Posted on January 29, 2010

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Jake Towne’s State of the Union Reaction 18:06:02
How do We Create a New Free economy? 16:22:49
The Southern Avenger: Welfare is a Distraction 13:11:04
Bloomberg: Secret Banking Cabal Emerges From AIG Shadows 10:26:38
Did Campaign For Liberty Give $350,000 to a Neocon? 19:05:44
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Texas Republican Gubernatorial debate continues online among chatters 23:41:59
Debra Medina poll 23:38:26
Words From Dallas Morning News: "Debra Medina calls -- can I say this? -- bullshit" 22:28:58
11 PM UPDATE: Online Polls for Medina - VOTE NOW! 22:19:54
Texas Governor debate video 22:17:07
Medina rocked in the debate tonight! 22:01:44
ABOUT OBAMA and other things 22:00:29
rEVOLution Does Not Need CFL 21:52:55
If You Had ANY Doubt That This President and Both Parties Have To Go....Video 21:50:32
Libertarian Dictionary 21:05:17
Bank Failure Friday 1-29-10 (6) 20:53:20
RT: Young Americans finding more in common with Osama than Obama? 20:52:15
Director of international economics at the CFR crushes Keynesian Theory 20:28:22
Bill Gates: "We must make this the decade of vaccines" 20:27:09
Off-Topic, Haiti Benefit Concert. 20:21:32
Jim Cramer says on TV that the illuminati is not all bad & more! 20:19:15
Who won the debate.. TEXT "MEDINA" to 53675... Vote now. 20:11:42
Senators Move to Block Audit of Fed 20:05:29
C4L survey and answers from various candidates for house and senate! Bucks answers not listed! 20:00:17
Sarah Palin to Endorse Rand Paul for US Senate 19:48:35
Scary Country - the song 19:47:19
UPDATE : Debra Medina just won the 2nd pre-debate TEXT POLL with 52%.. Perry and Bailout at 24% each. 19:33:37
Kahlil Gibran, On Houses 19:31:57
~The BELO Debate~ Tonight Jan. 29 at 7:00 - Starring Debra Medina! 18:52:11
Canadian Loonie almost at parity with the dollar 18:16:57
Gold and silver reaching embarrassing levels 17:44:56
Perspective 17:37:30
Catherine Bleish rebuked by WeAreChange founder 17:17:52
Mark Dice: petition to repeal the First Amendment 17:05:08
Email from John Dennis Campaign 16:51:05
Greece is bankrupt?: Rumors of EU Bailout 16:40:34
Whew! It's A Good Thing They Confirmed Bernanke! As The Markets Tank! Moderator Please? 16:21:20
Israeli Scientists Show DNA Evidence Can be Fabricated 16:04:07
Cato Institute Scholars Analyze the 2010 State of the Union Address 16:00:31
Sometimes we just need to be reminded... 15:48:57
Treachery on the Highest Level – DHS Requesting Foreign Troops to Kill U.S. Citizens 15:48:12
I have found the mecca of liberty education 15:43:52
Favorite pro-liberty songs at the moment? 15:25:03
Marijuana Activist Marc Emery's 'The Principle of Pot' Documentary 15:20:19
Treasury Auctions and Strong Dollar Ahead 15:17:26
Buy, Buy American Pie - Funny Video 14:58:21
Banksters Starting to Come After Wages & Bank Accounts for Mortgage Defaults 14:47:52
Participate in Texas GOP gubernatorial debate tonight with live chat / mobile text poll 14:42:03
A close call for SoCal Police (Funny) 14:40:52
Censorship? Local paper rejects our display ad! 14:40:26
RT: Vet: Afghans must take responsibility 14:14:08
UN vacated for years of renovations 14:09:29
Gates pledges $10 billion for vaccines 14:05:05
Globalization: The NWO Agenda 14:01:02
Kicking off the weekend with some mood music! 14:00:38
New Chinese Fighter J-10 official video 13:58:40
Obama Uses Teleprompter To Address Sixth Graders 13:49:32
NY Times: BinLaden says US is criminal for not stopping ClimateChange, dump dollar. 13:43:11
RT: Russian 5th Gen PAK FA T-50 fighter makes first ever flight 13:39:40
Video of all the 9/11 lies and contradictions so far.. really amazing stuff 13:38:07
RT: Targeted CIA drones strike 13:31:42
CIA vet calls out the CIA 13:12:13
The Liberty Left-Hook 13:11:50
Mind Blowing Speech Made By Robert Welch Of JBS in 1958 - Insiders Will Try To Destroy America 13:09:53
Talking Back to the Police State -- Luvin' it! 13:00:04
Nu-Republicans? or NeoNazis... 12:43:22
Bloomberg News: Maybe A Secret Banking Cabal Runs The World After All 12:42:44
Tony Blair LIVE Iraq War Inquiry in the UK - Getting Drilled Right Now! - 8:45am PDT 12:39:53
Tenth Amendment Summit with Judge Andrew Napolitano 12:29:29
Question on GDP growth rate? 12:22:30
What drives GOP gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina? 12:20:55
Yahoo Front Page: Do Blacks really want to transcend race? 12:01:44
What channel / station is the Texas Debate on tonight?? 12:00:51
Poll: Do you think red light cameras violate your rights 11:41:17
What drives GOP gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina? 11:38:06
Winter Storm Wallops midwest, from New Mexico to North Carolina : How about that global warming 11:26:03
Justice Alito Was Right by Judge Nap 11:02:51
China's artificially induced snow closes 12 highways 10:32:17
9/11 Accused Terrorists to stand trial in NY 10:23:27
Debra Medina tells Wall Street Journal.. Gov. Rick Perry acted like a “jumpy, fidgety frat boy” in the first debate. 10:23:01
Bilderberg (OPRAH? WTF?) Group's Depopulation Plans Exposed! 10:12:22
Dallas Morning News: "Medina and her aides believe they can win." 10:09:25
We Can Have Zero Unemployment, Virtually Overnight 10:08:39
The Stuff Conspiracy Theories Are Made Off: The Emergence Of A Secret Banking Cabal 10:07:03
Tea Party of Nope? 10:04:20
We Want the Airwaves 09:59:05
Bloomberg Article Says Public Distrusts The Fed 09:51:36
Schiff video is going VIRAL! 09:51:31
Welfare is a Distraction by Jack Hunter (Southern Avenger) 09:47:03
Tim Geithner has given us the ammunition needed 09:41:10
bin Laden pimping for global warming now - lol! 09:23:27
Will you participate in the Census Boycott ? 08:55:19
It seems a Rockefeller is missing. 08:50:15
FOCUS!!! We have ONE COMMON GOAL... right? 08:26:52
Huffington Post: Ben Bernanke Wins; America Loses 08:20:02
The CIA, Assassination, and the War on Terrorism 06:07:44
The State of the Empire, Not so good 05:39:14
Great video make it go viral 05:11:35
Tom Woods : Where Do Rights Come From ? 04:10:37
We Got Shoe Bombers, Crotch Bombers and We Got Isreal 03:47:09
Had to share - Tea Party Over? 03:32:04
Bankers Grow Fat While The Public Starves - Here's why! 02:23:50
Rick Perry's North American Highway 00:53:29
I Crashed DP 00:16:08
Ron Paul Bill Seeks Coin and Bullion Tax Ban 00:10:45