Posted on January 28, 2010

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Ron Paul at Loyola University 1/27/10 20:56:33
The Fed in iBailout!! - CNN - Anti-Fed iPhone Game - Ron Paul in Trailer 16:07:09
Excerpts From Tim Geithner's Inquisition On Capitol Hill Over AIG 13:19:31
Rep. Marcy Kaptur Smashes Geithner 09:54:59
Central Banking Doesn't Work - Just Ask the Fed! 10:45:18
Howard Zinn, historian who challenged status quo, dies at 87 00:07:47
Ron Paul - CNN Newsroom 01/27/10 Another New Video! 11:16:04
Texas Tribune: Final debate between the Republican candidates for governor might as well be called "The Debra Medina Show." 01:22:29
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These guys just said they are about to expose Alex Jones on their radio show Jan 28 10pm central 11pm eastern 23:42:48
This might sound crazy but I suspect collusion with Uncle Sam 23:39:58
Weekend watch: Peter Schiff on the State of the Union speech 23:31:06
White House orders Justice Department to look for other places to hold 9/11 terror trial Read more: 23:14:47
Gerald Celente Finance Forcast for 2010 23:02:23
Its kind of creepy when Ron Paul and the CFR agree. 22:56:34
WFAA Video: What drives GOP gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina? 22:46:36
Wall Street Journal: Old Guard Caught Off Guard DEBRA MEDINA STRIKES 22:35:22
RightToRedress radio Jan 28 9pm central To discuss the Alex Jones takeover of a peaceful protest in Austin TX 22:28:04
Audio from the Ron Paul Loyola speaking event 22:23:50
"United Breaks Guitars" over 7.5 million views 21:47:13
Do We Need A Liberty Activist Rating System? 21:40:10
Paul omited in new 2012 potential candidate poll 21:28:16
Lighten up everyone! 20:38:11
A good friend of mine is running for Congress in 2010 20:17:17
Who knows something about Gold Certificates? 20:14:02
Debra Medina interview on CBS 11 (Full Version, 3 -10 minute videos) 20:12:36
How it all started..... 19:34:00
Amarillo Globe News: Medina; True Conservative Running for Governor 19:32:45
Debra Medina on Alex Jones TV 28JAN10 19:20:01
Debra Medina on CBS 11 News 18:46:52
Call these Senators who voted against Bernanke confirmation to support S. 604 18:34:38
RT: Celente: SOTU was a pep rally for Obama 18:32:36
Alex Jones on Who Rules the Planet 18:28:46
RT: 'US attemps to reintegrate the Taliban in Afghanistan 18:23:41
70 Senators that voted for Bernanke 2nd Confimation: Dump them this November! 18:15:33
RT: The streets of DC: Politics by day, poverty by night 18:11:40
Detroit Corruption Keeps Piling Up 18:07:36
Calling all Potential Precinct Captains 18:07:04
Rush's YTube Response to last nights Debacle 18:02:43
State of the Union - Peter Schiff 18:01:37
Bernanke Confirmed -- See who voted Yea or Nay 17:59:31
Off-Topic - Should I get a facebook account ? I did let me know if you wan´t me to add you ! 17:34:29
Bernanke Reappointed 17:14:53
U.S. Senate Clears Way to Confirm Ben S. Bernanke in New Term at Fed 17:09:15
this would never happen but... 16:51:06
77 to 23 WTF!!! What happened to the 31? 16:47:13
BERNANKE-Cloture vote on now.This is the important one. 16:35:51
Obama Owned! Town Hall Attendee Challenges Presidents Statements in Address 16:30:04
John Stossel: Positive and Negative Audience Responses to Presidents State of the Union Address 16:16:25
Talk about a freak show! 16:14:52
Treasury and HUD Update HAMP process for Quicker Permanent Mortgage Modifications 15:51:21
"Capitalism Means War" 15:47:08
Video: Cato Institute Scholars Analyze the 2010 State of the Union Address 15:32:31
rhino: Are we under estimating the power of the market? 15:23:09
discretionary spending and the state of the union 15:22:44
Operation Perma Church: A Plan that beats Agenda 21 15:07:14
Dems vote to increase debt limit by $1.9T 14:37:35
Gold Manipulation 14:08:19
Pakistan says US drone attacks doing more harm 14:06:58
Diversity's double standard by Prof. Walter Williams 14:06:26
"Do you believe that Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen?" 14:00:39
Ben Bernanke reappointment debate now! 13:54:28
Ron Paul Interview on Radio (mp3) 13:31:00
Law would keep FCC off low-power radio 13:29:31
Repeal the First Amendment! Before it's too late! 13:14:43
People Get Into Debt, Learn the Law, Become “Credit Terrorists” 13:13:12
Congressman Lynch RIPS Tim Geithner 13:11:11
Sarah Palin to Endorse Rand Paul for US Senate 13:02:39
Debra Medina On Alex Jones Today, Thursday January 28 W/ LINK!! 13:02:11
Is Obama really Osama bin Laden 13:00:25
Ron Paul on Joe Scarborough radio show 1-26-2010 : Link here 12:51:46
I need some artwork for Ron Paul for Congress 12:36:42
King Obama Orders By Executive Decree... 12:27:53
Twitter vows to circumvent censorship/refuses to talk to Chinese government 12:19:50
The best and only possible way to solve the mortgage and foreclosure crisis is for congress to get directly involved 12:05:41
Update: Soros warns gold is 'ultimate bubble'...then more than 2X hedge fund gold position 11:53:46
RT: One Tank Army, Estonia 11:53:11
The State of the Nation: I Am Afraid 11:44:40
Republicans Give Obama a Frosty Reception 11:42:08
“Fear the Boom and Bust”: Hayek vs. Keynes Economics Rap 11:41:25
Fed chief awaits key Senate vote on confirmation 11:37:36
Why I consider myself a Libertarian 11:36:37
Sarah Palin to Endorse Rand Paul... 11:32:13
The Kidnapping of Haiti by John Pilger 11:26:18
I Support Ron Paul Poster - Signed by Ron Paul 11:17:47
MO Republican lawmakers want drug testing for welfare recipients 11:14:11
Obama Says F*ck It: SuperNews! 11:07:38
The biggest economic shift of our time is under way 10:58:54
Deficit of Trust 10:35:32
Haiti's Earthquake: Natural or Engineered by Stephen Lendman 10:30:30
I can hear the crowd building outside my work, they are waiting for Obama to give his speech at UT 10:26:05
Why Non-Interventionists are Marginalized? 09:58:39
Sen. Lieberman calls for wider use of surveillance cameras 09:56:04
News8Austin: GOP Candidate Medina Gains Ground, Refuses To Back Down 09:42:33
Why Non-Interventionists are Marginalized? Why Aren't Tea Parties Antiwar? 09:32:01
WSJ OP: The Fed's Anti-Inflation Exit Strategy Will Fail 09:20:58
Alan Grayson: Pat Robertson and his followers have their own 'pact with the Devil' 08:58:21
Debra Medina speaks about gun rights and self defense 08:36:34
Tim Graney 07:58:50
The Fed Hints at Raising Rates Sooner than expected 07:58:36
Sen. DeMint on AIG: Did the NY Fed Cover Up Anything VIDEO 07:50:45
CNBC: Campaign for Liberty Pushes to Keep Hold on Bernanke Confirmation 07:46:12
Ron Paul : Life Changing Speech 6! 07:34:12
Ron Paul lectures about the Fed's evils at Loyola University (Md.) 07:27:13
Ron Paul Not Allowed to Question Thief Geithner 07:04:55
John Stossel : Freakonomics! 06:36:04
Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA) Responds to State of the Union 05:26:42
Aaron Clarey - How to Argue Against Socialism and Defend Capitalism! 04:45:05
Decide which questions Obama Answers! 04:31:46
KY Post: Ron Paul Accuses Washington GOP Elite Of Meddling 04:28:56
Video Collection O'rama - Ron Paul, Max Keiser, Von Mises, and Much more 04:13:37
Moscow Tea Parties! 02:31:52
The Ancient Chinese Libertarian Tradition 02:29:05
US To Distribute $8 Billion For Rail Projects = wsj 02:05:22
A letter-to-the-editor in the Austin American-Statesman newspaper 01/28/10 01:56:39
Obama is an idiot... 01:47:43
Embattled Obama declares in speech, 'I don't quit' 01:40:42
Heres how to question public officials * video 01:31:32
1/26/10 Ron Paul with Dylan Ratigan on The Joe Scarborough Radio Show 00:41:08
Central Banking Doesn't Work - Just Ask the Fed! 00:39:56
HR4173 - anybody understand what this is in plain speak? 00:39:49