope for Jobs Rate to Ease Quickly 07:18:42
Bipartisan Group of Senators Bands Together on Terrorism Trials 07:17:33
Judge grants ratings agencies a dismissal 05:43:52
Searching for Kevin Tuma 05:33:43
John Stossel : The War on Drugs! 04:59:53
DPer's husband lost job. Can you help? 04:27:57
WTF: Help wanted: $24,000 to stop Glenn Beck, 'tea-baggers' 04:09:40
Need a synopsis of the Creature From Jeckyll Island. 01:43:26
Mandatory GRA's (Government Retirement Accts) coming ? 01:02:35
Surviving Economic Collapse: Tips, Tactics, And Gear 00:58:56
What kind of government information do you want to see? 00:54:52
WOW! Everyone go outside and look up at the moon! 00:06:31
The War on Terrorism and the Countdown to the Olympics 00:03:17